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I am so freaking excited for the 2014 - Drop Ship Lifestyle Retreat!  Even though I already live in Chiang Mai, and already have access to a ton of other entrepreneurs, I still get pumped up and excited when I watch the what's in store video for the retreat.

Here's the schedule: 

October 7th - 10th 2014 will be guest speakers, co-working and business.
October 11th - 12th will be lifestyle days where we'll explore waterfalls, temples, and infinity pools.

The retreat was first announced three months ago and was for members of Anton's course only.  He wanted a way for members to meet in person, network and help each other get to the next level with their drop shipping stores.  A ton of people taking Anton's course have already replaced their 9-5 incomes and have quit their full time jobs to focus on their profitable businesses. 

Originally, the retreat was going to be limited to ten people and was going to be completely free. Anton wanted to rent a house, have everyone stay there and do informational co-working in the living room. But then word spread and 50 people signed up overnight. 

The 2014 DSL Retreat Expanded:

Anton has opened up the retreat to new members as an incentive for people to work hard and get their stores profitable before October.  He has rented out the Ibis Styles Hotel in Chiang Mai and is taking the retreat to a entire another level.  Currently the retreat sign up is $300 and will go up to $500 as we get closer to the event.  I've been helping Anton figure out the locations and logistics for this massive event and was pleasantly surprised to hear that Anton is including lunch for free on all three days to everyone who comes.  

Watch the video below for details:

How to Register:

This retreat is for members of the AntonMethod Drop Ship Training Course only.  If you haven't signed up already, you still have four months to sign up, start your store and make it profitable before the retreat.  This is a great goal to set and 100% feasible.  The average turn around for people who take their stores seriously is 2 months to go from start to having their first sales come through.
If you are serious about starting an online business, this is the best time to do it and the ultimate motivation.  

You can use the retreat as an goal to achieve and only come if you've made enough from your stores by then to pay for the trip.  If you are already a member of Anton's course, you can register for the DSL Retreat hereFor Existing Members ONLY.

The Program Works:

I've since become good friends with Anton, but with good reason, the man changed my life.  I met Anton 14 months ago, when I was living on a $600 a month budget and barely scraping by. Exactly a year later after my first sale, I'm looking at business class tickets to Europe to spend the summer.  

I have over $40,000.00 in savings in my bank up from $200.00 this time last year, and it's all thanks to learning how to build a online business and all thanks to Anton.  

drop ship lifestyle retreat

Looking forward to meeting you all at Anton's Drop Ship Lifestyle Retreat in October.  I sincerely wish everyone the best of luck with your businesses.  

If you have already signed up for the retreat, I suggest you book a room at the Ibis Styles Chiang Mai Hotel where the retreat will take place through Agoda.  

Warm Regards,


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  1. The second video is a little gay, no? LOL

    Anyway, I'm very excited to be there.

    1. hahaha maybe just a little bit, especially the ending =) Looking forward to meeting you all in October!


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