Ziplining in Chiang Mai with DragonFlight

I had an incredible time ziplining in the Chiang Mai jungle last week.  I've done it once before years ago, but had more fun time time around.  Here's what to expect and what not to expect during your adventure.

What to expect:  

Before I went for the first time, I expected Zip Lining to be an adventure sport, something scary similar to bundy jumping.  But it turns out that even though it is exciting, it's not really scary at all.  You're not going as fast as you think, and you feel secure the entire time as you are attached to the lines.  

Don't go expecting it to be scary like bungy jumping.  Expect it to be fun, with great views of the jungle.  The longer the flight the less scary it actually is as you really get to enjoy the scenery.  

Zip Lining Chiang Mai Dragon Flight

What to wear/bring:

Make sure you have tennis shoes or some other shoes that won't fall off.  No flip flops.  If you don't have normal shoes, you can buy a cheap pair at Thai shops for less than 200 baht ($6.60US)  You might want to wear some sunblock and bug spray but you're covered in trees so sunblock isn't' really needed and there were no mosquitos that high up.

DragonFlight also provides a water break during the trip and lunch and water afterwards.  The only water you need to bring is for during the bus ride.

I wore a t-shirt and shorts with lace up tennis shoes and it was perfect.


You can bring your iPhone to take photos but make sure you have a secure pocket so you don't lose it. If you want to film during the flights bring a camera with a wrist strap.  

Zip Lining Chiang Mai DragonFlight

Cost and Price of Zip Lining:

You have two options to choose from, the big or small package.  I did Dragon 1 which is the bigger of the two for 2,100 baht ($65US) you can also save a little big and get the cheaper package for 1,700 ($53US)

The big package comes with 40 platforms and the smaller comes with 28.  Either package is a great time and both include lunch.  The first time I did it a few years ago I went with the smaller package and had a good time, but honestly it's worth paying $12 extra for the additional platforms. You'll be tired by the end of the day but satisfied. 

Here's a video of my day out with DragonFlight, a big thank you to Skydra from Canopier X for filming the video and organizing the trip!

Which company to go with:

There are a bunch of different companies to go with when booking your zip lining tour in Chiang Mai. They are all similar as in they pick you up from your hotel, provide water and lunch, and give you a free t-shirt at the end.  All of them are pretty safe and have good reviews.  I've only been to Jungle Flight and Dragon flight so I can't say what the other two are like but I imagine they are similar.

Here are the prices:

Flight of the Gibbon is the most famous but also the most expensive at 3,599 baht. ($113US)

Eagle Track only had 35 platforms and is 2,400 baht ($75US)

Jungle Flight is 2,600 baht ($81US)

Dragon Flight is the best value at 2,100 baht ($65US) and is actually the same company as Jungle Flight.

Where to book:

You can book online with some of the companies but it isn't necessary.  I would recommend booking a few days in advance once you arrive in Chiang Mai.  You leave early in the morning so I would either book it the morning before or two days ahead of time just to be sure.

Check out Dragon Flight's website at:
Phone: 081.884.5887
See their facebook page at:
You can also book through: Canopier X

Hope you guys have fun out in Chiang Mai.  Search my blog for "Chiang Mai" for a list of other ideas of things to do while in Thailand.

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD

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