Job Opening: Paid internship in Chiang Mai. Free Flight and PunSpace membership included.

JOB HAS BEEN TAKEN! Keep in touch for more location independant job openings!

Okay here's the deal.  A successful entrepreneur couple are currently hiring.  It's a paid position which will easily cover the costs of a basic apartment, food and living expenses out here and they will even pay for your coworking space membership, and your flight out to Chiang Mai.

Best of all, this position doesn't require previous web background, programming, or any technical skills, just good customer service and dedication.

Why am I sharing this?

When I started out I would have loved an opportunity like this. Unfortunately I didn't know anyone who was location independant, running a business or was plugged into the digital nomad community. Now whenever I hear through my network of someone offering a paid internship, I share it on my facebook, twitter and wherever else I can as I know you guys reading this will benefit from the learning experience.

If you haven't already, make sure you follow me on facebook and twitter to get new openings and updates first.

Read all of the details and apply for the job here:

You can tell them you found it through my blog but I can't actually help you get the position. My best advice to you is to show your dedication by applying asap, making a good application video, and being on time for any follow up skype interviews.

I would also do your own research and not waste their time asking questions about visas and apartments as the information is already out there and if you've read my first book 12 Weeks in Thailand, it's in there as well.

What you will learn:

Don't think of this as a way to make money, think of this as a learning experience.  It's a paid internship, which means you will only be paid enough to cover your basic expenses but trust me, $1,000 a month in Chiang Mai is more than enough to live comfortably on, especially since they are paying for your PunSpace membership which is normally $120 a month.

Rent: $175-$350US
Gym: $40 a month
Food: $2-$5 a meal

I lived in Thailand for less than $600 a month for years which I breakdown in my first book and Chiang Mai is the cheapest place to live in Thailand, so it's 100% doable.  As for visas, just come on a double entry tourist visa and don't stress about it.  Best of all you'll learn the back end of how to make money online, be location independent, and manage a business.  It's like getting your MBA but getting paid while doing so instead of paying $20k to someone else.

No more excuses.  Either start your own business and start making money for yourself, or learn from others who are already doing it.

They really are making it easy for you.  The time is now, apply for the job today and hopefully I'll see you out here in Chiang Mai.

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD
Author of Life Changes Quick, now available on Amazon
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