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I just added two of my favorite productivity apps to my recommended resources page, one of which is the Chrome Extension Momentum which is basically like a screensaver for your web browser.  It only pops up when you are opening a new page in chrome, and instead of it being blank, it pops up with something like this.

And this is how I doubled my daily income.

Momentum productivy
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.
- Elbert Hubbard

  1. What's included is a new image of the day, always a beautiful background. 
  2. A nifty inspirational quote of the day, such as the one by Elbert Hubbard above.
  3. The time and a nice good morning or good evening message.
  4. A todo list that you can have pop up on the right hand side.
  5. And my favorite part, the focus of the day ___________ to fill in.

What is the _________ focus of the day you may ask?  It's just a blank space you can quickly type in what your main focus of the day is.

It could be:

  • Write 1 Chapter of the Book
  • Calls Suppliers and get approved.
  • Do my taxes for the year.
  • Whatever you want it to be, really.
Mine was simple.  Make $100 a day.  Why $100 a day?  Why not $300 a day?
$100 x 30 = $3,000 a month, and I'm happy with $3k a month as my costs of living here in Chiang Mai is less than half of that.  

Anything more than that is a bonus.  By the way, I'm only really talking about active income.  I make a few hundred bucks a month from my book sales, amazon affiliate sales, and everything else people buy using my link in the recommended resources page but I don't count any of that.  I'm focused on how much money I actively make per day on my main businesses which are my ecommerce stores.  

Everything else is passive income which although nice, is more of a rainy day fund.  


Today I accidently typed in the wrong number.

I had a series of okay days this past week, I woke up a two days ago feeling a bit down for no real reason.  Sales still came in but were nothing to be too excited about.  I had hit my $100 a day goal everyday, but I wanted more.  

So I typed in:  "Make $300 Today."

It would be be considered a great day if I did, as making $300 a day would equal $9,000 in profits per month.  It's something that I hit pretty often but don't expect everyday.  But instead of typing in make three hundred dollars today...I accidently typed in.

"Make $500 Today." and left it. 

Here's what happened next.


I don't know how many of you believe in positive thinking or even crazy things The Secret: Law of Attraction, but I firmly believe it hasn't hurt.  I doubt thought alone does anything, but honestly, 5 months ago, I woke up every morning secretly hoping I wouldn't have any sales to fulfill as I didn't want the responsibility of doing the extra work.

I know it sounds silly as it doesn't take that much time to forward the orders to my suppliers and click a few buttons to capture payment.  But I just wasn't motivated to do any work.  I was content skating by in life.  My dream was to be content and to do as little work as possible.
People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents.  - Andrew Carnegie 
But now, I my motto is, work hard, play hard.  So it was 11:14am and I had hit my goal of making $500 today.  I didn't even have to do the accounting to find out, but I did it anyways just to be sure.

business accounting

Here is today's income report:

Items Sold: 5
Gross Sales: $3,705.17

Wholesale Cost: $2,448.75
Shipping Cost: $380.00
Transaction Cost: $92.67

Total Costs:  $2,921.42
Net Profit:  $783.75

Today's Goal: Achieved.

Best of all,  I was done with work by 11am.  Even better, I made enough money today to pay for more than half of my monthly expenses, which really allows me to save up and reinvest in other things.  I would love to say that I make $780 in profit every single day, but I don't.  Today was a much better than usual day.  But it's definitely possible, and making $780 a day in profit equates to making $280,000 a year which is pretty freaking awesome, especially if you can do it while living location independently.

So what did I end up doing for the rest of the day?

First I went to the barber to get a hair cut.  And by hair cut I mean shave my head.  100 baht $3.30US.
Then I had lunch and bought my girlfriend a kilo of Lychees to surprise her.  98 baht.  $3.25US
Now I'm debating whether to go for a massage 200 baht ($6.60US) or to go to CrossFit.


Total Daily Spend:  $13.15 so far + $6 for dinner = Less than $20 a day.

Either way, the beauty of having an online business and living in a place like Chiang Mai is if you're making U.S. dollars, it's literally impossible to spend all of your hard earned money fast enough not to save up.

Now it's your turn:

Step 1: Download the Momentum App, it's free.  You can find it an all of the other resources I recommend here.  The Best of the Best.

Step 2: Keep in touch and let me know how your online business is going if you've already started, and what your goals are for the day.  If you haven't yet started, Start Here.

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD

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  1. That's awesome.

    Is this all from your main store? Or have you shifted focus and are continuing to build more?

    1. Hey Drew, I currently have three stores, two are making sales here and there and have potential, but the sales above are from my main store which I'm really focusing on.

      Hope all is doing well on your side Drew!

  2. One of my marketing professors in college coauthored this book:

    It's basically about people who make above average incomes while living well below their means... I wonder how many years it will take before you're eligible as a case-study... keep crushing it buddy :)

    1. What's up Anton! I've read that book as well and really enjoyed it. When I lived back in LA and everyone lived in expensive apartments and leasing expensive cars. Now it's nice to save up =)

  3. I'm almost done with my's been a month into it. I'm hoping to launch next week. Thanks for the motivation and tips Johnny.

    1. Nice stuff David, good luck with your store launch next week!


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