Happy Thanksgiving and Update #3 of the New Store 30 Day Challenge!

Hey everyone, super happy Thanksgiving to you all, even the non americans. This year I have so much to be thankful for, and a bit part is from all of you for keeping me motivated. In this post I want to thank everyone in my life who has helped me and supported me this year as well as give you guys an update on our 30 day new store challenge.

Also, why the heck I'm wearing glasses! Keep reading and gobble gobble!

First off I'd like to thank my family, especially my sister who has been so supportive of my crazy life and entrepreneurial journey. For those who are just getting started and getting a ton of slack from your parents, it took mine almost 5 years to turn around, accept what I am doing and be proud of me. The biggest turning points were when they first saw a hard copy of my book, and second, when I surprised them and paid their property taxes this year.

Don't let friends or family scare you off from pursuing your dreams, instead, work hard and show them undeniable success.

Life Changes Quick Paperback

I also want to thank all of my mentors who have paved the path to my success. To Dave Asprey for showing me the bulletproof diet which not only got me in shape but also gave me the energy and mental clarity to push through and work my ass off to achieve my goals.

To Anton Kraly for teaching me how to set up dropshipping stores, it was Anton's Method that made me enough money to keep living in Thailand, travel around the world and be location independent. It's also his system that Larissa and I are following yet again, to set up our first store together, which will give her the same freedom as well.

Anton and myself in Budapest

A big thank you to my friends and the digital nomad community for introducing me to new cool places, things to do, and to keep me motivated to continue this lifestyle of traveling around the world with my laptop and never wanting to go home and get a "normal" job again.

I'm hugely thankful to my health which is why after 33 years I decided to get glasses even though I don't really need them. I'm blessed to have good vision, but I decided to get my eyes tested anyways since health care and vision care is so cheap in Thailand.

It turns out that my left eye is pretty much perfect but it has to work twice as hard because my right eye isn't.  By wearing glasses, even though I don't really need to will save my eyes 5 years down the road and give me less eye strain now when staring into my laptop screen.

Last but not least, I'd like to thank Larissa for being not only the love of my life but also such a huge support in my dreams, ambitions and goals.  I

've so happy to have found the perfect life partner.  If you haven't read the story about how the two of us met, its chapter 11 of Life Changes Quick.

Here is the update on our #30DayChallenge to build a new dropshipping store together!

  • Realized we are way ahead of schedule as it is only Day 12 of our 30 day challenge!
  • Created email account, triple checked that it actually receives and sends email.
  • Called myself and checked that our phone number actually works.
  • Fine tuned master list of suppliers and started calling them from bottom to top in order of how much we wanted them.
  • Called back to follow up the next day and emailed the ones who we spoke to.

Yay got our first supplier! 

We spoke to them briefly over the phone and she was super friendly and sent us a new dealer application and a price list by the next morning.  Now we can finally start listing live products for sale and hopefully get our first before end of our 30 day challenge!

Here's what we did this week:

  • Started uploading products. (Larissa)
  • Rewrote the description to make them our own. (Larissa)
  • Installed the product reviews app. (free)
  • Installed google shopping app. (free)
  • Setup google shopping ads (spent $100 to start)
  • Verify and claimed the domain using google webmaster tools. (this took a lot longer than expected, it wasn't hard but took a lot of closely following directions)
  • Published our new products using Google Shopping App (free)
  • Edited our budget to Target US only (Johnny)
  • Changed mobile bid adjustment as we know people don't purchase as often while browsing on their smart phones. (-90%)
  • Installed conversion tracking with google analytics by adding the code under Shopify, Settings, Checkout. (free)
Sounds complicated? It's a million times easier to do when you're following it step by step in your own real store and following the video tutorials Anton gives you in his dropshipping course.

I'm only listing these things out so everyone knows what's actually involved, and so you can follow along our progress, but honestly, wholeheartedly sign up for Anton's dropshipping course if you actually want to do it yourself.

Still to do:

Even though we've added some products and sent our ads in for approval, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  This weekend we're going to enjoy hanging out at a friend's house and relax our brains, but starting Monday, we'll officially be half way through our month long challenge so it's time to step it up once again.  Focus for next week:

  • Get our google ads approved and up and running
  • Start posting our products on Pinterest
  • Call more suppliers and hopefully get approved
  • Keep an eye out on our ad budget once the free $75 in credit runs out
  • Start setting up Amazon Ads, Bing, and whatever other ads we can find
  • Wait for our LLC to get approved and register our new business under it

Good luck to everyone following along and super happy thanksgiving as well!

By the way, make sure you are subscribed to the Travel Like a Boss Podcast as I just got done interviewing the Bulletproof Executive himself, Dave Asprey and it's going to be the best episode yet!  

Warm Regards,


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