New Store Challenge: Johnny & Larissa's 30 Day Challenge

Today begins our 30 Day Challenge to start a new dropshipping store, and get it up and running within a month. It's Monday November 17th and we just got back from traveling around Borneo for the past couple of weeks so it's time to build another source of income, put our heads down, and recoup some of the expenses we spent having the adventure of a lifetime.

We're going to visit her parents in South Africa and go on Safari on December 15th and want to have a brand new store up and running before then.  There is going to be some challenges, as it normally takes around 2 months to get a new store up and running...but hopefully by taking this challenge, we'll be able to do it.

The plan:

We've abandoned Amazon FBA for now and put it on the backburner as we didn't want to invest $8,000 in importing products and instead are starting another dropshipping store as I've already been successful with my first one. This time we're doing one together and are splitting it 50/50 as partners.

To-Do List Part 1:

1. Niche Research and picking a new product to sell
2. Re-watch the rest of the videos on Anton's Dropshipping Course
3. Set up a US LLC with MyUSACorporation
4. Buy a domain name
5. Step up our email
6. Design a logo with 
7. Sign up for another month at PunSpace
8. Sign up for the gym again

Lots to do, don't expect us to be too social this month!  =)  We'll keep you guys updated!  Our goal is to have a sustainable form of income to replace Larissa's teaching salary 100% if not more by the end of the year.  I think we can definitely do it, cheer us on!

NEXT:  Update #1: 30 Day Challenge


Keep in touch and follow the journey!

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