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I'm watching the most elaborate what looks like to me being a scam I've ever seen unfold right in front of me and it's done so well that it's going to gain momentum and cause millions of Americans to lose money. I first saw the Americans Serving Americans Movement through a sponsored facebook ad and watched their first video as it looked like it was either the start of a really cool movement or the most well done scam I've ever witnessed. It took me over an hour to figure out what they were selling, how they were making money, and how the scam worked. But it's so well done that I'm pretty sure tens of thousands of people have already fallen for it by the time I write this. By the way, everything written in this post and my blog is my personal opinion so do your own research.

But I wrote this because, when when I googled "is Americans Serving Americans" or "David Ashby" a scam and couldn't find anything. But I had such a bad feeling from it that did more research and felt like I had to share the facts and put out a warning as no one else was. The ASA Movement with David Ashby claims to be provide a solution in how to end poverty but in reality it's just a super well disguised Pyramid Scheme/MLM/BizOp scam that is using "charity work" and the good reputations of people like Martin Luther King Jr. and the Entrepreneurs from Shark Tank to convince people to sign up. Everything on my blog is my personal opinion based off my own research so do your own. But keep reading to see why from my point of view this is the biggest scam hitting America.

What is the ASA Movement?

David Ashby puts on this amazing looking documentary style video that appears he's giving a talk in front of the room of thousands, but in reality is a green screen. It sickened me that he took Martin Luther King Jr. to give himself fake credibility. Watch this first video if you haven't already and see how easily most people can be tricked into following this movement.

Also since he's not actually selling anything yet, the ads are being approved by Facebook even though it's a complete scam. David Ashby and whoever is on his team has really thought this elaborate scheme out and spent a lot of money creating this really professional looking video.

The Fake Press

Watching this again now looks like comedy but you have to remember that millions of people on facebook have no idea this is a fake press conference and think this is giving David Ashby and the the Americans Serving Americans movement credibility.

David Ashby is trying to act like Barack Obama and telling people that they are somehow entitled to get a check for $20,000 or make up to $100,000 by being a part of their complicated ASA Government.

David Ashby Scam
If this chart doesn't look like a Pyramid Scheme, I don't know what is.

Gaining Social Momentum 

Because since there's nothing to be bought yet, and ASA is preying on people's feelings about poverty, and the man holding us down, and that we should give handouts to poor people, the movement has gained a ton of momentum, both real and artificial like this bus full of people that probably have no idea what they actually signed up for. 

The Money Scam

It actually took me almost an hour of research to figure out what they were actually selling and how the pyramid scheme worked. It turns out that once you've watched the four videos and taken a bunch of quizzes, signed up, and got a bit hyped up and brainwashed into this fake movement, you can order your starter kit with your t-shirt and hat for $299.

Most people will just lose $299 buying a bunch of crap, but the real genius of the ASA Movement scam is using these people to gain momentum and get more people on board. 

But wait, there's more. The real way ASA is going to make large amounts of money is by having you raise money for them through complicated campaigns where they suggest you can earn between $20,000-$55,000 a year in extra income.

Final Thoughts

I don't like wasting my time writing these posts, but I do it for two reasons. The first is because it sickens me to see people take advantage of others by preying on their feelings and conscious. This David Ashby guy really took it too far by using MLK Jr. in his videos. Secondly, scams like this give all online businesses a bad reputation. One of the reasons why it took me so many years to even really dedicate myself the time, energy and money to build my first online business is because I was so afraid of falling for bullshit like this. 

Honestly though, it's hard to say but scams like this exist because people want an easy way to make money without doing any real work. They want to blame others for why they are broke and don't want to do what it really takes to be successful and wealthy. The honest truth is all businesses, online or off take a lot of work and are difficult, but they are possible. The real secret is to spend the time and energy to create a real marketable skill to sell products that people actually want. I know a lot of you want me to link to something you should do here either that actually works whether it's Amazon FBA, Kindle, or Dropshipping, but even though it'll help guide a lot of people, I don't want anything to think for a second I'm only writing this post to sell you something else, because I'm not.

If you really want to learn what works and what doesn't, just subscribe to the Travel Like a Boss Podcast and listen to the 150+ free episodes where I interview people who really are making money online and creating businesses that aren't MLM/BizOp/Pyramid Schemes.

Listen to all 150+ Episodes for free at

Hope this helps. Let me know if it does!

Response from David Ashby

Hey Johnny FD, my advice to you is, do thorough research before you go around slandering people. One thing you will not do is use my name and reputation to sell your systems! Your article is full of nonsense and if you actually took the time to attend one of our Live Calls, you would know much more about my company and how it works.

To refer to us as a MLM is just ridiculous and slanderous. We do not pay downline commissions. People are not required to recruit others.

Pyramid/Ponzi, do you even know what those are? If so, you know that people are coming out of their pockets to pay into a system continuously. In our company, the only time people come out of their pockets is to purchase their tshirts, hats, body camera, etc. That's a one-time thing. And, that's not enough money to keep anything going.

Everyone knows that our Professional Videos are an "imitation" of a real government. That's just the style we chose for our business. In our videos, we have Eagles flying through the scenes. Do we have to explain that the Eagles aren't real either?? That's common sense. The press conference, everyone knows those aren't real reporters. We chose to imitate a press conference as supposed to putting together a boring power-point presentation.

Also, we haven't collected a dime from any of our members for their t-shirts etc, because we are currently in Pre-Launch. Example, you didn't pay a dime to get into our website. But, you want to lie about us taking money!

Here in the United States, a good example of a company that we're attempting to mirror is, the Girl Scouts. This is an organization of young ladies around the country, who raise money through selling cookies. They raise over $700,000,000 (700 million) per year. The company then shares the proceeds with their young ladies.

There are three major differences between the Girl Scouts and our company. (1) We intend to have far more Fundraising Options than just selling cookies, (2) we will have many different company income streams, as discussed on our calls, and (3) we intend to give 95% of the money back to the participants. The other 5% is to help the company expand. 0% goes to me!

Writing purposeful lies about people is malicious. And, this is not a game that you want to play with me. Just as easily as you wrote your blog full of lies and accusations, I can easily send hundreds of people to write lies on your book reviews. However, unlike yourself, I don't "pretend" to care about people. And, unlike yourself, I don't have to tear others down to make money for myself. This is my life! Helping people is my life!

You're welcome to attend any of our Live Calls and learn more about The ASA Movement! I don't mind you writing about Facts! In fact, we can even talk over the phone. And, you can ask me any questions that you may have. But, you will not continue to slander me or my company. You don't understand our company because you haven't seen anything like it yet.

Also, you make reference to me using MLK in my speech! I mention him because, He is my role model and inspiration. One, because I'm Black. Two, because he lived a selfless life. Don't ever tell me that I shouldn't mention him. Everyone, who knows me on a personal level, knows that MLK would be extremely proud of a young black man like myself!

When you're ready to talk on the phone, you let me know. Until then, I will assume that your blog is a purposeful attempt to slander me and my company. And, shortly, I will respond appropriately.

David Ashby

My Response to David 

My goal is to give everyone the knowledge to be able to succeed in whatever business they choose to get into. The majority of people watching those videos are not going to know those videos are "imitation" as they are shot to look like real news.

Anyways, everything written on my blog is my personal opinion and based on my own experience and research. Everyone reading this is free to make their own judgement. The fact that David is threatening to send hundreds of his followers to write lies on my book reviews makes me trust him even less but to mention after doing a bit more research I found out he was also involved in previous MLM's such as Penny Matrix and The Bold Approach.

So here it is, all of the info for you to make your own decision on if the ASA Movement is a scam or not. Personally I think it is. But if you want to believe it's not, that's up to you.  Comment below with your thoughts, I'd love to hear them.

Johnny FD

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  1. Welcome to the Matrix USA! I find it hilarious that David Ashby is pretending to be so self righteous and even associate Dr. MLK with his shady company.

    I did some research myself and noticed they are raising funds to open a Krispy Kreme donuts! LOL The american way! Get rich off of destroying other people's health.

    The fact that ASA is gaining momentum shows that American is in its final days as a superpower. Evil is king in the USA these things and the news is filled with crazy stories that make me shake my head.

    1. ASA is not a government. It's a MLM network disguised as a pro-people group that intends to make the top level people rich. It's a pure corporate move from a bunch of people that lack what it takes to build a legit business.

    2. It preys on people in poverty than asks them for even more money. They cannot afford your $299 hat and tshirts. These people need better schools and safer neighborhoods. What is opening a Subway going to do? NOTHING but ruin health and make a few people rich.

    3. Mocking the US government is crazy. A real government has a bill of rights, land, laws, etc. This is making a mockery of the United States and our forefathers.

    4. I'm tired of everyone complaining about poverty. Poverty is a disease. If you do right in this world, God will take care of you. Starting a few cheesy fastfood chains won't do anything but destroy health.

    Ah, who cares about health? Let's make a quick buck (sarcasm)!

    1. I would have to call your research wildly immature in its complete lack of knowledge. And in its attempt to sway opinions about something that could wake people up to the misdirection that our dishonest highly corrupt government drives the American people to some in the attempt to give our country away to those that consider us to be satanic in nature. You are either a disgruntled person that didn't make a cut somewhere probably because you were lazy or felt like you should be above having to work to get something important in life for a multitude of people being lead to slaughter by its own elected officials. You are a traitor a coward and a fool And completely unfamiliar with Gods place in humanity. But in your defense for whatever reason if feel you need one (Lost Puppy With Nothing Better To Do Than To piddle on the floor) Didn't right this complete defamatory peace of rubbish. So maybe you should go seek forgiveness for trying to misguide people simply because you were to lazy to keep up with the pack. Johnny needs to feel the shame he should for even writing a post like this. What kind of person mealy mouths people while lying through his teeth just to spark interest that he doesn't even deserve.

  2. Johnny, I read this article when it was first released and I also googled about it afterwards. You were the only one writing about it. This morning when I googled it, I found a bunch more articles and youtube videos digging into this. Pretty crazy, but it looks like you were the one to break this story. It will be interesting to follow this the next few weeks to see what happens. I'm curious to see if citizen journalism is the new direction you'll take the blog.

    1. Honestly I really didn't want to waste my time researching it or writing about it but since there was literally no other info about him or it online, I felt like it was my responsibility to break the news.

      I'm glad the word is getting out there and others are following suit.

      The best thing about being financially free is being able to tell a few people to go fuck themselves. =)

    2. That pretty much says it right there you had none before nor do you now any knowledge based on provable facts that anything that you have said here is anything other than an attempt to get attention by fabrication of complete lies and a slap in the face of anyone that would follow a completely dishonest bold face lair like you. Thin real Thin I know you can't afford to leave my reply up or let me continue to point the people in your group here with some intelligence to the real truth. And just in case you have the balls to. let me just say The only real thing Johnny says here is he did it because no one else had. Lies and false statements will never get you the fame you seek johnny you would have been better served if instead of some have ass research you had sought the truth and chose to write an honest story about real research then you would not be the scumbag you are. You could have chose to show your research and why you came to the downright stupid conclusion that there is anything negative to say about ASA or David Ashby. Or better still you could have chosen the honest path and told the truth witch is you didn't do any research. You feel you readers with rubbish that by all rights should have most of them dropping you for showing them the low integrity you poses I would not continue to read something coming from you after knowing the complete lies you have told here. Finger pointing and back stabbing for some attention is a child's game it shows immaturity and malice. Why did you chose to lie when you could have told the truth. Why would you write trash like this in the first place anti American is the only explanation for who you are and what you do. But guess what your exposed from now on everyone knows that you seek to hurt American people with foolish lies if need be. I still only have one question as an American why would you lie to me? sorry two Why are you against Americans helping get they're underprivileged, unlucky, or scammed out of what really belongs to them probably by they're own government right into the streets homeless and betrayed. Why are you anti American?

  3. I am a proud member of the ASA movement and the ASA movement is not a scam. It is not out to take Americans money. Also not that MLM or Networking Marketing is wrong but ASA is neither MLM or Network Marketing. I find David Ashby to be very professional and someone who just wants to see people achieve more in life. ASA movement is not a Ponzi and ASA movement is not a scam. I have found it to be a great movement that I am very proud to be a part of.

    1. "There's a sucker born every minute"
      Prepare to be seriously disappointed. You will lose whatever you "invest" and incur the wrath of the people you sell this crap too.

    2. I am sure you have listen to the LIVE weekly conference calls and ask questions at the end like all of the other people who have joined

  4. "Hey Johnny FD, my advice to you is, do thorough research before you go around slandering people... Pyramid/Ponzi, do you even know what those are?"

    That's kind of ironic - David Ashby is questioning your understanding of terms, where he's just demonstrated he is confused over the meaning of slander, which is defamation expressed orally. What he probably wanted to use was the term "libel", which is written defamation, expressed either in writing or electronically. In any case, the truth is a solid defense against charges of libel, and he's literally got no case here.

  5. after your done when you walk out the door ole jonny's real motive to write this crap will come out and you'll find out who the real scam is. The next thing jonny will do after you add your e-mail he will take your information and drop it into an auto responded that will send you messages try to get you to buy his fake crap that he got for nothing from clickbank. This is your scammer right here living the life off your hard earned money while you suffer and stress.

    1. SINCE WHEN ASIANS EVER CARED about MLK lol??? when all you do is EXPLOIT..EXPLOIT..EXPLOIT! - Like Kanye West said "YOU CAN'T TELL ME..NOTHIN' !!!". JOHNNY,"PREPARATION is KEY."get strapped and loaded for battle" before you call out on someone hustle. (BACKUP YOUR CLAIMS)
      Frankly ,i LOVE your post for bringing Awareness BUT this Program/Video marketing is nothing new..I think JOHNNYFD lost his Credibility Final Approach. Your reply was SO Poor and Phony. I was disappointed, because i was expecting some REAL HEAT. Unfortunately Johnny can't take it. Therefore in conclusion this post appeared to be A POINTLESS RANT written by someone else for Johnny to pickup the pieces.

  6. Americans Serving Americans is going to change many people's lives. Those who are open to serving others will be blessed beyond measure. What kind of world do we live in seeing people degrade others publicly. I hope for the future of my children that this world changes and with ASA finally launching, my children will have a better future now! ASA is a grass root movement and I am glad to be apart of it from day 1. David is an amazing man and if you could be 1/2 the man he is Johnny then perhaps you would change people's lives too. Why tear down others for wanting to do good? I really don't get humans at all! We are a force not to be reckoned with! Your words will not destroy what we will do for people! Education changes everything!

    1. What is Americans Serving Americans?
      No. We do not pay downline, upline, or sideline commissions. Members are not paid to recruit others and Members are not required to recruit others. Members do not build their own network or team.
      No. Cash Gifting utilizes some form of a Pay-it-Forward system, where members send money to others, who also send money to others.
      Here at ASA, members will not and can not send money to other members.
      No. In a Pyramid Scheme, members come out of their pockets to pay into a system continuously (typically on a monthly basis). This is often referred to as some type of monthly autoship purchase, or membership fee. The company or system then uses this money, instead of external product sales, to pay its members.
      Here at ASA, the only time people come out of their pockets is to purchase their tshirts, hats, body camera, etc. This is a one-time thing and this money is not used to pay members.
      No. A Ponzi Scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator or organization pays returns to its members from new capital, paid by new members, rather than from profit earned through legitimate sources. These systems require a steady inflow of new members, who are paying into the system.
      Here at ASA, members only earn compensation from legitimate Fundraising Events and other Company Business Operations (join our Live Calls to learn more). And, as stated before, members only come out of their pockets to pay for their t-shirts, etc.
      No. We love and respect our country, its leaders, its citizens, and all those who fight for our country.
      Here at ASA, we are not Democrats or Republicans. We have no political biases. And, we will never take any political sides. Our Movement is strictly about Serving others and helping Americans overcome Poverty!
      It's a Plane...It's a Bird...It's Superman!
      Well, not quite. But, here in the United States, a good example of a company that we're attempting to mirror is, the Girl Scouts. This is an organization of young ladies around the country, who raise money through selling cookies. They raise over $700,000,000 (700 million) per year. The company then shares the proceeds with their young ladies.
      There are three major differences between the Girl Scouts and our company, Americans Serving Americans. (1) We intend to have far more Fundraising Options than just selling cookies, (2) We will have many different company income streams, as discussed on our Live Calls, and (3) We will give 95% of the money back to the participants. The other 5% is to help the company expand. AND, 0% goes to the owners!
      Currently, our company is in Pre-Launch. We are Officially Launching ASA, aka "The Movement," once we reach 10,000 Members around the country. Come join us now!
      To learn more about how you can Serve and Earn with Americans Serving Americans,
      Watch our videos here:
      Also, join our Live Movement Calls on Tues & Thursday
      Starts @ 9:00pm EST...712-770-4982 PIN 756199#
      To Join The Movement, go here and click "How to Join"
      To stay connected, go to our Facebook Group:
      #itstime #asamovement #wethepeople #serve #earn

  7. Johnny, go invent a better wheel if you think you can. If you think ASA is such a bad idea, go build a better one, just keep your mouth shut while you do it chump.

  8. Notice the ASA crowd can't say anything original. Notice they gloss over where the money they raise really goes? I have been following this thing for the longest. He can come here and claim "slander" all he wants - maybe he can pay back the people on those old "money bank" schemes he never paid people for. Yet with this new scheme all funds collected get sent to him he is over it all. Anyone one wanting the big checks promised has to put in hours and hours of fund raising - "girl scouts" For real a real clever plan. Yet in the end once people wake to the fact - they signed up for a JOB not some thing that will free THEM from poverty. $299 for a camera and t-shirt LOL what a joke This guy really think he is not making money left n right from all that goes on. STOP JUST STOP. He is just as fake as the videos he posted for a reason. FAKE IT ALL TILL YOU MAKE IT.

    1. I'm actually surprised they're still around. =)

  9. Slandering is a serious offense and I would think one would not make such an accusation without a thorough research or as close as possible. When one does a review one would get as close to the subject as usual, to see what actually goes on. One gets on those calls, one interviews members and by being involved, somehow you come up with a more objective result. Slander is mean spirited and does sometimes unreversed harm. You mentioned he used MLK's name. MLK was assasinated remember? So there were those even then, who didnt believe in what he did, his dreams and slandered his name also. My point, there will always be someone who objects to your cause no matter how well intended and those who even go to extremes. People will not always agree and for all the scamming we've seen we must be vigilant and assertive. For David to have MLK as his role model and dont follow in his path would be, sad and hopefully unlikely.

    Many people at some stage of their lives have been in MLMs. Some have learnt from it and moved on, so while there might be nothing wrong in you mentioning it, dont use it as a tool to judge a well intended effort.

    David did not say he would send anyone to write negative reviews about you. He said he could and thats in reference to what he thinks youre doing to him now. He also said its not him to tear peole down. Point, anyone can write anything even with ulterior motives, it doesnt mean it is truth. You knew exactly what he said.

    As you said, its your opinion but remember the harm you do when you write publicly and have an audience. For some reason, negativity can be powerful depending on the hearer and do more harm than the good that something positive would do.

    I have looked at the company and I am giving them a chance to expand even more. I pray they make the right decisions, that the right persons will be placed in the best positions they are capable of and that there'll be accountability. I pray for it go grow and grow and that the good intentions outlined by its leader, will stand rooted and grounded.

    I am not going to say what is fair and what is not about pricing. Those tshirts cost money. People spend a whole lot more on courses they never read or act on everyday. Yet he says they collected no money for them from members.

    I would hope that their strategies be clear and don't mislead. That persons are aware that the press conferences are one of their strategies and not intended to be misleading. In his post he said everyone knows. I am thiking he is saying its not an hidden agenda that they have. There are new people watching everyday and in everything there are going to be the unawares. That's why we do our research.

    I personally will support this company. They have outlined their plans and it is of interest and something worth moving with. I am not going to kill anyone's dream. The company is growing and I pray for them to stay on the right path with much success with their goals on helping Americans grow.

    For some reason though, I knew there would be a promotion in your foot notes.

  10. I am in ASA movement as well. I've been working with David and many many others for years as he has so brilliantly created it. It is not a scam or Paramyd scheme and I could tell you EXACTLY how it works. It is brillient and LEGAL. You will see exactly what I mean a year from now and I think even you will be impressed and want to get involved because really...we as a team WILL get to help a lot of people. The beauty of ASA is we are not INVESTING and we are not doing it FOR the money! This is thousands of American citizens with a heart to serve, period. We are going to help a lot of people. Don't take my word for it...but also don't speak before actually SEEING it for yourself! Because if your personal opinion completely lacking actual facts keeps people from being a part of are going to feel legitimately bad. I understand wanting to protect people...but you need to actually talk to people, get involved, before you unintentionally hurt other people. Blessings, Kassandra [proud member of the ASA MOVEMENT]


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