Should You Start Dropshipping? Maybe Not! Take the Quiz to Find Out.

A lot of people ask if they should get into dropshipping and start a drop shipping store as their first business. Even though it's what worked for me personally, I usually end up telling 50% or more of people that they should start with something else. Even though it'd be nice if I had time to talk to everyone in the world one on one, it's just not realistic, so instead, I spent the last couple of days building this interactive "Should you start dropshipping Quiz" which should give you a concrete yes or no answer.

In general all businesses no matter what model take time, hard work, and some capital to get started. What I like about dropshipping is that you're able to do it from anywhere in the world and that you can set it up so you can make it into a semi-passive stream of income and truly live the 4-hour workweek and make money while traveling and working out of coworking spaces and coffee shops. What's even better is the fact that unlike some other online businesses, you can sell your store for a 20-30X multiple for a big return . Also since you don't have to buy any inventory upfront you don't have to worry about a huge investment, or even worry about things like shipping and packaging as your supplier will do that for you. There are definitely pros and cons to every business model out there but before we even get into that, lets first see if this business model is for you.

About the Quiz

I've built this quiz using Interact which has it's share of pros and cons itself. First off I'm not able to reorder questions after creating them, so if some of them may seem like they are in a weird order. Also originally I wanted ot have more than a Yes or No result and wanted to be able to have multiple Yes/Maybe and No/Maybe types of answers based on what you asked but the results weren't coming out correctly so I had to simplify it.

Lastly I wanted to have weighted answers like if give a certain answer to a specific question, then you will automatically get "No" as the result. But Interact only lets you show results for whichever answer had the majority chosen so please use some common sense when reading your final result. I've tried to word the questions in a way where you should be able to use your own common sense and judge for yourself if you should be getting into dropshipping or not just by thinking about the questions.

Ready for this Quiz? (This is Beta 1.1, please let me know if there are any mistakes)

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I hope you enjoyed this quiz! If you learned something, do me a huge favor and share it with your friends and in the groups! I have a feeling it'll help a lot of people get started one way or another in the type of business they should be getting into!

If you answered yes to the dropshipping quiz and want some resources including bonuses and discounts to help get yous tarted, download the Drop Shipping Discounts PDF here.

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD

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  1. Awesome, well done Johnny! Great quiz, i will share this :) I have send you an email about a few minor mistakes. Greetings from Pai! Best regards, Hans Brinkman

    1. Hey thanks H! I appreciate you sharing it with your friends! Also thanks for the spelling mistakes, I've fixed it!

    2. You are welcome. It is a very helpful quiz, really cool, everyone should check out this quiz! Have a great day!

  2. Great initiative, thanks Johnny! Looking at my options for getting started and making my way through all your podcasts - thanks for sharing. I'm a marketing professional, which is quite relevant for ecommerce, however I haven't run a store or business in this area before. Very interested in your dropship partnership concept - that would be my first choice I think, but understand I need to make a start and get some experience first.

    1. Hey thanks Mark, glad you enjoyed the quiz! Focus on building your own store first and don't wait around for me =)

  3. Thank you for the quiz. Just confirmed what I should do!

    1. I'm glad it gave you some insight on what you should do!

  4. This is much better than BuzzFeed

  5. Where do you sell items? Site, username?

    1. Dropshipppers don't openly reveal their niche due to copycats, but here's a post I wrote with an example:

  6. My wife wants to start here drop shipping buisness ill have her watch your you tube channel


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