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This post has been updated with all of the new details, so keep reading! A lot of people have been asking for details on my plan to open up a bunch of partner dropshipping stores in November and want to know how to apply to take part. As a lot of you know I recently sold one of my dropship stores for $60,000 and realized that the easiest path to becoming a millionaire would be to open a bunch of stores with the sole intention of selling them. But the truth is, it's a lot of work and I can't do it on my own without a team.

The easiest way for me to create multiple new stores would be for me to just to hire a bunch of interns or assistants, but I think it'll actually be a lot more fun and profitable to partner with a bunch of people and create a dropshipping camp instead where we split the profits. If you're interested in creating a bunch of stores with me, keep reading to find out the details and how to apply.

Why Dropshipping?

There are a bunch of different ways to make money online but ecommerce and drop shipping in particular are by far the most straightforward. We can build and test each store for less than $300 and can earn money each and every month while we optimize them for more sales and wait for them to be real to sell for 27X monthly profits like I did when I sold my first dropshipping store for $60,000. 

If you do the math, running that store for a year and a half made me around $40,000 in profit which was about $2,200 per month on average which was great. But the real benefit was being able to establish a track record showing how profitable the store is so when it was time to list for sale, the new buyer could see exactly how much money it's worth. 

I call it double dipping. Not only are you making money each and every month while you are running the store, but when you sell it, you get a massive pay out. This one store that I started for less than $300 has made me over $100,000 in profit all together if you count the profit I made each month from running it along with the lump sum from selling it. By opening 10 stores using this double dipping formula it'll essentially be worth $1 million dollars. This is how you make a million dollars dropshipping. 

The Master Plan

By September 30th 2016  I'm going to select between 5 to 10 people to partner and start new stores with. That'll give you a month to figure out your plans and hopefully we'll all meet in Chiang Mai, Thailand to cowork and bootstrap these new stores together. The goal is to work together from November 1st and get the store up and running and profitable within 8 weeks which I know is possible as I've done it multiple times before. 

I'll be in Chiang Mai from October 27th  - Feb 5th so we'll have plenty of time to get the first store profitable, optimized and automated. The goal would be to open a minimum of one store per person which the goal of opening multiple sites so we can flip them for the big pay day. The goal is to build, optimize, sell then repeat. 

The reason why we're meeting in person in Chiang Mai is because it's the ultimate destination to bootstrap a new business. The costs of living are super low, there is a great nomad community we can plug into and network with and the weather there is fantastic from Nov-Feb and it's my favorite time of the year to be there. If you want to know more about the costs of living and about moving to Chiang Mai read this post. 

How to Apply

I'll officially open applications on September 22nd (open now as of September 19th) but wanted to announce this post now to help you prepare and let you know what i'll be looking for in partners. 

The most important attribute i'll be looking for in anyone I work with is if that person is a self-starter or not.  I'm announcing this two months before applications open because I don't want anyone to have an excuse on why they don't qualify. My goal is to select people who don't need my help to get started, they simply want it to scale up and take it to the next level.

That being said, I'm only going to select people who have already proven it to themselves first, and will give priority to applications who have at least made their first sale. You don't need to be a master dropshipper or even hugely profitable yet. You just need to show that you can follow directions and take personal responsibility to start on your own without anyone holding your hand. You can either be self taught and have figured it out on your own or be a part of Anton's dropshipping course which is how I learned how to start my stores. Depending on the number of applicants, I will be giving priority to people who are part of Anton's course as we'll be following the same set of guidelines, making it easier to start straight away without needing to explain things to do you first. But either way, this is a race to $1million dollars and not a beginners bootcamp on how to get started. Don't wait around to get started and let opportunities pass you by. 

Partner Requirements

This isn't a drop shipping internship where we spend 8 weeks on the basics, this is a partnership where we'll spend 8 weeks creating, scaling and optimizing stores that will make us hundreds of thousands of dollars. The reason why I am giving priority to people who have made their first sale is because it demonstrates that they are ready to join the big leagues. 

I hate wasting time and repeating myself, but I love taking things to the next level which is why I am so thankful that we have Anton who has taken the time to create a course that teaches people who are just getting started the basics from what dropshipping is, how to find a niche and get approved by suppliers. My talents are how to create new stores in different niches, optimizing each store to increase sales and profit and automating the stores to make them into semi-passive income streams and preparing them for sale.

If you can demonstrate that you can follow directions and get started on your own regardless if you end up partnering with me or not, I guarantee that you'll be better off than where you are today and that you'll have the best chance of being accepted into the partner store program. I'll announce more details in September but do yourself a favor and get started ASAP. Even if you can't come to Chiang Mai or end up wanting to just do it on your own, you'll be glad you did. To help get you started, here is a downloadable PDF of everything I use to start and run my dropshipping stores with discount coupons and links.

Partnership Details

Depending on the number of qualified applicants, there will be between 5 and maximum 10 partners participating in this program. Our goal is to build multiple dropshipping stores together with the intention of running them profitably and then selling them for 18-30x profit once matured.

Each partner will be responsible for uploading products, calling suppliers, and the day to day tasks of running the business. What I will bring to the table is my experience and guidance with making sure we get into a good niche, helping make sure we can get approved by suppliers, making sure our store gets enough traffic, having that traffic convert into sales, and then optimizing our store to be profitable and most importantly being able to be sold for a high multiple after 6-12 months. I'm also here to help if you ever get stuck.

Since you will be responsible for the day to day business and since the advertising expenses and order fulfillment will go on your credit card, not only will you be able to keep all of the reward points, but also you'll keep 75% of the profits from the business. If at any point we realize you need more assistance like having me call suppliers on your behalf or need to use my cards to pay for advertising or fulfill orders we can then switch to a 50/50 partnership or potentially cancel the agreement and you'll get to keep 100% of the store for yourself. There will be other small details and questions that I'm sure you have, but don't worry about them for now, if you're interested, apply below and if you're accepted, we can work out the details later.

My goal is to use my time to help solve the high level problems and big picture tasks instead of dealing with small day to day ones which will allow me to take on between 5-10 partners at once. You can be sure that I'll want our store to be a success as I'll have a vested interest in making it happen. As a part of this intimate group you'll also have access to each other's help as we'll be openly helping each other with each other's stores. Only high level, experienced and proven dropshipping business owners will be allowed into the partnership so don't worry about wasting your time with people just starting out. To apply to be one of the partners, scroll down and click the link to apply!

Applications are now open for the Dropshipping Partner Program!

Goal Timeline

Here's what I would set as a goal timeline if I was reading this post. I know it's 100% possible because I've done it myself in the same amount of time and know hundreds of others who have done it as well. Here's the timeline you can can commit to. 

By Today (originally posted June 21st 2016) - Start your own dropshipping store by yourself and get started right now.

By August 21st - Celebrate making your first sale!

By September 18th - Have your first taste of financial freedom by having you first month of sales!

On September 19nd - Apply for the partnership with me in Chiang Mai knowing you'll have a super high chance of getting in!   

By September 30th - Check your email to see if you've been accepted. If you don't get an email and still want to come, you may not yet be eligible for the partnership but don't let that stop you from coming to Chiang Mai! We'll still have weekly meetups open to everyone and you can communicate with other nomads through the Travel Like a Boss Army Group.

On October 20th - Use the money you earned from running your dropshipping store to attend the member's only Dropship Lifestyle Retreat in Hawaii.

On November 1st - Move to Chiang Mai and start the partner program with myself and others!

By December 31st - Celebrate New Year's Eve with us somewhere in SE Asia, maybe even a tropical island, knowing that our new store is up and running and we've made our first sale.

By January 31 - We'll have the store making consistent sales, automated and you can start a second store with me or on your own. 

On February 3rd - Attend the 2017 Nomad Summit in Chiang Mai!

Overall Thoughts

This isn't going to be easy. Starting a dropshipping store is exactly the same as starting any real business whether it be a restaurant, coffee shop or retail store. The difference however is being able to bootstrap by living in cheap places like Chiang Mai with warm weather year round, low costs of living and an amazing nomad scene which you'll be plugged into.

Once you arrive you can either live on your own or live in a nomad house with the other dropshippers. Don't worry about any of the details, as I'll help you plan the trip and you'll have access to both my intern and my VA.

This is going to be an amazing experience where you'll get to live, work and hang out with other successful entrepreneurs and dropship store owners in beautiful Chiang Mai, Thailand which Forbes just wrote an article about mentioning why Chiang Mai is so incredible. Don't miss out and don't put off your success any longer. Get started today, leave a comment below and commit to reaching your goals and joining the dropshipping partner program with me!

Update: Applications are now open from today until Friday Midnight Sept 23rd, 2016.


Q: What about my existing stores? Do you get a cut of those?
A: Nope, I'm only getting a % of the new stores we build together. But i'm sure you'll be able to use the knowledge you'll gain from this partnership to grow the profits of your other stores.

Q: What about future stores?
A: You'll have the option to partner with me again, or start the new stores on your own.

Q: What about confidentiality?
A: Everyone who's accepted into the program will be required to sign a nondisclosure and noncompete agreement.

Q: Will we have to setup a new LLC?
A. I'm all about keeping things as simple as possible and everything will be done on the honor system with you having the leverage and ownership.

Q: What is the living situation in Chiang Mai?
A: The chosen applicants will be added to a private facebook group where we can figure out rooms, visas, travel, etc together. You'll have the option to rent your own apartment or rent one big house with the other members and cowork and live together.

Q: What about everything else?
A: Don't over think it. Apply first to see if you even get in, and we'll figure out the details together afterwards.

Hope to see you there!

Johnny FD

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  1. Replies
    1. I think it will be! I'm just as excited for it as everyone else!

  2. Awesome Idea! I've been following you since ABCs of Attraction. Would definitely be interested in meeting and working with you!

    My store has 50 sales so far but it's very inconsistent. I feel like I'm missing a key component or two. Even if I don't end up being mentored by you, I'm definitely going to Thailand this year and will at least introduce myself as I've followed your journey for years now. Congrats on your success so far Johnny!

    1. Hey John, wow that was like 2006! Long time ago buddy! I'm glad you're following the journey! Congrats on making your first 50 sales. Someone like you is a perfect canidate for me to want to start a new store with as it sounds like you just need some expert guidance on how to tweak some things to make it consistent and more profitable. You should definitely plan on coming out to Thailand in November either way!

  3. Hey Johnny,

    I'm beyond exited for this opportunity!!!

    I am going to work my butt off on my existing site until september. I hope we get to work together on my dropshipping stores in the future!

    Thank you!

    1. Hey Daniel, keep putting in the work on your stores and let me know how it goes!

  4. This is really cool. I'm actually working out of Punspace right now and am in Chiang Mai for a couple more weeks. Wife and I are even talking about coming back in the not so distant future. Would love to take this challenge on! :)

    1. Hey Drew, how are you liking Chiang Mai and PunSpace so far? It's awesome right!

    2. Hey Johnny! Love it! So much so that we're talking about staying for a much longer time than we originally anticipated. Overall, the vibe, the people, the food, and the scenery have all been fantastic. I'm almost sad we're headed to Bali next. :)

  5. Hey Johnny,

    I was already headed to Thailand Sep 1st with the goal of learning from experienced digital nomads. This is exactly what I'm looking for. I'll be in touch! :)

    - Robert O'Kruk

    1. Hey Robert, glad you're already planning to go to Thailand! Hope to see you out there!

  6. Sweet!!

    Very excited about this great opportunity. Looking forward to meeting you in person and joining the team!

    Julian G

    1. Hey Julian, looking forward to meeting you as well!

  7. Can't wait to apply!
    We will be out there the beginning of September and can't think of a better way to really learn the ins and outs of this business!

  8. Sounds awesome Johnny!
    I know I'll be ready to apply in september and regardless of the outcome I'm looking forward to life in Chiang Mai surrounded by motivated people. You've helped me onto this path, so keen to make it real! Catchya soon!
    Jake Bracey

    1. Looking forward to it Jake! Best of luck with your business and see you in Chiang Mai!

  9. Love this post man, You're such an inspiration to me and many others i'm sure! Started my store last month, I have just passed my month date and I have just started scaling - I feel like I have only just scratched the surface of my own potential with direction from cats like you - Can only imagine what sort of things I will be capable of if I had the chance to partner with you. I was planning on moving to Chiang Mai next year, but who knows, maybe destiny calls for me to be there sooner

    1. Nice Rich! Keep up the good work and let me know how it turns out!

  10. Awesome ! This is really a golden, unique opportunity.

    I am already in Chiang Mai working on my very first Dropshipping store. I will definitely apply in september and i look forward meeting you when you are back here in Chiang Mai and ill work super hard to make it happen, to be part of the team !

    Have a great time there in Europe Johnny, i am from Holland, i am sure you will like Amsterdam and the rest of Holland :)

    Hans Brinkman

    1. Hey Hans, hope you're enjoying Chiang Mai! Looking forward to meeting you out in CM when I get there! Best of luck with your store! If you aren't already, think about opening yours in Holland as I know people have been easily successful there.

    2. Thank you for your reply Johnny ! Yes, you are right, i should also open up a store in Holland.

      I will also check out your new course:

  11. I'm really excited to apply Johnny, and hopefully be selected for the team. I am a member of Anton's drop shipping course and will be launching my store in the next couple of weeks. The opportunity to partner with you has me real fired me up to get my sales cranking before I apply. My wife and I were planning to move to Chiang Mai at the end of December but here's hoping I having a reason to move in November instead. Enjoy the rest of your time in Europe and hope to see you soon in Chaing Mai.

    1. Hey awesome Scott! Sounds like you're on the right track already! Get through the course and start making sales buddy!

  12. Hey Johnny,

    Sounds great! I seem to have the same issue as a couple of others - my site seems to do well for periods, then nothing! Pretty sure there's some simple component I'm missing!

    Maybe I'll be one of the lucky followers that gets to join you in Chiang Mai!



    1. Hey Alex, best of luck optimizing your site for more sales! I'm a big diving fan.

    2. Lol! Yes, I knew you were! I first found your info from a mutual friend and my neighbour, Nat, from Scuba J! Chances are we've bumped into each other at some point while you were here on Tao!

      Thanks tho!

  13. Great stuff Johnny! I'll be tossing my name in the hate on Aug 22nd. The article also states Sept 22nd. I think this is a typo but I will be applying both days!

    PS. Already have a few stores up and running!


  14. Hey oops it opens Sept 22nd, 2016! Keep up the good work with your stores!

  15. This is awesome news, Johnny! It's crazy to hear how many people are headed out to Chiang Mai this year! I'm stoked, as I've been planning to head out there too! My first store launches next week, and I'm interested in applying as well! Thanks again, and I hope to see you all out there!

  16. I had already planned on trying to get out there by November, but this is all the motivation I need to step up my game. Thanks for all that you do to keep us 'little guys' motivated.

  17. Well, funny how things happen, I had booked to go to Chiang Mai on Sept 22nd attempt to meet some of you at PunSpace, and am skyping this morning with the intention of opening a store, and now I read this. I guess it is meant to be. Unfortunately I can only have a week up there but I hope it is enough to help me make the decision to move there in 2017. Pete.

  18. Hey Johnny,

    An opportunity like this is hard to pass up, I think it's time to roll up my sleeves and crack on. It's time to say goodbye to my investment banking job.

    Kind Regards, Jonathan

  19. Johnny,

    Great stuff here. It actually got me into the launching stage of my e-store of a cool niche that I am in. I am actually debating between (focusing on sales or bundles it up so it a recurring bundles deal)

    However, I want to say thank you for giving us the blueprint and framework on what needs to be done between now and the goallines or as I would like to called it dreamlining it.

    I look forward to growing my $185 to gaining entry into the 100k club and the 2 coma clubs by providing a great site and experiences for my clients. and selling it for a big check as an exit strategy to finance my mini- retirements and trips.

    Thanks for all the exceptional information and transparency.

    Cheers mate!

    @StartupConsultant on Instagram

  20. Johnny, super interested in collaborating. Where can I find more information on the Hawaii retreat? Thanks

    1. Hey Matos, the Hawaii retreat is a private retreat for member's of Anton's course only ( This year it's on Kona, Hawaii and is from October 20th - 23rd. There is more information about it in the member forums of his course.

  21. Awwww yiss!!
    This is awesome Johnny! So excited to do this!

    I already do FBA successfully and am working on an affiliate site...
    But I will start a dropshipping store tomorrow so I can qualify.

    I'll be in Las Palmas starting September but I'd loooove to live in Chiang Mai!

    Thanks for everything you do bro,


    1. Awesome Raphael! Congrats on your success so far, best of luck with your new dropshipping store!

    2. Thanks Johnny!

      Do you think you will have made your decisions by October 1st?
      That will help to give my landlord 30 days notice if accepted.

    3. Yup for sure! I'll have the announcements before Oct 1st.

  22. Hello Johnny!

    That sounds amazing!
    I am very excited to apply and I am accepting the challenge!! It would be great to be able to help you build those stores and get connected with other nomads!
    I am a member of Anton’s Drop Shipping Course thanks to you and your podcast. I am following you since the beginning of the year and I have learned so much!
    Me and my wife have eBay dropshipping business again thanks to you and David Vu’s Udemy course.
    After reading your email about partnership/internship I have got pumped up and set up new goals in my calendar. My wife and I were planning to move to Chiang Mai within next few months but right we have adjusted our goals which are now exactly as you have suggested!

    I have started thread on the Fast Business Forum with our journey to stay motivated and be able to help and support others.

    I hope we will move in November!

    Have a great time in Europe. I saw that you were Kayaking in ELK. I hope that it was enjoyable and I was just wondering whether it was thanks to my recommendation on Invest Like a Boss Army FB group! ;)
    I hope to see you soon in Chaing Mai.

    Congrats Johnny!

    1. Hey Jacek, really glad to hear from you and hear you're making the move to Chiang Mai! I'm glad you and your wife are doing well with sales! Thanks for the suggestion about Ełk, it helped convince us to go there after a friend invited us. I'll reply to you more inside the private member forums of Anton's course.

    2. Hi Johnny,
      Thanks mate! I am glad that i could help!
      No worries. Take your time. See you inside private member forum.

  23. I hope there is a next one for this program, not going to be ready in time for this but definitely will be ready for the next one if there is going to be one :)

  24. Hey Johnny!

    I am Vlad from Ukraine, and I just missed an opportunity to meet you in my country.
    Already for couple of years, I am following you and you motivated me to create my own blog:
    Right now, after you created this internship and the fact, that you just visited my country - I feel incredibly cool and it seems for me as a great sign!
    I will try my best to be a part of it, and finally to get in Chiang Mai for personal meeting with you and cooperation!

    Best regards,

  25. Hey Jonny!

    Love this idea, it might be exactly what I need ;)

    I've had my one store for almost 2 years, it's bringing consistent sales and opened a second one which is kind of meh.

    At this point I feel a little stuck and looking for ways to level up. Partnering up to flip a couple stores sounds interesting. Looking forward to apply!

    I think I'm gonna change my return ticket from Hawaii and fly directly to Thailand from there :)

    1. Nice! Sounds good and looking forward to meeting you!

  26. Hi Johnny, I arrive in CM on Sept 26th and am very keen to meet up with you and a few DN's and discuss CM, my online business (including dropshipping)and a future in Thailand. Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks heaps, hope to hear from you soon. Pete.

  27. Hey Johnny,

    Rob here (IG Account Rob.Life.Visuals), I see that the list is now open for application a bit early! This sounds so incredibly good and couldn't be better timing for me. I Just moved out to Chiang Mai and have been loving it.

    I already have one store that has over 80 sales, but am not too happy with the sales, and the niche. So with that being said, I have built up another store in less than a week. My goal was to have it up with test products prior to the 22nd for the Application start date (when starting on the 16th) and so far, I am almost there. Looking forward to possibly meeting you and applying to this opportunity. Very interested to see how this new niche goes, much higher ticket price which can alter everything on a dropshipping niche. We shall see. Video and survey being submitted today hopefully!


    1. Hey awesome Rob, glad you're enjoying life out in Chiang Mai! Congrats on the first store getting 80 sales! That's awesome and I'm sure it just needs some small tweeks.

      Looking forward to seeing your application!

    2. Submitted!

      Cheers Johnny,

  28. Good luck to the people submitting and even more luck to you with all the applications you'll have to go through Johnny hahaha. I'm sure it's going to be a lot of work to weed out the suspects and prospects, but man once you get up and running and a good system down, you're going to be kicking some major ass! :)

    1. Everything worth it in life requires some hard work and dedication!

  29. Hey Johnny, for those of us who are not able to be mentored by you in person. Would the closest be your OLAB course?

    1. Hey Dexter, if you're already making sales on your store then yes, sign up for for

      If you haven't started making sales yet, you'll first want to sign up for

      Best of luck Dex!

  30. I'm not going to be in Chiang Mai until closer to December so looks like I'm going to miss the amazing opportunity. Any plans of repeating this program next year? My wife and I are moving to Chiang Mai permanently and I would be excited to have the chance to work with such a successful entrepreneur.


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