Udemy Course: Small Talk COUPON CODE

Hey guys I wanted to give you guys a coupon code for our new Udemy course: Small Talk ( Coupon code: FD1 gives you 80% off.

Why Larissa and I created Small Talk

One of the things that come relatively naturally for both Larissa and I are starting conversations with strangers, and talking to anyone in every situation.  Neither of us really realized how valuable of a skill this was and how it has helped us network, build business relationships, friendships and meet each other.

Why I'm giving you this coupon code

I wanted to give my friends and readers of my blog the best discount available.  The only thing I ask is if you enjoy the course, please give it a nice review and help us spread the word by passing the coupon link to a friend or family member that might benefit from the course.

What others have been saying about Small Talk

I have always had trouble making conversation with new people. After leaving school (especially living in Los Angeles), this was an area of my life that has had the most impact on my social life. This was a great course for making those instant connections to strangers. Johnny and Larissa give real, actionable advice on how to start more meaningful conversations with anyone. I look forward to seeing more material from you guys! -Wallst

Why You Should Sign Up for Small Talk:

  • If you're curious on how Udemy courses are put together, here is access to ours.
  • If you are a street photographer or someone else who would like to be able to approach strangers with ease.
  • If you are a solo traveler that would benefit from being able to easily meet new friends.
  • If you're single and wish you knew how to approach and what to say to an attractive stranger.
  • If you want to have more social confidence and feel more comfortable in conversations.

I hope some of you guys get a lot out of the course and take advantage of the coupon.  Please forward this page or the coupon link to a friend that you think might benefit from this course, as we all know of someone who could use a bit of guidance and confidence in social settings.

Use the coupon link here:

Warm Regards,

Johnny and Larissa

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  1. super important skill!
    Being a nomad traveled this is vital. Just today I approached about 5 strangers while I was waiting at the dentist or eating dinner at a public food court in bangkok. I haven't tried the course but definitely a skill to master.

    Good luck with the launch:)

  2. Hi Johnny,

    You must get messages like this all the time, but I just wanted you to know that what you're doing is incredibly inspiring. I've spent the last 6 hours devouring your site and your lifestyle resonates with me on a deep level. I come from an entrepreneurial background, but none of my ventures have really taken off and they always seemed like I was creating another 9-5. I will be trying out drop shipping for sure!

    See you in Thailand :)


  3. Hey Geoff, thanks so much for your message! Every time I read something like it, it reminds me that people are benefiting from the content I put out and that I should continue sharing my life openly and what has worked for me. If you haven't already, make sure you read as it'll really give you a deep insight on the journey. See you out in Thailand!


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