Income Report: October 2017 - Las Palmas, Gran Canaria - Canary Island Digital Nomad

Wake up late, walk on the beach to the coworking space, have a long lunch, write a blog post, finish work early to go snorkeling, then have wine and tapas again for dinner. That pretty much sums up my month here on Gran Canaria, which is part of the Canary Islands here in Spain. I'll write a full post on life in Las Palmas for digital nomads, but in this month's update, I'm going to share the ups and downs on working online here in Spain and why life isn't actually as amazing as that first sentence might have made it sound. My goal for these monthly updates is to not only share what has been working or not working financially in terms of active and passive income, but also what lessons I've learned, what goals I have for next month, etc.

This past month on Gran Canaria has been a nice break from fast travel and moving around, and it's allowed me to get back into a routine which I've missed. I was able to stay in one Airbnb the entire month without moving around, join a gym, cook most of my meals and practice learning spanish. I've learned that life normally consists of hating the dull routines of life, and dreaming on going on vacation to reset, then dreading a life of too much travel and dreaming about having a routine again. But instead of swinging from extreme boredom to extreme excitement back and forth, my goal is now to design and live a life that has the necessary balance of both. Here is this month's income, lifestyle and travel report.

Video Income Report:

For those of you who prefer the video version of the income report, you can watch it here or on Youtube. Or read it first, then scroll back up to watch it for a bit more detail! Either way, welcome to my monthly income, travel and goal setting update.

Where I've Traveled

The nice thing about being on Gran Canaria is the fact that even though I haven't left the island, it feels like I've been to 3 different continents this month due to the variations of weather and scenery on the island. Most week days I've been spending my time on Las Canarias beach where my airbnb apartment and coworking space is, on thursdays I go into the old town which feels like another country all together, then on weekends I go explore into nature.

I'm staying in Las Palmas which is the main city of the island, where there's a nice beach right next to what feels a bit like a smaller more run down version of Barcelona. But what's amazing is that within a 1 hour bus or car ride, there are jungles, deserts, and mountains to explore and go hiking in. I've been using to find outdoor groups to get out of the city every sunday for a day of unplugging from the internet and getting back into nature. On weekdays after work, I go for a snorkel just off the beach where the water is just warm enough to go without a wetsuit, and a great way to get some exercise. One of my goals for next month is to go scuba diving as well and see what the diving is like on the island, but I'm purposely not exploring any of the other islands this trip as I want a reason to come back again in the future.

Las Canteras Beach in Las Palmas

Exploring the jungle of Barranco Azuaje

Travel and Living Expenses:

Whoever said that Gran Canaria is cheap must have been from somewhere super expensive in Europe or maybe Vancouver as it's definitely not. However, it's not expensive and it's a great value considering that the weather here is decent year around and it's similar to the Hawaii or Europe at 1/3 of the cost. Rent can be manageable at around $700US per month but only if you sign a 6-12 month contract. If you're staying month to month like I am, you'll have a hard time finding good deals and at first glance, you'll think it's expensive as everyone on Airbnb over prices their homes.

I'll write more about it on my guide to Gran Canaria blog post, but basically, you need to message airbnb hosts asking for an additional discount on top of whatever monthly discount they already set. We ended up getting a place advertised for $2,200 a month for $1,279 which is fair as there are 2 of us and it's right by the center of Las Canteras beach. Just don't expect Chiang Mai prices or the ease of finding monthly rentals, but still, it's easier and cheaper here than many parts of Europe.

Airbnb Apartment: $750 (my share)
Coworking Space: $125 (Soppa de Azul)
Transportation: $30 (Taxis and walking)
Food and Drinks: $500 +/-
Weekend Trips: $100
Gym: $0 (Ocean Swimming)
Misc/Other: $100 +/-

Base Living Expenses: $1,505

Course/Video Hosting: $83.25 (Teachable)
Facebook Ads: $100
Email Marketing: $58.92 (GetResponse)
Wordpress Hosting: $4.95 (SiteGround)
Ticket Sales: $25.00 (Ticket Tailor)
Mother's retirement: $1,000 (post)

Total Expenses: $2,776 +/-

*decrease from $3,446.83 last month

Promoting Dropshipping Courses

It's funny that even though I have been transparent about my earnings with monthly income reports for the past two and a half years, a lot of people tend to skip my other income sources and just assume that I make all of my money promoting Anton's Dropship Lifestyle course. The reason why I normally never bothered to correct anyone is because if they really wanted to know how much money I made from each affiliate offer I promoted, they could have just joined my Earnest Affiliate course, which is now renamed Income Boss after being updated and they could have seen my dashboards to see how much I make from each source. But the reason why I continue to push it so hard is because starting my first drop shipping store after learning how to do it by taking Anton's course really was the first thing that really worked for me and allowed me to make my first $3,000 a month. 

Now I make a lot more money each money though things like investments, but none of that would have been possible if it wasn't for the $200,000+ dollars I made from running and then selling both of my dropship stores.

This month we made $6,000 from selling one another of our dropshipping stores, and I made $731 from promoting the course that taught me and the other dropshippers how to start these stores from scratch with no experience. 

How much money I make from promoting

Passive Income Earned

Most of my income has been passive or at least semi-passive as I'm currently in maintenance mode where I'm only working a few hours a day, and most of that time is answering emails or facebook comments. All of my income is location independent as I'm able to make money wherever I am in the world, which has been a goal from the start. The best thing is that I'm now super diversified where I currently have 17 different passive income streams including Amazon Kindle Books, Starting and selling Dropshipping stores like the one we just sold this month for $6,000, courses on Udemy,  advertising revenue from Youtube, conferences, online courses, podcast sponsorships and interest earned from Investments. 

My favorite passive income by far is the income I make from collecting interest payments from my online investments and when your money makes your money, it's like they are going to work for you while you literally sit on the beach from anywhere in the world. If you haven't read the story on how I went from having less than $1,000 in the bank to having enough to invest now, read my book Life Changes Quick as it explains the entire journey in detail from just getting started to where I am now and how you can do the same. Below are screenshots of some of my dashboards so you can see in detail exactly how much I make from each income stream. They're all location independent, passive and all add up. 

Total Income for October: $13,277.55

*increase from $12,503.26 last month. 

Earnings from my Youtube Channel where I earned $187.47 this month

Earnings from My Udemy courses

One of my affiliate case studies inside
See all of my affiliate case studies inside

My dashboard on Yieldstreet where I earned $299 in interest this month

My dashboard on PeerStreet where I earned $329 in interest this month

Total online income for October 1st-31st, 2017

Setting Monthly Goals 

My goals for October 1st - 31st was mainly to get back into a healthy routine, see more nature and de stress mentally. Walking on the beach every morning to the coworking space and back has been a huge help, especially since its been sunny every day and I've been walking with my shirt off to get some vitamin d, since it's a topless beach and all. But the downside has been the fact that I've been drinking beer and wine five nights as well as the Spanish culture of having dinner late and eating tapas till midnight while drinking is common. The problem wasn't the fact that I'd wake up super hung over or anything, but it would affect my energy levels.

I didn't mention much before sending out an email to everyone on my newsletter a few days ago but almost a year ago, I signed up for Tony Robbins Date with Destiny conference. It's an insanely expensive event with tickets costing close to $5,000 for the 6 day event. And in total, it's going to cost me closer to $7,000 total as hotels in Palm Beach, Florida are expensive, as well as the flights, transportation, etc. But the reason why I'm going is because, I know one of two things are going to happen there. Tony Robbin's is either going to have all of the answers to help me determine my path for the rest of my life, or I'm going to learn that there really isn't a big secret to happiness and fulfilling our destinies and that we just need to do what we already know is best for us and follow our own common sense and advice.

But instead of waiting until December 5th to find that out. I'm going to do what I already know is best for myself as well as pretty much everyone in the world, and I'm setting a 30 something day challenge before the event to get started. Even if you're not going...which I'm sure most of you aren't, don't worry, i'll be sure to share what I learned with all of you after the event, and you can also follow along now and get the most out of it along with me. If you haven't heard of Tony Robbin's or Date with Destiny, check out the documentary "I'm Not Your Guru" on Netflix. It's an amazing movie that got me dedicated to bettering myself.

My November Challenge

For all of November 1st-30th and actually until the end of DWD which is December 11th, I'm going to do the following.

No Alcohol - Even though I'm currently in Spain where both beer and wine is $1 a glass and quite good, I know that alcohol isn't good for me so I'm completely cutting it.

Walking A lot - I know i'm healthier and happier both physically and emotionally when I walk a lot versus sitting on a couch or in a car, so I'm making it a point to walk wherever I can, whether it's to the store, to work, to get coffee, or just to go for a walk and listen to an audiobook.

No Junk Food - Even though diets are complicated, with a little common sense, we all know that things like deep fried foods, ice cream, candy, sugar, pizza, snacking in front of the TV, eating late at night and just overeating in general are bad for us. I'm going to make it a point to eat more real vegetables, avocados, eggs, and other whole foods this month and avoid the junk. This might be a good time to do a Whole30 challenge as well.

Daily Exercise - I was in the best shape of my life when I was doing CrossFit, but I also know it's probably not something I can sustainably do for the rest of my life without injury. So instead of forcing myself to extremes, I'm vowing to just get some form of exercise everyday, whether it be going for a swim, a hike on weekends, or doing burpees in my bedroom.

Not Stressing - I think we often forget that stress is a huge killer and a source of disease. So instead of letting things get me to, anger me, or annoy me. I'm going to focus on the positive side of things, abundance, avoiding unnecessary arguments as much as possible, and letting people have their points of views even if they aren't necessarily correct or the same as mine as long it doesn't hurt me directly.

johnny fd
When I was following my own advice in Life Changes Quick

October 2017 Wrap Up

I feel like life is like building a jenga block building. You add piece by piece and hope that it doesn't all tumble down and fall before you're done building it. In 2013 I started building my income, then my fitness and health, along with personal growth, travel, and building up a community. But along the way, a lot has happened, both good and bad, and these past 2 years I've been falling behind on health again. But as Tony Robbins says, decisions and changes are made in a moment. And I'm here to announce that I've decided to get back to the healthy, happy, version of me that has been missing since Larissa and I broke up almost exactly two years back.

Basically, I'm going to start doing all of the things I know I should do anyways, but normally have excuses why I don't do it, or put off for one reason or another. The above list isn't as strict as what I put myself through and documented in my book Life Changes Quick, but it's a good foundation to start again. I'm dedicating myself to the list above, and would love for others to join in as well.  Comment below if you want to join the challenge.

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD

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  1. Impressive earnings!

    Maybe the Tony Robbins event will be somewhere in the middle and make you look at a few things you thought you already knew a bit differently rather than giving you all the answer to life, plus I'm sure there'll be an upsell at the end for another event! It should be interesting though.

    For November and December -- at least up until Christmas -- I'm going to be cutting the junk and eating cleanly. It's tempting to wait until the New Year but it's probably better to aim to hit the new year in good physical and mental shape.

    Good luck!

    1. Hey Joe, we'll see what happens! I'll be sure to do a report immidently after the event, then again a follow up 6 months later to see what actually stuck and what changes I made.

      Great goals! Best of luck with them!

  2. What is the startup cost for your course?

    1. For my Income Boss course? Aside from the course itself, $10 a year for a domain name, and if you choose to use Wordpress then $4 a month for hosting. But that's it. Nothing else. You can join above or at and see the info on the FAQ.

  3. Nice post!
    2 questions: How come you didn't include your Udemy ads in your cost section? Or health insurance?

    1. Hey Stacy, I've never actually ran ads to my Udemy courses. The "ad program" you may have seen in the dashboard above is actually ran by Udemy and they pay for the ads...although they also take 75% for those sales!

      As for health insurance, since I don't live in the U.S. I don't have health insurance and haven't for the past 10 years which has saved me almost $42,000 since. Instead I have travel insurance that covers accidents, and since I mostly like in places like Thailand where it's affordable to pay for hospital bills in cash I've never spent more than $100 a year on doctors visits, prescription drugs as needed or dental. See more here in my long term Chiang Mai post:

  4. are you planning on starting more dropshipping stores?
    if not why?

    1. Hey Lucy, I took a long break from it because I was working on other projects. But now that I've freed up some time, I'm actually planning on starting another one! Keep an eye out for a case study soon.

  5. Interesting, I wasn't aware of that context. I guess it makes some sense, thanks for the history lesson!

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