Just bought an iPhone 6 - Here's Why.

For most people, buying a new iPhone isn't that big of a deal.  But to me, it's huge.  This is the first smartphone I've ever bought.

But first: Why I bought the iPhone over a Samsung Galaxy S5

There are tons of better value for the money, customizable, androids out there.  But I would honestly rather have something a year behind that has been perfected and just works.  I only want one podcast app, instead of a choice of 10 for an example.  

I ended up with the iPhone 6 in Gold, I also got the 64gb model so I wouldn't have to worry about it getting full of photos or video.  

iphone 6 order
Here's a screenshot of the options I ordered

I briefly thought about getting the iPhone 6 Plus as the apple keynote kept pushing it and it was only $100 more.  But then I realized how big of a jump it would be to go from a tiny iPhone 4 to the Plus. I would have felt retarded carrying this around.

The iPhone 6 plus is just way too big.

Rocking the new iPhone 6 Plus Plus

Why this is my first Smartphone: (That I've bought)

My first iPhone was a 3GS that my sister gave me when she bought her 4.  Then when she got her iPhone 5 she gave me her 4S.  My current phone, the iPhone 4S was given to me by my friend Anton when he bought the 5S.  

Basically, I was never able to afford to buy an iPhone until now.  

Most people can't actually afford one either, but since it's easy to pay $199 for one and sign a 2-year contract, and now there's even financing.  But here's the truth behind it. 

If you can't afford to buy the new iPhone unlocked with no contract, you can't afford to buy the phone.

Up until recently I was just like everyone else.  I would finance my car, have contracts on my phone, and think it was normal to have student debt, loans, and bills, but it's not.  

It's easy to rationalize to ourselves that we can afford something, or that we need something, and it's easy to lie to ourselves to have immediate gratification but the truth is, 90% of people who walk around with $800 iPhones don't actually need them and most people can't actually afford it either.  
iphone 6 gold

I promised myself that until I could afford to buy the new iPhone in cash without worrying about how much it costs, I wouldn't buy one.  This was my new Gold Watch Challenge.   After reaching my initial goal of going from $200 in my bank account to $30k, I decided to set another challenge.  

Since I was in Saigon at the time so it made sense to try and become a Vietnamese Dong Billionaire which is worth around $50k.  

I set the goal while writing my new book, Life Changes Quick, and right after the book was published and just in time for the release of the new iPhone 6, I did it!  

Set big goals, work hard and reward yourself when you do.

My personal and my drop shipping business accounts.
My FB Stocks and my international no fee ATM accounts 

The funny thing is, there's nothing particular about the iPhone 6 that I'm that excited for.  It has a better camera, and a bigger screen, but honestly, I'm only buying it because I finally can.  Last year I was broke.  This year I have zero debt, a successful dropshipping business, and can finally genuinely afford to buy the phone without worrying about the cost.

I hope this post doesn't sound too assholish, as it honestly was not meant to be.  Instead, I hope you will celebrate with me as this really is a huge goal that I wanted to achieve and two years ago never would have thought possible.  

Read my new book and see how I went from having less than $200 in my bank to having $50K in less than a year.
Big thank you to my sister for passing down her old iPhones to me and getting me hooked, and to Anton for the 4S and for teaching me about dropshipping.  

Warm Regards,


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  1. Hey Johnny,
    Jon that "Other Asian American from Hawaii" here. I'm just like you, I think the IPhone 6 is a little too big for me. The Samsung models and now this IPhone 6 is just like carrying around a checkbook. Instead of an IPhone 6, my goal is to buy a MacBook Air. Anyway, keep up the great job you're doing and thanks again for all your help.

  2. This is your first smartphone, bur you've had Iphone 4 before? This doesn't add up :)

  3. Hey Villis, it was the first smart phone I ever bought that wasn't passed down to be 2nd hand =)


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