Ebay Success: Chris from Australia (David Vu's course)

If you've been following my blog or have listened to my podcast, you'll know that one of the ways I suggest people get started in online business is to do something simple like arbitrage ebay by e-dropshipping from retail stores. It's not a long term business model, and unless you're willing to manage a big team of VA's, it might not even be something you'll continue doing after your initial few months. The upsides are that it's probably the easiest online business to start, doesn't cost much investment to do so, and the fact that you can do it from anywhere in the world, including while traveling through Thailand like Chris has been doing.

I also recomend it is because it's cheap to get started, doesn't require you building a website, and it allows you to learn some basic ecommerce skills while building your bankroll. But even more important than that it, it allows you to build your confidence to start a real online business afterwards, whether it be dropshipping, amazon fba, or something else. After getting this message from Chris B. from Australia explaining his story on how he found the podcast, and how he decided to take my advice and start with David's course, I knew I had to share it. He explains the pros and cons of what he's experienced so far and what he plans on doing next.

Why I'm Sharing This

My goal has always been to share both my journey as left breadcrumbs for what has worked for me along the way so others can follow along. Starting with my first book, 12 Weeks in Thailand: The Good Life on the Cheap and the fight camp blog that went along with it I wanted to share how I was able to figure out quitting my job, moving to Thailand, and being able to train Muay Thai full time on a budget.

Now with this blog and my podcasts, the goal has been to share what has worked for me in both business and travel so others can follow along and hopefully do the same. What's really cool about hearing Chris' story is how similar both our lives have been even though i'm from the U.S. and he's from Australia. We both fell in love with Thailand and came here to train Muay Thai and even trained at the same gyms including Phuket Top Team and Tiger Muay Thai. It makes me wonder how many others are on a similar journey where they wish they could move to a place like Thailand to pursue their passion whether it's Muay Thai, MMA, BJJ, Scuba Diving or something else, and just want to find a real way to make money online so they can continue living here.

Keep reading for the message Chris sent me through my facebook page, I love messages like this so keep them coming!

Chris on the left, Johnny on the right

A Message from Chris

"Hey Johnny , A little bit about myself - I been going to thailand for 6 years and love training muay thai and just pretty much everything about thailand , I fell in love with the country 1st time i went . I've always been looking at ways to make money online so i could one day move over there , but my biggest mistake was googling how to make money online ๐Ÿ˜ž  So many scams bullshit threads and miss information i had to go thru for years until one day i stumbled across your podcast with david vu's ebay course ..

I started listening to your podcast from the beginning and was amazed at how honest you were about making money online and all the things you recomend were legit because of your such a genuine honest guy .. I listened over the last 3 months every day from the 1st podcast to the current one now i was obsessed and took so many notes and was really great to hear you point everyone in the right direction ... 2 months ago i started david vu's ebay course because i felt obliged to because this was how i found you in the 1st place , since the last 60 days ive worked every little bit of spare time i have had building my store and working my current job , the last 60 days i have had $17,880 in sales and made about $1,890 profit , im so pumped because im doing this in Australia.

One thing don't like about ebay like you said in your podcast's is the control you and treat you like a baby, now they are holding all my payments for 21 days and my credit card is nearly maxed so this is kind of a pain , i just come back from thailand last week but was in pattaya yes I know ๐Ÿ™‚ Pattaya haha but i have many friends there a strong network because i been going there for years , my plan was as soon as i get back to free up some room on my credit card and start antons course thru you link asap .

this is the real course i want to do because i think its the better model , davids course was great for me because i was just getting started so its given me motivation to go big now and do antons and hopefully build my store for a few months and move out to chaing mai and work at punspace , i brought all 5 courses on udemy you recommended on black friday a few weeks back , but i am really excited to start antons course asap.

Sorry if i wrote to much but just really wanted u to hear my story because i've herd u talk about guys that msg u with no story background and ask stupid questions , any johnny from the bottom of my heart i really appreciate all your podcast and the voice u give about online business , you have changed my life and outlook , thank you again and hope to see u around chaing mai mid year thanks mate!!!" - Chris B. Australia

Here's the original review I wrote on my blog

Why Start with Ebay

I honestly kind of hate both ebay and paypal. But it's more of a love/hate relationship than anything else.  I love it because they already have a relatively simple to use platform that doesn't require much money to start with. You don't have to pay for ads as they already have buyers, and you don't have to build a website as it's all built into ebay's product listing pages. Also with paypal it's pretty simple as most people already have an account.

However, it also sucks because you are at their control and at anytime they can limit your account for no reason, or even simply because you start making a lot of money which sounds a bit ridiculous. My best advice is to skip both entirely if you already have some business knowledge, can make a basic website, and have a few thousand dollars in the bank to do something like Anton's course straight away. But if you're broke, unsure, or don't have a lot of online business experience, starting with David Vu's course is a great way to build up both some cash in the bank so you can afford to start a real business down the road, but more importantly, those first few sales and the first thousand dollars you bring in really builds your entrepreneurial confidence which is why I recomend it.

There is no such thing as a business model that doesn't require hard work to setup, nothing in life worth having comes easy. But I'm glad things like this are within reach of just about anyone regardless of what country you're from or where you are in your journey.

Best of luck to everyone starting yours, and huge congrats to Chris for his success so far. I'm sure this is just the start for him! If you haven't already, listen to this interview with David himself! 

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD

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  1. I currently live in the US but will be living in Saigon at the end of the month. Is taking David's course worth it if I'm not living in the United States?

    1. Hey Reggie, yup you can do it from anywhere in the world.

  2. I wish I could travel as well. thank you for sharing


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