Technical CoFounder / iOS Developer Wanted

I never thought I would be interested in building apps, but I'm in a position where I have the time, knowledge, freedom and contacts to potentially make a run at a crazy large sum of money. The problem is, I don't have any coding abilities and don't want to outsource the work as if I'm going to do this, I want an in house technical cofounder that is just as dedicated in this as I am.

I also want to bootstrap this business and not waste life chasing funding until we'd be in a position for funding to come chase after us. Sound interesting? Come live in beautiful Thailand with me, and I'll even cover the costs of living while we bootstrap. Keep reading for more details and share this with any iOS devs that you think would love to live in Thailand for a bit!

The Plan:

This is a shot at the moon. The chances of us connecting, finding someone who is willing to work for nothing in hopes to launch a $100 Million or $1 Billion app with me, a guy who knows nothing about the app world is crazy. But crazy is who I'm looking for. 

I have an idea that I believe will work 1,000,000% and already know how to properly launch it, gain traction and make it a success. 

 I also know how much time and money it takes to navigate the app game. I'm smart enough to know to create a minimal viable product, launch it city by city, and focus on user acquisition before monetization. I also have access to investment when that time comes. But first things first, we need to build the MVP and test the market. If you want to come along for this crazy ride, you need to trust my crazy vision, just as I need to shut the fuck up and trust your abilities to code which is why you can be 100% in charge of the technical aspects, while I take charge of vision, funding, and marketing. 

Come live in Thailand away from the craziness of the city while you build.

The Offer:

Come bootstrap with me in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Ideally you would be as invested in the project as I am, but if needed I am happy to pay for all of your living expenses while we build including:

  • Room
  • Food
  • Phone
  • Utility Bills
  • Internet
  • Coworking Space Membership
  • Local Transportation

I'm offering 49% of the company that we start together, and am only retaining 51% control as I have a vision that I know will work. You just need to believe and know iOS. 

How to Apply:

Honestly, as much as I would love to see this vision come to life, I know how much of a moon shot it is. But from what I've learned in business and in life, these moon shots are often free to take, offering nothing but upsides even if we fail, and all of the rewards in life if we succeed.

If no one applies for this or if it doesn't work out, I am perfectly happy building bootstrapped businesses by myself and contributing to build as a location independent entrepreneur. 

But if this all sounds interesting to you, and you want to jump in feet first, come along for the journey and hear more about my vision and plan, fill out this application here.

Or fill out the embedded form below: 

Share this with your friends or with anyone else who codes as I'm sure there are plenty of people sick of cold winters, and stressful office jobs that would love to take a chance and live in Thailand while we build our rocket ship.

Warm Regards,


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  1. No offense, but this is a bit of a running joke in developer circles. People think they have the ultimate app idea that will make millions, you just have to work on it for basically nothing in exchange for a percentage. The reality is that the app is extremely unlikely to succeed, nobody makes money, total waste of time. You can certainly afford to hire a competant developer by the hour, do it properly Johnny, not like this.

    1. You make a great point and I know there are millions of ideas out there that will never lead to anything.

      I'm looking to either find someone with the same vision as me and wants to be just as dedicated, or not do it at all.

      It's high risk, high reward scenario. I don't want to start something with people who just want to make an hourly wage or a salary. I'd rather just not do it at all in that case, as my time is valuable as well.

  2. So a developer must move out to Thailand (on their cost), then proceed to take all the risk developing the application (since they're the ones who's going to be heads down coding while you're twiddling your thumbs) and for that you are generous to give them a staggering 49% shares?

    If a developer takes you up on this offer they will need to get their heads examined.

    1. If you are happy making a set hourly rate, then this offer isn't for you. This is an offer for someone to fly out to Thailand (on their dime) but get all of their living expenses paid in exchange for half of what could be either nothing at the end of the year, or half of a hugely successful app.

      If this isn't a risk you are willing to take, then fine, but don't put down other potential people who are more risk tolerant than you.

    2. It is not about risk tolerance. It is about fairness of equity. The developer is taking almost all the risk here. Even if you are paying their expenses (let's say that is around $1,000 p/m), they are probably giving up another income of around $10,000 a month.

      What are you risking? Maybe $1,000 a month for their expenses, and a little bit of your time to do product development and product vision things. That is nothing compared to the time the developer is putting in, and the money they are leaving on the table.

    3. johnny FD has some big dreams. big ego much?

  3. I see some asshole posted a comment to your blog post basically saying you were an idiot and nobody would take you up on your proposition. Don’t listen to that guy, he’s probably some resentful or narrow-minded loser. If you’re a credible person who people actually have reason to believe can make a product work, the right people will be drawn to you, I believe.

    I honestly think it would be a way bigger mistake to invest many tens of thousands of dollars on outsourced development and end up with a product that doesn’t really have a vested owner.

    1. Where did anyone say he was an idiot? The only one throwing around insults here is you.

      You say that it would be a mistake to invest thousands in outsourcing, but can't you see that a developer would be making a mistake and losing thousands of dollars by working for basically room and food, with no guarantee of pay off?

      Good developers are not pumping out Fiverr gigs and living on 1000usd a month for christ sake, the average hourly rate is probably around $100. Working for a cheap room and food.. it's almost insulting and not at all fair.

    2. Life isn't fair.

      Would it be fair if I paid a dev $100,000 to pour their soul into building the app, and give him 0% equity even if the app takes off and makes me $500,000,0000?

      Would it be fair if I paid a dev $100,000 and they did a half ass job and I end up making $0?

      Either way, you are obviously not someone who is interested and that's completely okay. We all have different goals and priorities in life. I've already had 5 serious applicants so obviously not everyone thinks this is a joke.

    3. Well, yes. Both of those would be fair if it's what you agreed on. You agree to a job and pay/work for it. The second example is why you make sure the dev is solid before employing.

      At the same time, if a dev agrees to your terms then that's fair also.

      That doesn't mean the offer is a good one however, it's clearly one-sided and severely undervaluing the dev, and saying 'life isn't fair' as a way to excuse dodging any risk yourself and throwing it all on another person is a bit wrong.

      It is what it is though, I wish you luck with it and hope you both come out richer.

    4. Coming soon is JohnnyFD's master app course for $999....GUARANTEED!

    5. If this app is a success and it gets acquired for $500 million you'll bet I'll make a master app course but it will be a lot more expensive than $999.

    6. Anonymous seems like he's really happy with his life.

    7. Even happier after reading your PUA/Red Pill blog.

  4. If I knew how to code, I'd definitely take up this offer. Sure it might not work out, but if that's the case it's as if you've had a cheap holiday in Thailand.

    1. I think a lot of people have the same thoughts =)

    2. Johnny talking to Johnny :)
      Man you are amazing, fooling ppl around.

  5. I look forward your new game app launches soon. I want to be your first customer.

    1. Yes, me too. I will also purchase all existing courses and will click on all affiliate links.
      The post on reddit convinced me a lot...


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