How I Just Made a Ton of Money with FB (Facebook Stocks)

I don't know how long you've been following my blog but a few months back I bought a bunch of facebook stock. (FB)

It may have been luck, and I really think stocks are gambling but here are three unequivocal life lessons that I've learned in this past year.  I don't think they are very nice or humble to say but they are true and can't be argued.
  • When you're broke, money does NOT come easily.
  • Money makes more money.
  • Having rich friends makes you richer.
  • Thinking poor, keeps you poor.
make it rain

Here's what Happened:

July 2013 - Had $177 to my name and worked my ass off to build an online business.  It took me exactly two months of working 40 hour a week not knowing if it would pay off but as soon as it did, I knew I had done the right thing.

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February 2014 - Realized that from a combination of making a US income with my new drop shipping store while living relatively cheap while traveling around Thailand I  had somehow saved up $30,000 cash.  

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gold watch challenge

March 2014 - Not wanting that money just to sit in my bank account, I ended up buying $10,000 worth of facebook stock.

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April 2014 - FB dropped down, way down to $55.64  Instead of freaking out, I decided to buy more.

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June 2014: FB dropped AGAIN.  My original plan was to create a stop loss and set it to automatically sell if I was ever going to lose $2,000 or more.  Luckily, I have rich friends who talked me out of it.

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July 2014: I woke up this morning here in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and since we're 18 hours ahead, I slept through one of the most exciting days of FB stock prices going crazy.  I didn't even know what happened until someone commented on my wall asking me if I ever sold my FB stock, as it skyrocketed overnight.

I promptly did a google search for FB and saw the market closed with FB at $76.03

Then I checked my email and realized that I had set my account to automatically sell 145 shares if FB ever went up to $76.  I picked this number randomly and was honestly going to originally set it at $69 just so I could recoup my original costs and break even.

But then I realized, F that. What's the point of breaking even.  I'm either going to make at least a $1,000 from this or it's not even worth it, especially since I have a full time income and don't actually need the money.  Turns out, it hit exactly where I set my auto sell to, $76.  I'm now sitting on $11,010 cash in my bank and I still have 200 shares of FB left which I bought in at $56.03

What now?

Email JP of course.  First I emailed him to thank him and remind him that dinner is definitely on me next time i'm back in Los Angeles.  I'm sure he'll also reply letting me know what he's planning on doing with his shares, which he holds a ton of.

And of course..

Celebrate by taking my girlfriend out tonight for a nice dinner.  Not only am I celebrating making a ton of money today, but also the fact that she too is now an entrepreneur!  We're working on something together but in the meantime she just got paid for her first freelance gig on oDesk, which means she now knows 100% in her heart that it is possible for anyone to make money both location independently (we're in Thailand) and without technical knowledge.

johnny fd

But here's the CRAZY part.

EXACTLY a year ago today I made my first sale online.  If you read the post I was so excited about making $50.  Which thinking back now is retarded as I'm making 10-20x that now per day. But it's that first sale that really kickstarts everything.   That is why I'm so excited that my girlfriend got to celebrate today with me as she made her first $50 online today and I promise that a year from now she is going to be location independent and be able to travel around with me anywhere she wants in the world as well.

Think about it, one year ago today, I had almost zero dollars in my bank account.  For the past three days now in a row I've made over $1,000 each day which to me is still insane to think about it as that's what I used to make in a month back home.

Here's the even CRAZIER part.

The entire time I've been investing in facebook, I've also been living well below my means here in Chiang Mai and even with having nice food five times a week, flying back to the U.S. for my cousin's wedding, and booking a flight to Berlin for the summer, I've pretty much just been living a normal life while saving up a ton of money.  Not including the $26,000 I now I have in my Schwab account, even after paying taxes recently, paying all my suppliers and paying off all of my credit cards, I somehow replenished the $30k I had in my bank I had back in April before all of the stocks.

It didn't really sink in until just now that I logged in to take a screenshot, but this is pretty fucking crazy especially because I have another 4 grand sitting in my ATM account and probably some more in my paypal account that I've somehow forgotten my password to.

So why am I sharing this with you?  

Well first, even if ended up losing money on FB, I promised I would keep my readers updated every time I made a buy or a sell.  And second, I really hope that the ups and downs I've been through help smooth the road for the rest of you in your own journeys into becoming location independent entrepreneurs.

More info:

How I started my online business.

My Journey:

This is the big post of everything I did from 2008 until now.


After writing this post, a lot of people have been wanting to get into stock trading or BitCoin trading to try to make a quick buck.  Even though I got lucky with FB, I still wouldn't recommend it.  It was not worth me risking $20,000 to make $4,000, especially when I make more than that through my drop shipping stores every month anyways with no risk. 

My advice? Put in the work and build a real business with your time.

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Warm Regards and best wishes to everyone,


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  1. Love that you slept through the insanity lol. Keep crushing.

    1. haha yeah that pros and cons of living in a different time zone. My favorite is when I have clients go back and forth on decisions over the day and when I finally see it in the morning they made up their own mind. =)

  2. Nice Johnny. You should know though that in investing terms you haven't "made" any money. Just like how you compare it to gambling you haven't made anything until you leave the table ;) You only realize your profit once you sell.

    Congrats on all the success! I'm up to about $4000 out of my $10,000 goal so far. - See more at:

    1. Hey Adam, congrats on making your first $4,000 goal! As for realized vs. unrealized profits, I actually sold about $11k worth of FB yesterday at $76 =) So yes, I left the table.

    2. Oh ya, sorry I misread that part haha. Awesome.

  3. Hey Johnny, something else you can do for investing is buying and selling bitcoin. I'm a beta tester for a friend's course on how to do it and you actually do about 5 minutes of work and that's it. It's not mining, it is day trading to put it simply. I'm going to do constant updates on my youtube channel and put it on my travel blog I want to grow. When I really get some momentum on it I'd love to come on the show talking about it and shooting the shit sometime.

    1. Oh yeah I'm here in Bangkok haha, I forgot to mention that.

    2. Hmm sounds interesting. I'm big into bitcoin, I've been getting some amazing returns investing in some bitcoin businesses and lending on P2P lending sites.

      Are you talking about day trading like margin trading on a platform like Bitfinex? Or trading as in selling Bitcoin for a profit on Localbitcoins?

    3. I don't have the information in front of me right now because I am having trouble to the specifics of the content so this explanation is going to be kind ugly haha. Here's what I did soup to nuts. Opened a wallet and put $100 in there to buy some bitcoin. It takes the wallet about 4 days to process it. I should be good sometime tomorrow. Once the bitcoin is processed in the wallet you go to this company website and buy x amount of shares of bitcoin. What this company does (since they make some cash on the transaction) is they purchase and buy from several different platforms. They do an arbitrage. Basically they'll buy at the platform with the lowest price and turn around selling it at the platform with the highest price. It's humans doing it, not robots.

      My friend who came up with this course has been averaging a 1% gain every day. He never really had a loss. I'm just going to keep making vlogs to show the results to promote his course on my vlog and blog when I finish making it.

    4. BitCoin and Stocks are both gambling in my personal opinion. I know people make money on both and right now both are going up, but when it comes down to it, investing in stocks or in bitcoin is gambling, and I only recommend it if you have enjoy money where you don't care if it all crashes tomorrow and you lose it all.

      Honestly, I was a bit hesitant to put up this post as when it comes down to it,as exciting as it was to watch my FB stocks go up 20 points, realistically I only cleared around $4,500 profit from it all, while risking $22k of my own money. To put it into perspective, I make more than $4,500 through my drop shipping stores every month and didn't have to risk any money. So before everyone starts looking to sign up for a BitCoin trading course, my 2cents is that if you want to take a course take Anton's course and build a real business. If you have a lot of money to risk, feel free to play with stocks or bitcoin, but if you are bootstrapping, spend your time and your money with a real business.

  4. Hey Johnny, my bad if I came off like I wanted come and sell a course. I really like what you do with the show and my main desire was just to share share stories, a few laughs, and tell people what I'm building so I can get that freedom we all want. :)

    I agree about the stocks and bitcoin gamble if you an doing it willy nilly, but if people know what they are doing, it's a good money maker. I plan on hooking up with antonmethod in another two months depending on my finances and I'm already building up a real estate investing website that should launch sometime this week.

    Most of the super successful people you have had the honor of meeting will agree (maybe it was mentioned in the 4 hour work week) that the best way to wealth is multiple streams of income. That's true whether it's multiple Anton Method stores or automating multiple different types of businesses.

    1. Hey Matthew, no worries buddy. I definitely agree that the end goal for everyone is financial freedom and multiple streams of income.

  5. Hey Johnny, Congrats! Please keep us updated on JP's response to your most recent email.

    1. MJ, no worries, thanks! He replied with:

      "Awesome. I think FB will continue to climb."

    2. Ha, short and sweet. Ok, so we hold. Maybe he has another jewel so we can diversify? ;)

    3. If he does and I end up buying anything else, I'll let you guys know. I wonder how many people reading this bought FB when I first made the post, and bought more when I got in at 55 and made a post about that as well.


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