Announcing my NEW BOOK: Life Changes Quick: The Guide to Getting stupid Rich, in the Best Shape of your Life and Falling in Love.

First I want to thank everyone who has helped in so many ways and made both this book, and this year possible. If it wasn't for you guys, who knows where my life would have taken me.

I honestly wasn't ever planning on writing a 2nd book.  When I released 12 Weeks in Thailand back in January 2013, I did it out of desperation.  I had a blog, a good story, and no income.  It was either become a writer or go back home and start applying for jobs.  Luckily, with a bit of hard work the book paid off.  It's crazy to think how much life has changed since then.

Thank you guys for making this happen!

Also big thanks to anyone who's names I might have missed!

To My Readers: 

And also the listeners of the Travel Like a Boss Podcast, you guys are the reason why I put in the long hours to finish writing this book. Thank for giving me an audience to share my story, I sincerely hope that you use it to follow the steps I took and find success in your own lives. 

Also a big thank you to Russell Walker who volunteered to edit both 12 Weeks in Thailand and Life Changes Quick.  

Where to find the book:

If you have a kindle or any kindle app supported device such as an iPad or Android tablet, you can buy Life Changes Quick on  If you live in the UK or want the PDF version visit

Huge Favor to Ask:

If you do buy it on Amazon, please take a minute to give it a review.  If I can get twenty 5-star reviews on Amazon, it will really help jump start the success of this book and get it in the hands of as many people as possible.  

Thank you to the people who have already bought the book and gave it 5-stars on Amazon!

Get a Free Preview:

Join my mailing list below and get a free sample of both of my books as well as my goals setting PDF.

Please Share:

Even if you don't buy the book, please share the link with your friends on facebook, twitter or wherever else you hang out online.  I wrote this book to get my story out there and hopefully inspire and motivate others to take control and reach your goals.

In the summer of 2013, I was broke, literally down to my last $200 in my bank account.  Was out of shape and single.  Using the tools I write about in the book, my life has completely changed, and for the better.  Now I'm in the best shape of my life, have a profitable location independent business doing close to $400,000 a year in sales and found the love of my life.

Read the book and tell your friends about Life Changes Quick.

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD

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  1. Hi Johnny,
    I registered for the Anton Method a few days ago after reading your motivating blog for several months. I hope to change my life in a manner similar to your blog and in your new book. After 12 years of serving in the Canadian army, I am ready to get out. I just want to get away from the lack of freedom, the lack of control over my life and ultimately, the inherent racism projected towards Asian-Canadians like myself. I hope to start a new life soon and to do this via your methods and inspiration. Best of luck with your new book.

  2. Hey Mitchell, glad you've enjoyed the blog and the new book. Glad you signed up for the dropshipping course! Make sure you say what's up to me on my thread in the forums. Best of luck in your own journey, I'm sure you made it through 12 years of the Canadian Army, 2-4 months of hard work to set up your first store will be doable =)

  3. I think it's really great that people like you, having achieved success, try to transfer your experience to other people and make their lives much better and more interesting. It's really worthy of respect. Now I work as a freelance writer and one day I dream of writing my own book. It's going to be an anti-utopia novel, and I hope it's going to be really interesting for many people. Is there an article on your website about the process of writing your book? It would be great to read this article. What advice can you give to a novice writer? I'd love to hear that.

  4. I love to reading this types of books like novel, poetry and some thing more interesting but I obviously reading this book and share their experience.


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