Michelin Star Dining in Chiang Mai - Great Deals on Great Food

Chiang Mai has fantastic food and incredible prices.  You can easily find tasty Thai food for 30-50 baht ($1-2US).  I love Thai food and eat it daily, but one of the added benefits of living in Chiang Mai is the variety of western food we get as well. 

When I was on a $600 a month budget this time last year, I would have said it was stupid to go out and spend $30 on dinner when you easily have a tasty meal for $3.  However, now that I'm making American dollars with my drop shipping stores, I think it's perfectly reasonable to go out and splurge once a week and enjoy yourself.

Balsamic Vinegar with Eggplant and Mint
Exhibition Kitchen
Back in the U.S. it's extremely normal to spend $25 on dinner wherever you go even if it's just a standard night out.  But in Chiang Mai, you can eat at the best restaurants in country for around that same price.  It's a lot more expensive than the $1 Thai food you can on the street, but sometimes it's nice to dress up and go to a nice restaurant on date night.

In fact, you appreciate it more when you're out here.  Back home, it's so common to have luxuries that you just get used to it.  But when you're in Thailand, having white table cloth, great service and homemade pasta is a nice treat.

Chef Danilo Ragusa

Having the chef personally come out to check on your meal is a great bonus as well, that you normally don't get back in the U.S., especially since it's a Chef that used to work in a Michelin Starred restaurant in Italy.

If you're like me and enjoy a good deal, the ironic thing is, by spending more money on luxury out here in Thailand you're actually getting the best deal of all.  Sure you you can pay $0 and not get a massage, or you can get a great one for $10.  The best advice I ever received was:
"If you find something you know you would enjoy, don't tell yourself you can't afford it.  Ask yourself, how you can afford it."  
Expensive restaurants in Chiang Mai worth trying:
  1. La Tavernetta - Featured. Italian Food.  Homemade Pasta. Nimmanhaemin rd. 
  2. La Fourchette - French. Chiang Mai Old City.
  3. Green Table Restaurant - Mediterranean/Western.  Nimmanhaemin rd.
  4. Four Seasons Resort - Sunday Lunch.  Mae Rim.
  5. Pern's Pinxtos & Tapas - Spanish.  Haew Kaew rd.
  6. Open for suggestions, anyone? =)
Enjoy your time in Chiang Mai, there is a ton to offer in this city aside from just cheap Thai food and Nature.  It's good to live on a budget to bootstrap your business and save, but it's also good to enjoy the city for everything that it offers.

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  1. They have a restaurant that was voted top 10 in thailand (or asia) called Mix Restaurant and Bar

    1. Mix looks awesome! Thanks for the suggestion. It's on Nimman which is right here too, I can't believe i never heard of it.

    2. Just read the reviews on Mix and now I know what no one talks about it. It seems like it's a trendy place to go for colorful cocktails but the food and service isn't good. I might check it out one day but I'm not going to keep my hopes up. =)

  2. I'm so looking looking forward to eating some good grinds when I get out there. I'm actually very surprised at how modern Chiang Mai is. Entrepreneurs' Paradise!

    Thanks for the restaurant tips,


  3. Went to Mix recently and food was very good. Not incredible but the ambience was great and the food was good. Top 50 restaurant in Chiang Mai I'd say.


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