Stressful Monday: Site Down, No Sales, Life Sucks.

I woke up this morning with high hopes. I set my goal today to make a big $500, to write a chapter of Life Changes Quick and complete a massive to do list.  Then it all hit me, like a ton of bricks.  Only two emails, both from unhappy people, no sales, and worse of all, I found out that has been down all weekend.

What does that mean?

Without me knowing, people were sending me emails I never received.  On average of 345 people per day went to a blank website, and even my sister emailed me worried.

Luckily, my actual money making websites were still up.  I checked my eCommerce stores and they were up and running fine...but I had zero sales.  Maybe it was because of the 4th of July weekend?  Or maybe I'm just having a bad week.

It was hard to stay motivated, but then I got a series of kind messages from both people I've never met, as well as my family and friends.  First I got a message from a guy named David Lieu who has been a reader since my old Muay Thai blog.

johnny fd

By the way, here's the video he was referring to.

Then my sister emailed me the following:


As much as I enjoy motivating others, what I really enjoy is building a network of positive, hard working, friends that lift me up just as much as I lift them up.  Everyone has an off day, and even though today began as one, just a few hours later everything is back on track.

Maybe it's the coffee?

Akha Ama

Or it could be the fact that while stressing out fixing my site I suddenly got two sales on one of my eCommerce stores.

"When life knocks you down...calmly get back up, smile,and very politely say, you hit like a bitch."
- Uriah Hall, UFC 175
Uriah Hall UFC 175

A big thanks to everyone for your continued support, your love and for sticking through with me through the ups and downs.  We as entrepreneurs live like others aren't willing to live, do what others won't do, all in the hopes that in a few years we can live like others can't.   Keep strong, stay strong and keep grinding.  

Warm Regards,


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  1. Thank God, I ws getting worried. Don't think I could have coped much longer without!! :)

    1. haha thanks Kev, I appreciate my blog being that big of a part of your daily ritual =)

  2. Curious how much you ad spend per week is.

    1. Hey William, for my eCommerce stores I spend between $100-$120 a week on ads.

  3. Hey Cory, thanks for the tip. Anyone know of a similar service that does the opposite and lets me know when my site is down?

  4. Hey Johnny,
    Yeah, I was wondering whats going on when your site was down when I tried to go to it this past weekend. Never mind though, I KNOW you will be up on top again from this small down because of your karma from all the merit you made from all your help and dedication you gave and are giving to others including myself. I hope to finally get to meet you and Anton this October in Chiang Mai and thank you both in person for all your help.

    1. Hey Jon, thanks for all of your continued support! I'm looking forward to meeting you as well in October !

  5. dingitsup does both. Texts you when it goes down and then again when it comes back up.

  6. Just saw that, thanks a million Cory, that's awesome.


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