Shopping Spree: 18 Things I Ordered Online...for Free.

My parent's always know when I'm getting ready for a trip back to the U.S. because packages start arriving like it's a week before Christmas.  The only downside to living in Thailand is not being able to order things online as easily without having to pay import duties, waiting for shipping and the hassle of having things clear through customs.

Since I'm going back to the U.S. soon for a couple of weddings, I started ordering stuff online for it to be there in time for my return...a lot of stuff.   The best thing was all free using Amazon gift cards that I earned through my blogs, which I'll explain in full detail later in this post.

Here is everything I bought on in the past two weeks:

SoundMagic Headphones:

I mainly use headphones to listen to podcasts, but for $12 based on the reviews these seem legit, plus they come in lime green and grey/orange so I figured why not.

Throne Research Vitamin D:

Dr. Alexis Shields suggested this brand so I listened.  Vitamin D's secret hack using a ton of it as soon as you start feeling ill, it's better than overloading on vitamin C for preventing colds and flus!

Xero Shoes Barefoot Sandals:

I normally wear Luna Barefoot Sandals but these are new from Xero which is formally Invisible Shoes and are half the price so I thought I'd try them out.

Wahl Beard Trimmer:

I love that this trimmer is battery operated and lasts me 4+ months on two AA batteries.  Perfect for traveling.

Audio-Techica USB Microphone: 

This is what I use for the Travel Like a Boss Podcast, I love it so much I bought two more, one as a backup.

Cards Against Humanity:

This is a fantastic board game, like Apples to Apples for adults with twisted minds =)

HyperFlex Wetsuit Top:

I love scuba diving but I hate wearing full length wetsuits.  This 2.5mm top is perfect for keeping you warm up in 26c+ water without needing a wetsuit, plus it's light enough to travel with.

Samson Go Mic:

This is a tiny usb mic that I plan on keeping in my backpack at all times for impromptu podcast episodes.  The quality isn't as good as the Audio Technica ATR-2100 mic but is surprisingly good for a tiny mic.  Listen to episode 29 of the Travel Like a Boss Podcast for an example.

NB Minimus Trail Running Shoes:

I love barefoot type shoes with 4mm of heel drop or less.  I also have super wide feet so I need to order all of my shoes online.  I normally order on but since I had so much free credit with Amazon I decided to buy these here.

On Stage Foam Pop Filter:

Having this $2 pop filter on my mic makes the world of difference in audio quality. If you are recording a podcast use a pop filter, always.

Padded Mic Bag:

I used to keep my podcast mic in my backpack until it stopped working.  Mics are sensitive electronics, keep it in a padded case.

Aeropress Coffee Maker:

After using a friend's Aeropress at the co-working space, I'm convinced that it's the best single cup coffee maker out there.  It is lightweight, portable, and the coffee tastes fantastic.  Buying the Aeropress kit above comes with a metal filter as well making it reusable.

Single Cup Coffee Drip Brewer:

Just buying this one as a backup as you can use any paper filter with these.  Super inefficient though as it wastes coffee and filters.

Monopoly Deal:
My friend Simon gave me a set of these last year and it's the perfect travel game.  The original Monopoly Deal is more fun than the new Monopoly Millionaire Deal according to reviews.

Gold Sunglasses, Gold Sharpies  and Playing Cards:

I just love random crap plated in gold, and these seemed like a good idea at the time. =)

How I got $500 in free Amazon Gift Cards:

This is pretty simple, in fact it's the easiest thing you can do to get started with some type of online business.  The reason I don't talk about it much is that it won't make you rich or replace your normal 9-5 income.  However it's easy, fun and it's nice to use to get free stuff from Amazon.

What you need to get started:

1. A Blog, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or anything else that is popular.

2. An Amazon Associates Account.

Last month's commissions from Amazon

How it works:

1. Make a recommendation on a product that you genuinely think is good, such as the new Amazon Fire TV.

2. Use your unique link that amazon gives you when signing up.  Mine for the Fire TV is:

If someone buys the product you recommended from Amazon, you get a small commission for it, usually between 5-8%.  The buyer doesn't pay any extra, so there's no reason for them not to use your link.  You can sign up for an Amazon Affiliate Account here.


Today's blog post highlighted everything I've personally bought online for the past couple of weeks. Obviously these are things I like and would recommend as these are things I bought for myself.  By simplifying using my amazon affiliate link instead of a normal link to I get credit if someone buys any of the products above that I recomended.

So if you buy the Aeropress Coffee maker I mentioned above, I will get $2 from Amazon.  It's such a tiny amount of money, but it adds up especially since Amazon pays you commission on the entire shopping cart and not just the one item.  So if you bought the Aeropress, extra filters, and a kindle, in the same order, I would get 5% of the entire order which could be a decent amount, best of all, it's completely passive income.

So if you ever want to buy anything from Amazon, please click any of my Amazon links first, as it gives me credit for referring you, regardless of what you end up buying from amazon, even if it wasn't on my list and it doesn't cost you any extra.

This is from my best month last year

In Conclusion:

There are so many random ways to make location independant money online, and once you get started and start meeting other entrepreneurs you quickly realize how many legitimate ways there are to make money online.  My personal favorite is eCommerce and guess what, Amazon is the world's largest eCommerce store.

I hope everyone enjoyed this random post of all the stuff I bought on my little online shopping spree. Best of all, because of all of the money I've earned from amazon affiliate commissions from my podcast, this blog, my muay thai blog, and the website for my book 12 Weeks in Thailand everything I ordered above was absolutely free, except for my last order which ended up costing me $4.

Best of luck to everyone in your entrepreneurial journeys, keep in touch.

Warm Regards,


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