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I never thought I'd do this. But I've created my own Dropshipping's 100% for free. I know that could have made a lot of money making a paid course and selling it for a few hundred or even a thousand dollars, but honestly, Anton's course which already exists is so good, so in depth, that there would be no way mine would be better. Plus I would feel bad taking away business from the guy that I learned everything from, it just wouldn't be fair. That's why I always just recomend and push people towards his.  However, I also understand that a lot of people don't have $1,500 to invest into a course, and end up going another route while leads them down a scammy path which gives dropshipping a bad name and often just doesn't even work or is taught by people who have never even ran a successful ecommerce store themselves.

That's why I've decided to make a 12 step course with all of my experience over the past seven years starting multiple successful stores and putting it all out there for you to enjoy for free. My hope is that for those who can afford a paid training, or need the hand holding and coaching will go through Anton's route, but for those who just need the recipe, a bit of an outline, the steps and will figure the rest out of it out themselves, my free course will do just that. I'll give you my sourdough bread recipe, but it'll be up to you to knead the bread in a sense. Keep reading to learn more, see the entire outline of the course, and watch the first module here on the blog to get started with your dropshipping store.

Why Dropshipping?

Aside from my kindle book, 12 Weeks in Thailand which made me around $200 a month when I first got started with online business in 2013, starting a dropshipping store was my first and only real source of income that allowed me to live aboard and travel for so many years.

I had heard about plenty of other business models including selling on Amazon, Web Design, Coding, App Making, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, you name it, but honestly, none of that seems very tangible to me. I wanted to sell physical products, andI wanted to build a real business. That's when I first met Anton and signed up for his dropshipping course. You can watch Anton's free webinar here to get an overview on what dropshipping is, and more importantly, what Anton's method of high ticket dropshipping is and how it differs from all of the other so called dropshippers that you'll likely hear about who primary sell cheap products from Aliexpress, China, and from online retail stores like Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon and others.

The long story short is that there are two ways to dropship, one is by building a legitimate, real business that adds value to the world. While the other is really just Aliexpress or Amazon arbitrage but has sadly become more popular as that's what all the people who were too cheap or lazy to take a course like Anton's started doing and teaching each other in Bali these past couple of years. A recent article in Wired Magazine talking about "Get Rich Dropshipping" in Bali what was what forced me to make the "You Have No idea What Dropshipping Is" video below, watch this if you haven't already.


Why a Free Course?

After reading all of the insane comments on the video above, I realized that even though the solution to ending all of the scammy, crappy dropshipping sites out there would be for everyone to do it and learn the right way by taking Anton's DSL course, I also realize that many people either aren't able, or willing to invest $1,500 into an online course, even if what they'll learn in it will pay them back 10x over the next year or two, while saving them a lot of time, headache and money at the end of the day.

That being said, I decided that I can't just be angry at people for not doing things the correct way if I don't give them an accessible option that everyone can afford. That's why I decided to create My 100% Free Dropshipping Course. All you have to do is enter your email address and you'll automatically get sent a new video module each day for the next 12 days or so until the program is complete. You'll also get an invite to the private facebook group for course members as there you'll be able to ask each other and myself questions.

I won't have the time or energy to answer everyone's questions individually, especially since it's a free course, but I will try to clarify common questions in future videos for everyone as well as jump in once in a while to help +1 or answer questions myself in the group. If you're someone who wants personal coaching or the store designed and built for you, then sign up for Anton's course above. But if you want to go the do it yourself route, sign up for my free course.  Watch the first video here to get an idea of what'll be inside.

My Course Outline:

My goal is to give everyone a recipe that works, and give you the 12 steps to create a successful and profitable dropshipping store the right way. Here is a quick outline of what modules are inside the course and the order of videos you'll receive when you sign up.

  1. Overview, What is Dropshipping, Why this is Free, Who this is For, etc. 
  2. FAQ, common questions everyone has when first starting. 
  3. Niche and Product Selection - What the difference is between a Niche and Product. How you will differentiate or be better than your competition. Examples.
  4. How to find and get approved by suppliers. Aliexpress vs. Dropship Programs vs. Wholesalers, and how to get approved Direct from the Manufacturer. 
  5. Finding a Great Store Name and Short two word URL/Domain name. 
  6. How to create a Shopify store, About Us, Contact Us page, Choose a Theme, Upload Products.
  7. Business Start up, Legal Structure and Taxes - LLC vs. Sole Prop, State Taxes, Legal Name,
  8. Calling vs. Emailing Suppliers - Tips and Tricks and What to Say Script + Rejected? Now what? How to follow up, things to do.
  9. Uploading Products, Pricing Questions, Shipping Questions, Inventory, On Page Optimization and Getting Reviews.
  10. How to Get Traffic to Your Site, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, IG ads, etc. 
  11. Scaling Up for Profitability - Retargeting Ads, SEO, More Products, etc. 
  12. How to Manage Your Store, Profit and Loss Statements, Accounting, and Selling Your Store.
  13. Accounting, Automation, Outsourcing, potentially selling store, etc and final questions. 

As you'll see, this course is easily worth $497 or more if I actually charged for it. But I really wanted to give everyone a solution that they could all afford and easily learn from without any obstacles. If you want to know the state of dropshipping in 2020 and why dropshipping isn't dead, and why it's actually the best business model currently still, watch this video below.

Share the Free Course!

Feel free to share this with your friends who are interested in dropshipping and want to do it the right way, and for free! Just give them the link or the direct email option link here.

Unfortunately sometimes Facebook and IG have a policy where they don't allow you to share email opt in forms so it may be a bit tricky to share these links, but you can just share this blog post with them instead as that'll be the easy workaround.  You can also subscribe to my Youtube channel as I'll be releasing all of the videos on there twice a week, but the email list gets you access to them right away and the invite to the private facebook group, so make sure you sign up even if it's a bit of effort as it won't always load the first time for everyone.

A few workarounds is to click the aweber link directly, as is a redirect that goes there. Or to remove the https:// portion. Either way, I apologize for not investing the time and money into making it a proper hosted website, but hey, this is what you get when something is free. Enjoy the course, it may be a bit of a hassle to share and to opt in, but once you're in, you'll be glad you signed up.

Sign up for my Free Dropshipping Course

Enjoy the free dropshipping course!

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD

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  1. Johnny, Thanks so much for doing this, its really a huge help to many people! Love that you have the time now in Sri Lanka and are in a semi-isolation mode and giving back to everyone.

    The life you built is inspiring and took insane courage.. its not easy for people to take the leap you did, and your story about almost going broke in Thailand is very raw and awesome.

    I saw your video on implementation at the original Nomad summit, and you've given me the mindset to JUST DO IT! I love that, I've been in a long analysis paralysis, and im breaking out with your course!!

    Wish I could have a drink in Sri Lanka with you.


    1. Happy to help inspire you Adam! Get it done!


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