EcommCon 2017: Russell Brunson, Ezra Firestone, Trevor Chapman, J Keitsu, Plus 50 More Ecommerce and Dropshipping Experts

It's insane how big ecommerce has gotten in the past few years with entrepreneurs making millions of dollars from running stores built on ready to use platforms such as Shopify and Clickfunnels. With the easy marketing scalability of things like facebook ads, retargeting pixels, and traffic hacks being shared online, it's never been this straightforward and possible to go from zero to having a million dollar business or even making millions in profit from an online store. Personally, the most I ever made was $250,000 in profit from my own ecommerce and dropshipping stores, but I did it while traveling full time as a digital nomad. Maybe I was smart to have truly enjoyed a location independent lifestyle for the past 4 years, working from coffee shops and coworking spaces near the beach. Or maybe I was an idiot for passing up on building an 8 figure company. ($10 million dollars or more)

Either way, the good news is that it's not too late, and I've been honored to be able to participate in the 2017 EcommCon virtual ecommerce summit. Speaking at the event will be some huge names like Russell Brunson, Ezra Firestone, Trevor Chapman, as well as a ton of people who are either up and coming or that you've never heard of that are making over a million a year in online sales from their business. In this post I'm going to share with you everything you need to know about EcommCon, who's talks you should definitely check out, and how you can get free tickets to the event and what not to miss out on.

When is EcommCon:

Starts: Thursday, September 21nd, 2017
Ends: Saturday, September 30th, 2017

What is EcommCon:

Where is EcommCon:

It is a virtual live stream conference that you can watch from home. 

How to Sign Up:

Get your tickets by signing up at EcommCon 2017.

Why are Tickets Free?

Live stream tickets are free, but the hosts know that most people will either miss the scheduled time or want to rewatch the best talks and want to pay the $197 for an all access pass that includes unlimited replaying of videos. 

That being said, if you want to get it all for free, sign up for a free EcommCon ticket, put it in your calendar so you don't miss the live streams, and you'll get a ton of value for free and never have to buy the full priced tickets.

What to Expect?

You'll get talks from ecommerce and dropshipping experts such as Cameron Manwaring who will talk about creating content that is shareable and gets viral traction which equals, free traffic!

Plus more from:

  • James Clarke
  • James Harrison
  • Russell Brunson
  • Ryan Davies
  • Cameron Manwaring
  • Trevor Chapman
  • Ezra Firestone
  • Bob McNulty
  • Daniel Parker
  • John Hutchinson
  • Randy Garn
  • Alison Prince
  • Jon Tucker
  • Rachel Pedersen
  • Steve Tan
  • James Beattie
  • Justin Ligeri
  • Dimitris Skiadis
  • Beck Power
  • Dave Lindenbaum
  • Trey Lewellen
  • Ryan Michler
  • Josue Peña
  • Chris Reiff
  • Ryan M. 
  • Tyler M.
  • Kevin Anson
  • Dan Henry
  • Nick Peroni
  • Robert V. Nava
  • Ben Malol
  • Kiril Kirilov
  • Frank Keeney
  • Byron Galan
  • Brandon Doyle
  • Jake Anderson
  • Jordan Gal
  • Wade Millward
  • Dana Derricks
  • Frederic Scheffer
  • Bryan Bowman
  • Jordan Hyde
  • Denny Santoso
  • S.K. Anderson
  • Yev Marusenko
  • Syed Sarim
  • Ulyses Osuna
  • Ben & Katie Richardson
  • Juan Pablo Silvera
  • Brian Burt
  • Garth Vader
  • Bradley Long
  • Harry Steel
  • Arthur Tubman
  • Nathan Resnick
  • Charlie Estes
  • David Wang
  • J Keitsu
  • Aristide Basque
  • Derk Cheetwood
  • Jim Edwards
  • Lawrence Aponte
  • Scott Snyder
  • Alexandr Fedotov
  • Johnny FD
  • Kevin Rizer
  • Muhammad Saqib

My Favorite Speakers:

I think the coolest thing about giant virtual summits like this is the fact that there is such a diversity of topics and talks that you can find something that really suits what you're looking for. Knowing that it'll be pretty much impossible for most people to watch all 50 talks live, the founders of EcommCon will definitely end up selling a ton of their $197 tickets for people to watch replays for either the talks they missed but really wanted to see, or the ones that they didn't even realize were going to be good but later heard were amazing and full of value.

But here is a list of the ones I'm personally really excited to see for myself and learn from. Hopefully I can take some of this knowledge and turn my next ecommerce store from a lovely $100,00 a year business to a $10,000,000 a year business like some of these guys like:

Russell Brunson, founder of ClickFunnels.

Trevor Chapman who started and sold a Ecommerce Brand for $10 Million Dollars in Less than a Year!

Ezra Firestone who made $10 Million Dollars selling things like face cream with video ads.

Bob McNulty who build and sold for $220 Million Dollars!

Alison Prince who does over $10 Million in Ecommerce sales through just non-paid, organic traffic!

J Keitsu who is one of the biggest up and comers in dropshipping and the founder of Dropship Legacy and will be talking about ways to diversify traffic sources.

Johnny FD of course =), my talk will be on starting and running ecommerce stores while traveling and being location independent.

Here's what I'll be teaching during my presentation at EcommCon and more info about the event!

Hope to see you at the 2017 EcommCon, don't forget to register to get your free ticket. 

Who else have I missed? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, Johnny! I'm going to check this out and attend and learn a lot!

    Definitely appreciated. I would feel awful if I found out about it after it happened, as happens sometimes.

    1. Happy to give you up the heads up! Share the blog post and spread the word!

  2. Replies
    1. They've asked Anton to speak at the event but I think he was too busy.

  3. This is definitely something not to be missed!


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