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I've personally used Shopify for all of my stores for over a year now so it was an easy decision when Shopify reached out to me on twitter asking me if they could sponsor the Travel Like a Boss Podcast. 

I told them that I was a big fan of their software and recommend them anyways but if they could give me a unique link that would give my listeners a discount that I would make sure to spread the word.

"We welcome the Travel Like a Boss Podcast as Shopify's newest partner and will extend a 20% off FOR LIFE discount on all new Shopify plans!"  

Get the PDF with all Dropshipping Discounts here.

Keep Reading for an Update:

Why I removed the 20% Shopify Discount from this public page:

I was extremely happy to partner up with the good folks over at Shopify and give my readers an exclusive 20% off discount, but then I got this email:

"We are asking that you give the promo code to your audience, either from emails, after a login etc but not on the page directly because it is not just your audience that is taking advantage of it, which is causing us some issues."

But have no fear, I have even better news for you!

Here's a 20% off Bigcommerce coupon! 
bigcommerce discount coupon

Just kidding. 

As an Earnest Affiliate I would never jump ship and start promoting an inferior product just to get more sales.

But I have something EVEN better for you:

I still personally use and recommend Shopify, and here's why

  • Lots of Sales
  • Tons of Revenue
  • Fantastic Profit
  • Semi-Passive Income
  • Automated Fulfillment

Here's How:

Since I can no longer publically offer everyone the 20% off shopify discount, instead, I'm going to share with you how to make 200% more profit from your Shopify stores.

Step 1: Pick the Perfect Niche

If you don't choose a good niche, you'll never have a profitable Shopify store, so the 20% off won't matter anyways. Sign up for my mailing list to get instant access to the bonus "How to choose the perfect niche episode:

Step 2: Get Approved by Dropshippers

Instead of making or importing and warehousing your own products, get suppliers to dropship them for you, which frees up your time, money and allows you to scale your business and expand your product line. This is how I make over $20,000 a month consistently from each one of my dropshipping stores.

Here's a link to the dropshipping course I took that taught me how to get approved by suppliers, drive traffic and everything I needed to know to become as successful as I am today:

Why I STILL use Shopify?

There are alternatives for eCommerce stores out there but what I love about Shopify is how easy it was to set up my first dropshipping store, and how they have continued to improve and add features. 

I love how Shopify acquired Stripe Payment Processor to make it easier to receive payments and quicker to get paid.  I love how Shopify created a Google Shopping app to make it easier to upload products to Google's Product Listing Ads.  And I love how Shopify continues to make these updates while I sleep.  It's like paying for a full time web developer, but splitting the costs with thousands of other users.  It's really a no brainer.

A sneak peak into my Shopify Dashboard:

Shopify Discount Coupon

On the left hand side is where I check and fulfill orders as well as add new products.  With a few clicks here and there I also change the way my store looks, add new discounts and coupons as well as write blog posts and generate reports to see what I've sold.

The Shopify app store is also a dream as apps such as Hello Bar, Aftership and Yotpo reviews make my life so much easier.

Sales and Revenue:

I'm super happy that my Shopify stores are doing well.  Best of all, since I'm currently based in Thailand, my business is completely location independent.  I've hired one person off of odesk to take my customer service calls during the day and email me the summary but aside from that I don't need any other employees, web developers or designers as Shopify keeps it simple.  

If you are thinking about starting an online store, I highly recommend Shopify.  If you want to learn how to be successful with Dropshipping, I recommend and if you already have a Shopify store and want to learn how to optimize for better conversions and more sales, check out

Listen to the Travel Like a Boss Podcast.

If you're planning on starting an online business using Shopify, I would highly recommend you first join a step by step program like Anton's Dropshipping course which will help you achieve success.

Join the course today and see you inside the member forums!

Warm Regards and best of luck with your store,

Johnny FD

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  1. Congrats Johnny!

    Will this coupon work if I'm currently 7 days into my 14 day trial of Shopify? I figure they'll ask me to choose a plan when my time is up? Glad to see your success blossoming!


    1. Hey Ric, unfortunately you'll need to start the store using the link. If you want to get the discount, I would suggest you export the products into a .cvs, use my link to start a new store and import it back in. Or just remember to use the link next time you create a new niche.

    2. Hey Johnny, where ecactly do I find the discount coupon?
      Ivo (like Evo)

  2. I don't see a discount applied when I try to change my plan. It was a new account i started directly from the link you provided... How do I get 20% off?

    1. I just emailed my guy at Shopify to ask. I'll update this page as soon as I hear back. We'll get this sorted out ASAP! =)

    2. thanks. good to hear. if they could enable it so that it works for a store that is on the 14 day free trial, that'd be great and preferred to.

    3. Hi Johnny. Just checking back if there is any update.


    4. Hey I heard back and will update this page with the info. It's because you must have had a shopify cookie from elsewhere sometime within the last 7 days before you clicked my discount link, But they said they would manually give you 20% off. Just facebook or twitter message me your url and I'll have my contact at shopify manually apply it.


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