Back in Ukraine (Kyiv, Kiev, Kharkiv) - June/July 2021

It's been so nice to be back in Ukraine, especially since I've finally gotten the keys to the apartments that I bought and have finally been able to move in...sort of at least. The last time I sat down to write a blog post, I was traveling in Turkey which is an experience I still think about today. My life, goals, and priorities have changed a lot in the recent months and years, and hopefully in this blog post, I'll be able to clarify both to all of you reading, but also to myself what my plans and ambitions are going forward, at least in the short term.

The biggest change has been my shift from completely minimalism and being a digital nomad who travels full time to wanting to settle down and own things again. For the first time in over a decade of being a full time traveler, I own more than a few few carry on pieces of luggage. It's honestly both a blessing and a curse, as I truly believe that our possessions end up owning us and buying more things doesn't always lead to more happiness. But at the same time there is a sense of fulfillment that you can't get any other way. Home ownership is both a blessing and a curse, and the costs and responsibilities are always way more than people realize, and already I'm falling for the comfort trap. But maybe, just maybe, it's exactly what I want and need right now in my life. 

Home Ownership Update

So the great news is that after months of paperwork, bureaucracy, escrow, bank transfers and other holdups, I've finally closed the deal on both apartments that I bought and now have the keys to the units. It was a strange feeling sleeping in my own home for the first time, and honestly, it still hasn't really kicked in yet. The place I have in Kyiv is still empty expect for a mattress on the floor. But luckily the apartment in Kharkiv came completely furnished and ready to move into. The previous owner was nice enough to even leave all of the utilities and internet active until I can switch it over to my name. 

The actual process of buying the Kharkiv unit was much easier as well, both because it was a simpler transaction since I bought it in cash direct from the owner, but also because I already had a lot of the tax id numbers, bank accounts open, and other paperwork completed from the first transaction. Not to mention it was about the cost of a new Toyota Avalon or 2021 Kia Telluride which made it an easy mental transaction on my part. This was the apartment that I had spent less time inside than I would have on a test drive of used car, which I know was a bit of a gamble, but I had a good feeling, and enough basic experience to know what I was getting into and the risks involved. Thankfully however, everything worked as expected, nothing was broken or needed replacing, and the condo was a dream to move into and sleep in for the past couple of nights. 

So far I've spent just around $150 buying bedding, pillows, towels, cups, plates, silverware, and other kitchen necessities such as a knife, cutting board, and a kettle. It could have easily been 2-3x that price, but luckily I've kept it in mind that this place will eventually be a rental unit and that everything I buy will get destroyed and will need to be replaced sooner than later. Luckily my friend Elena who's from Kharkiv told me about a place called POCT that sold everything I needed for an amazing price. I even ended up buying backups of things like 2 frying pans and 2 spatulas, extra glasses as I know they'll get broken or damaged by guests. I just wish there was an IKEA outside of Kiev as it's literally the only place in the country that sells fitted sheets aside the ones made from t-shirt jerseys. Here's the video of how I found this apartment and how I decided to buy it within 10 minutes of seeing the place. 

Income Updates

In general, I've been spending way more money than I've been earning these past couple of months. Even though the dropshipping stores that I helped start an am a partial owner of have been making over $90,000 in sales a month lately, my partners have decided to cut me out and not pay me my share. It's a shame as I know that if I had spent the same amount of time and energy starting my own new stores instead of helping the group start theirs, I would be 100% owner of that store today. I'm sure from their side they feel like they've done all of the grunt work, as they have, but I hope they don't forget how little they knew about the business before we spent 3 months together and how I valuable my experience was getting them from $0 in sales and no suppliers, to having a solid foundation to grow off of in addition to what they learned inside Anton's course

But luckily even though I haven't been getting paid from my ecommerce businesses, the investments I've made in the past 7 years have been paying off as the market has been on a bull run this past year. My biggest source of active income however, has been my Youtube Channel, and luckily the income for the month has picked up again. I've realized that my audience doesn't really care about daily life or even travel videos from Ukraine, so my plan is now to simply go somewhere every 2-3 months, film a bunch of content, then come back "home" and take my time to slowly edit and publish them. 

I would love to grow my Youtube income to be enough to pay for all of my bills but also have enough left over to invest and grow, but for now, if I can keep it around the $2k a month range, I'd be more than happy as a I genuinely enjoy making videos as both a creative outlet, hobby, and also as a way to create lasting memories and share them with the world. If it wasn't for the $1,000 I've still been sending my parents each month, that $2k would have been enough to live off of here in Ukraine, especially since I now own my own apartment. 

Online Business Success

I know this is a lot shorter than my usual month end blog posts and reports, but as you've probably noticed, my priorities have laid elsewhere these past few months. If I was still driven and motivated to start and run businesses, network with other digital nomads and travel full time, I'd probably be in Lisbon or Bansko right now instead of Kharkiv. 

But even then, I'm so glad and grateful for the 7 years of knowledge and experience that I've helped share through my blog, podcasts, and live events as it's helped so many others succeed as much or even more than I have. It's crazy to think about this, but just this past month, I had two people contact me telling me that they've sold their business for over $1 Million dollars each. The first guy even paid for a coaching call just to get me on the phone to tell me the news. The second girl emailed me telling me that she also sold her ecommerce business for a similar amount. It's amazing to know that what I've shared and helped create has made these two digital nomads US Dollar millionaires with their online business. It's also nice to hear that both an Amazon FBA business as well as a Dropshipping Hybird business sold for that much money in 2021. So for everyone who keeps asking if it's too late, it's definitely not. 

Below is the email from Elaine who wrote in telling me about her success, and below that is the aftermovie video from the event that the first guy was at where he got inspired to get into ecommerce. I don't know if it was one of these two or someone else that has been anonymously depositing Bitcoin into the my account, but whoever it is, thank you and keep it coming! 
BTC Address: 3Q33TfnjDG82LbhWhBkTQA6yyM1uG3Dv7U

Final Thoughts and Future Plans

Even though I've always been an open book and have shared my thoughts, experiences and successes publicly these past 10+ years, I've decided that it's about time that I stopped, or at least cut back significantly and only share the non personal parts of my life. 

It's a shame as my drive to openly share what I've learned, messed up on, or am currently excited about has helped maybe even thousands of people. But at the same time, it's hurt me personally in my private life. This fact is why none of the truly successful people I know ever publicly share anything, as it's just not worth it to help strangers. I'm fortunate that they privately tell me what they've doing and how things are working, but I also know that I wish I had access to this type of information when I was just getting started. 

It's a hard decision to come to, but as I'm turning 40 in just over a week on July 11th, it's time for a new chapter in my life and at least for now, I've decided for it to be a more private one. I sincerely wish everyone well and hope you've picked up something useful these past 10 years of my sharing. Luckily everything has been documents in the books, podcast, blog and videos, so feel free to go back through those for information and inspiration, but for now, it's a soft goodbye and farewell. 

With Love,

Johnny FD

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  1. Write your comments here, I'd love to hear from you.

  2. You are breaking FTC laws by not disclosing your affiliate relationship with Anton. You have been breaking this law for several years. You are being closely watched. Do not be surprised if you are served with a summons regardless where you are. If you fail to show up for court your assets will be forfeited and seized.

    1. Are you blind? It's all over my site and everyone knows I'm an affiliate. Look to the right hand side of every post where it says "RECOMMENDATIONS

      Any product or service I recommend on this blog I personally use and would recommend to both friends and family. All links on this site are affiliate links so please use them in the resources page or anywhere on the blog if you want to give me credit for referring you."

    2. He has written under recommendations on the right hand side that
      "Any product or service I recommend on this blog I personally use and would recommend to both friends and family. All links on this site are affiliate links"
      it's visible with every post so no laws have been broken

  3. Ahh man, I've been reading your blog since the beginning (the myfightcamp days in fact!) I hope they'll still be some blog posts from time to time? Thanks for all the wisdom and entertainment over the's been an amazing ride!

    1. Thanks for following the journey for so many years! That was like 2008!

  4. Thats the issue with starting half hearted businesses like dropshipping. Yes they may make you money but your heart will never be truly into it since its a fake business. The only person who can sustain a dropshipping business is the one who teaches it like Anton. Thats the reason why the number one rule of business has to be your WHY. If you start a business just for the money you will soon lose interest in it.

    1. I don't think you actually understand what dropshipping is if you think it's a "fake" business you probaly assume all dropshipping is selling cheap crap from China and Aliexpress. Info:

      But either way, the good thing about building a real dropshippoing business like Anton recommends is that you can sell it afterwards, like a real business, and invest that money into something else.

  5. Hi Johnny;

    Well, as a person who has attended the Chiang Mai Summit, I am sorry to see you go but wish you the best in your new incarnation.
    I thinks its wise to not shore so much and often thought you were a bit too open with things. Good luck to you.

    1. Thanks Duke! I'm glad you got to experience the Nomad Summit in person at least once!

  6. Hi Johnny, I'm about the first ever digital nomad in the world, Chiang Mai 2001-2019, and met you to buy your affiliate marketing course there about 10 years ago.
    Please know that for every mean person, and B2B is rough, there are many of us who send you positive energy and wishes and will go out of our way to help you.
    Also being a little ahead of you I have a safe abode now even in my home passport country, and have been out of the public eye. We are right to do this, it is merely stage two of wherever this is going, and we will continue to reinvent the system for the better, and there is nothing more important than personal brand, I am certain we will find the way to do this safely. My own brand business survived the recession, there is always a niche that appreciates us.

    I'm so glad you could share your journey. Like you, I am near 40 and a few years ago was considering the drop-shipping course, but decided to go another route. Things are looking up and I'm thankful you could show us the ups and downs of traveling almost full-time. It looks really hard to have a family like that! Again, thanks for showing us the world! I appreciate you and your positive enthusiasm! This is something that has made a huge difference in making a life change for myself.

    Good luck!

  8. Hey Johnny, it was from one of your Travel Like a Boss podcast interviews that got the wife and I into KDP via Amazon, which has been our main business for the last few years where we make anywhere from $10K-$20K per month without too much effort. Thanks mate for that. It is appreciated and good luck with your new chapter in life. Cheers.

    1. Wow that's incredible Jim! Huge congrats to you and your wife for that! I'm glad I was able to inspire and lead you to that business!

  9. Hi Johnny. I have been following your journey for a long time when you were known as wolf :)

    I have never contacted or commented in any of your posts/videos and this will be the first and probably last one. I'm sure there are hundreds of people like myself. Your knowledge bombs will be missed.

    I hope to cross paths with you one day.

  10. Your posts will be missed but definitely understand. Looking forward to following your journey on YouTube. Thanks for being an inspiration for me and for many others.

  11. Hey Johnny. Don't worry about as holes and jealous people. As someone above mentioned, there are lots of us who support you even if you don't know us and we don't shout out. I also have gained lots of insights from you. I'm also 40 this year BTW. I follow you on Insta and FB. I do listen to your personal podcast about travel and business with Mark.
    What else? You're a proper dude, down to earth and I hope to meeting you personally one day.
    About myself. I'm originally from Poland but being living in London past 16 years. This is not a dating ad unless a girl wants to drop me a message, okay.
    Anyway, you are just taking a step back and you will be creating more content, I know. But this subject of personal life, journey is getting close to outsiders.
    Wishing you well, happy birthday and have a blast party in Kiev with your crew. Looking forward to seeing and listening to upcoming content dude.
    Insta: tomasso4now (private messages and Bitcoin donations are welcome)

    PS. This is affiliate, not. (what a dush***g the one who commented above).

    Not so Anonymous.

  12. Sad to see this come to and end but certainly understand and wish you the best.

  13. Been reading and watching for a couple of years. Many thanks for your informative posts and I wish you the best for the future.

  14. Been following you since the Johnny Wolf days so sad to see this end, but I can understand. Hopefully you'll keep some of your fb updates going.

    1. Wow that was like 15+ years ago, I've grown and changed a lot since then, I think we all have.

  15. Almost forty! Still a young man! You did well! Loved everything you have done Johnny - it is time to protect your privacy and live a little more to your self. You have given so much to many people. I hope to meet you one day! Be safe and an early happy birthday!!!

  16. Thanks for sharing Johny!
    Good luck and Happy Birthday!

  17. What an epic journey its been for you Johhny.

    I’ve followed you for several years you have been a huge inspiration, you have changed my outlook and I hope you know that don’t let a few bad apples sour you to what you have given the world.

    Shame on your business partners for cutting you out as I can sense it in your writing that you feel betrayed.

    We all go through seasons, and I do feel like nomads having an inexpensive home base that they can then Airbnb out while traveling is kinda the next evolution.
    You blazed a trail that so many have learned from. You actually took immediate action on the 4 hour work week, while I loved it, but of course never took proper action. That right there really inspired.

    You called out the “American dream” for the mostly fraud it is, and shed a light on how amazing life can be when you can live a lot cheaper and just have fun.

    People are everything, and your videos got me through some tough times, I know one day I’ll be able to share a drink with you on some crazy exotic location.

    I ask you to continue with sharing inspiration and anti rat race content.

    You’ve changed my outlook and thoughts on life, and I hope that at the end of the day, there is not much more important you could have done in your lifetime that helping just 1 person out, let alone so many I know you have helped.

    Just the aura you give off, YOU ARE HAPPY, you have fun, you laugh, you let go, you party with friends, that’s what a good life is about and you’ve lived more than most do already!

    YOU CANNOT STOP JOHHNY! Keep sharing and more good things will still continue to come to you.

    1. Wow thanks Adam. That means a lot that you took the time to write and share that. I appreciate it and will take it to heart.

  18. You'll surely be missed Johnny, you really are an inspiration. We live in times where people have totally lost it and to hate on and hurt another has become a 'hobby' it seems. So I don't blame you at all for pulling back and live a more private life. Look after you first. Hopefully you can create and 'Inner Circle' in the future, like a Patreon where only true fans can join you and learn from you.
    I've been listening to Travel like a Boss diligently and will miss it very much.

    1. Thanks I appreciate it. I don't think i'll ever do an Inner Circle for the business or travel stuff, but we do have one for the Invest Like a Boss Podcast already where you can ask me anything in there and I talk openly in the quarterly updates there as it's for a private group:

  19. :) enjoyed your posts for the past few years ... all the best sir :) your life, your way, your rules :) thanks for all the info.

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. Hi Johnny,

    I've been following you since 2015 and I just want to thank you for everything you have done. You have provided amazing information and have inspired many people.

    Thank you

  22. Hi Johnny,

    You were a huge influence in my decision to live here in Chiang Mai.
    Probably the best decision of my life.

    I enjoyed reading your books.
    I've attended several Chiang Mai Nomad Summits and will really miss them.
    The Nomad Summits were a great experience and I've met so many international friends which I still stay in contact with.

    Over the years, I have noticed your openness on your media sites take a toll on your personal life.

    I understand your decision and wish you all the best.

    Thanks for the great memories!

    1. Thanks for the comment Meiguo, I'm glad you made the move and I helped you with that decision! Happy to hear you liked reading 12 Weeks in Thailand and Life Changes Quick!

  23. Hi Johnny,

    Thank you for the post. You are an inspiration. It is sad to this post. I have referred to your videos and blogs from a long time. It is just a phase and you will come back strong. I wish you luck for the future

  24. Hi Johnny, great news on the youtube income, soon you will be making much more as your subscribers grow.

    I wanted to start a channel doing travel stuff to hopefully earn a side income for my future but i honestly dont even know where to begin so i have much respect for you.

  25. Thank you for being you. I too am too open and in my life I have come to the same conclusion, it is not worth being 100% open with some personalities out there....but don't let it change your greatness. All the wonderful things you have done, make you a better person then them in so many ways that transcend this life.

  26. Hey Johnny,

    You've been a true inspiration to me and so many others around the world. I've been following your journey for several years and it was a pleasure meeting you in-person in Koh Lanta in 2017. Happy belated 40th birthday and wishing you all the best on your future endeavors and next chapters ahead :)

  27. Wish you well. For what it's worth, I have really enjoyed your Ukraine posts.


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