Americans Serving Americans: ASA Movement Scam - David Ashby

I'm watching the most elaborate what looks like to me being a scam I've ever seen unfold right in front of me and it's done so well that it's going to gain momentum and cause millions of Americans to lose money. I first saw the Americans Serving Americans Movement through a sponsored facebook ad and watched their first video as it looked like it was either the start of a really cool movement or the most well done scam I've ever witnessed. It took me over an hour to figure out what they were selling, how they were making money, and how the scam worked. But it's so well done that I'm pretty sure tens of thousands of people have already fallen for it by the time I write this. By the way, everything written in this post and my blog is my personal opinion so do your own research.

But I wrote this because, when when I googled "is Americans Serving Americans" or "David Ashby" a scam and couldn't find anything. But I had such a bad feeling from it that did more research and felt like I had to share the facts and put out a warning as no one else was. The ASA Movement with David Ashby claims to be provide a solution in how to end poverty but in reality it's just a super well disguised Pyramid Scheme/MLM/BizOp scam that is using "charity work" and the good reputations of people like Martin Luther King Jr. and the Entrepreneurs from Shark Tank to convince people to sign up. Everything on my blog is my personal opinion based off my own research so do your own. But keep reading to see why from my point of view this is the biggest scam hitting America.

What is the ASA Movement?

David Ashby puts on this amazing looking documentary style video that appears he's giving a talk in front of the room of thousands, but in reality is a green screen. It sickened me that he took Martin Luther King Jr. to give himself fake credibility. Watch this first video if you haven't already and see how easily most people can be tricked into following this movement.

Also since he's not actually selling anything yet, the ads are being approved by Facebook even though it's a complete scam. David Ashby and whoever is on his team has really thought this elaborate scheme out and spent a lot of money creating this really professional looking video.

The Fake Press

Watching this again now looks like comedy but you have to remember that millions of people on facebook have no idea this is a fake press conference and think this is giving David Ashby and the the Americans Serving Americans movement credibility.

David Ashby is trying to act like Barack Obama and telling people that they are somehow entitled to get a check for $20,000 or make up to $100,000 by being a part of their complicated ASA Government.

David Ashby Scam
If this chart doesn't look like a Pyramid Scheme, I don't know what is.

Gaining Social Momentum 

Because since there's nothing to be bought yet, and ASA is preying on people's feelings about poverty, and the man holding us down, and that we should give handouts to poor people, the movement has gained a ton of momentum, both real and artificial like this bus full of people that probably have no idea what they actually signed up for. 

The Money Scam

It actually took me almost an hour of research to figure out what they were actually selling and how the pyramid scheme worked. It turns out that once you've watched the four videos and taken a bunch of quizzes, signed up, and got a bit hyped up and brainwashed into this fake movement, you can order your starter kit with your t-shirt and hat for $299.

Most people will just lose $299 buying a bunch of crap, but the real genius of the ASA Movement scam is using these people to gain momentum and get more people on board. 

But wait, there's more. The real way ASA is going to make large amounts of money is by having you raise money for them through complicated campaigns where they suggest you can earn between $20,000-$55,000 a year in extra income.

Final Thoughts

I don't like wasting my time writing these posts, but I do it for two reasons. The first is because it sickens me to see people take advantage of others by preying on their feelings and conscious. This David Ashby guy really took it too far by using MLK Jr. in his videos. Secondly, scams like this give all online businesses a bad reputation. One of the reasons why it took me so many years to even really dedicate myself the time, energy and money to build my first online business is because I was so afraid of falling for bullshit like this. 

Honestly though, it's hard to say but scams like this exist because people want an easy way to make money without doing any real work. They want to blame others for why they are broke and don't want to do what it really takes to be successful and wealthy. The honest truth is all businesses, online or off take a lot of work and are difficult, but they are possible. The real secret is to spend the time and energy to create a real marketable skill to sell products that people actually want. I know a lot of you want me to link to something you should do here either that actually works whether it's Amazon FBA, Kindle, or Dropshipping, but even though it'll help guide a lot of people, I don't want anything to think for a second I'm only writing this post to sell you something else, because I'm not. I just want to guide people who genuinely want to start their own business into the right direction on something that'll actually work regardless if you ever refer someone or not. 

If you really want to learn what works and what doesn't, just subscribe to the Travel Like a Boss Podcast and listen to the 200+ free episodes where I interview people who really are making money online and creating businesses that aren't MLM/BizOp/Pyramid Schemes. All of these businesses take hard work, but I can guarantee that they all actually work.

If you aren't convinced the MLMs are bad businesses, then taken a listen to The Dream Podcast which goes in depth and explains why being involved one one is a horrible way to burn bridges, make friends and family hate you and waste money.

Listen to all 150+ Episodes for free at

Listen to The Dream Podcast on Stitcher

Hope this helps. Let me know if it does!

Response from David Ashby

Hey Johnny FD, my advice to you is, do thorough research before you go around slandering people. One thing you will not do is use my name and reputation to sell your systems! Your article is full of nonsense and if you actually took the time to attend one of our Live Calls, you would know much more about my company and how it works.

To refer to us as a MLM is just ridiculous and slanderous. We do not pay downline commissions. People are not required to recruit others.

Pyramid/Ponzi, do you even know what those are? If so, you know that people are coming out of their pockets to pay into a system continuously. In our company, the only time people come out of their pockets is to purchase their tshirts, hats, body camera, etc. That's a one-time thing. And, that's not enough money to keep anything going.

Everyone knows that our Professional Videos are an "imitation" of a real government. That's just the style we chose for our business. In our videos, we have Eagles flying through the scenes. Do we have to explain that the Eagles aren't real either?? That's common sense. The press conference, everyone knows those aren't real reporters. We chose to imitate a press conference as supposed to putting together a boring power-point presentation.

Also, we haven't collected a dime from any of our members for their t-shirts etc, because we are currently in Pre-Launch. Example, you didn't pay a dime to get into our website. But, you want to lie about us taking money!

Here in the United States, a good example of a company that we're attempting to mirror is, the Girl Scouts. This is an organization of young ladies around the country, who raise money through selling cookies. They raise over $700,000,000 (700 million) per year. The company then shares the proceeds with their young ladies.

There are three major differences between the Girl Scouts and our company. (1) We intend to have far more Fundraising Options than just selling cookies, (2) we will have many different company income streams, as discussed on our calls, and (3) we intend to give 95% of the money back to the participants. The other 5% is to help the company expand. 0% goes to me!

Writing purposeful lies about people is malicious. And, this is not a game that you want to play with me. Just as easily as you wrote your blog full of lies and accusations, I can easily send hundreds of people to write lies on your book reviews. However, unlike yourself, I don't "pretend" to care about people. And, unlike yourself, I don't have to tear others down to make money for myself. This is my life! Helping people is my life!

You're welcome to attend any of our Live Calls and learn more about The ASA Movement! I don't mind you writing about Facts! In fact, we can even talk over the phone. And, you can ask me any questions that you may have. But, you will not continue to slander me or my company. You don't understand our company because you haven't seen anything like it yet.

Also, you make reference to me using MLK in my speech! I mention him because, He is my role model and inspiration. One, because I'm Black. Two, because he lived a selfless life. Don't ever tell me that I shouldn't mention him. Everyone, who knows me on a personal level, knows that MLK would be extremely proud of a young black man like myself!

When you're ready to talk on the phone, you let me know. Until then, I will assume that your blog is a purposeful attempt to slander me and my company. And, shortly, I will respond appropriately.

David Ashby

My Response to David 

My goal is to give everyone the knowledge to be able to succeed in whatever business they choose to get into. The majority of people watching those videos are not going to know those videos are "imitation" as they are shot to look like real news.

Anyways, everything written on my blog is my personal opinion and based on my own experience and research. Everyone reading this is free to make their own judgement. The fact that David is threatening to send hundreds of his followers to write lies on my book reviews makes me trust him even less but to mention after doing a bit more research I found out he was also involved in previous MLM's such as Penny Matrix and The Bold Approach.

So here it is, all of the info for you to make your own decision on if the ASA Movement is a scam or not. Personally I think it is. But if you want to believe it's not, that's up to you.  Comment below with your thoughts, I'd love to hear them.

2019 Update:

It seems that David Ashby and his team at the ASA MLM are really upset with me. They've been sending their followers try to discredit me all over the internet, on youtube, my blog, social media, wherever they can. Their hope is for me to either take down this blog post so more people can fall for their business, or they can discredit me by saying everything Johnny FD does is a scam so it looks like i'm not telling the truth about their company.

Someone even went as far as making a spam website with the URL johnny fd special where all of the downloads go to either a virus or some other type of spam. They must be really mad at me for calling them out, as if they were a legitimate business and not a pyramid scheme they wouldn't waste their time or do shady tactics like this to get me to back off. Luckily, I'm standing my ground and they more they post on my sites, the more I'll bring attending to ASA by posting this article in return. So if you've read Johnny FD is a scammer, liar or con-artist on random videos like my scuba diving videos and are wondering why people are trying to discredit me. It's because of "Americans Serving Americans" and David Ashby. Please help me fight back by replying to some of the videos on my youtube channel or on my facebook page or wherever else you see these hate comments by the ASA members.

He's also finally followed through with his threat and has left multiple 1 star negative reviews of my books 12 Weeks in Thailand and Life Changes Quick on Amazon.

Help me stand up and fight back against ASA. I am fortunate enough to be in a position where I can withstand their attacks, but if this blog post gets taken down, hundreds of people will get ripped off by David Ashby and Americans Serving Americans. If you've had bad experiences with getting tricked into joining ASA and have lost money with them, please let everyone know and take a stand.

These are the spam comments ASA has been leaving on my Youtube channel

Some of the 1-Star Reviews Attacks from  Life Changes Quick

Some of the 1 star review attacks from 12 Weeks in Thailand

More Updates:

Even the guys posing with the big checks have reached out to me saying that David Ashby and ASA is a scam and those checks never actually cashed.

americans serving americans asa
Great photo op, but no actual money...

Johnny FD

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  1. Welcome to the Matrix USA! I find it hilarious that David Ashby is pretending to be so self righteous and even associate Dr. MLK with his shady company.

    I did some research myself and noticed they are raising funds to open a Krispy Kreme donuts! LOL The american way! Get rich off of destroying other people's health.

    The fact that ASA is gaining momentum shows that American is in its final days as a superpower. Evil is king in the USA these things and the news is filled with crazy stories that make me shake my head.

    1. ASA is not a government. It's a MLM network disguised as a pro-people group that intends to make the top level people rich. It's a pure corporate move from a bunch of people that lack what it takes to build a legit business.

    2. It preys on people in poverty than asks them for even more money. They cannot afford your $299 hat and tshirts. These people need better schools and safer neighborhoods. What is opening a Subway going to do? NOTHING but ruin health and make a few people rich.

    3. Mocking the US government is crazy. A real government has a bill of rights, land, laws, etc. This is making a mockery of the United States and our forefathers.

    4. I'm tired of everyone complaining about poverty. Poverty is a disease. If you do right in this world, God will take care of you. Starting a few cheesy fastfood chains won't do anything but destroy health.

    Ah, who cares about health? Let's make a quick buck (sarcasm)!

    1. I would have to call your research wildly immature in its complete lack of knowledge. And in its attempt to sway opinions about something that could wake people up to the misdirection that our dishonest highly corrupt government drives the American people to some in the attempt to give our country away to those that consider us to be satanic in nature. You are either a disgruntled person that didn't make a cut somewhere probably because you were lazy or felt like you should be above having to work to get something important in life for a multitude of people being lead to slaughter by its own elected officials. You are a traitor a coward and a fool And completely unfamiliar with Gods place in humanity. But in your defense for whatever reason if feel you need one (Lost Puppy With Nothing Better To Do Than To piddle on the floor) Didn't right this complete defamatory peace of rubbish. So maybe you should go seek forgiveness for trying to misguide people simply because you were to lazy to keep up with the pack. Johnny needs to feel the shame he should for even writing a post like this. What kind of person mealy mouths people while lying through his teeth just to spark interest that he doesn't even deserve.

    2. This what trolls say when you remove the rock the are hiding under.

  2. Johnny, I read this article when it was first released and I also googled about it afterwards. You were the only one writing about it. This morning when I googled it, I found a bunch more articles and youtube videos digging into this. Pretty crazy, but it looks like you were the one to break this story. It will be interesting to follow this the next few weeks to see what happens. I'm curious to see if citizen journalism is the new direction you'll take the blog.

    1. Honestly I really didn't want to waste my time researching it or writing about it but since there was literally no other info about him or it online, I felt like it was my responsibility to break the news.

      I'm glad the word is getting out there and others are following suit.

      The best thing about being financially free is being able to tell a few people to go fuck themselves. =)

    2. That pretty much says it right there you had none before nor do you now any knowledge based on provable facts that anything that you have said here is anything other than an attempt to get attention by fabrication of complete lies and a slap in the face of anyone that would follow a completely dishonest bold face lair like you. Thin real Thin I know you can't afford to leave my reply up or let me continue to point the people in your group here with some intelligence to the real truth. And just in case you have the balls to. let me just say The only real thing Johnny says here is he did it because no one else had. Lies and false statements will never get you the fame you seek johnny you would have been better served if instead of some have ass research you had sought the truth and chose to write an honest story about real research then you would not be the scumbag you are. You could have chose to show your research and why you came to the downright stupid conclusion that there is anything negative to say about ASA or David Ashby. Or better still you could have chosen the honest path and told the truth witch is you didn't do any research. You feel you readers with rubbish that by all rights should have most of them dropping you for showing them the low integrity you poses I would not continue to read something coming from you after knowing the complete lies you have told here. Finger pointing and back stabbing for some attention is a child's game it shows immaturity and malice. Why did you chose to lie when you could have told the truth. Why would you write trash like this in the first place anti American is the only explanation for who you are and what you do. But guess what your exposed from now on everyone knows that you seek to hurt American people with foolish lies if need be. I still only have one question as an American why would you lie to me? sorry two Why are you against Americans helping get they're underprivileged, unlucky, or scammed out of what really belongs to them probably by they're own government right into the streets homeless and betrayed. Why are you anti American?

    3. Here at ASA we are set to create jobs by funding entrepreneurs. We already started funding entrepreneurs. We give out 95% that comes in back to people.

  3. I am a proud member of the ASA movement and the ASA movement is not a scam. It is not out to take Americans money. Also not that MLM or Networking Marketing is wrong but ASA is neither MLM or Network Marketing. I find David Ashby to be very professional and someone who just wants to see people achieve more in life. ASA movement is not a Ponzi and ASA movement is not a scam. I have found it to be a great movement that I am very proud to be a part of.

    1. "There's a sucker born every minute"
      Prepare to be seriously disappointed. You will lose whatever you "invest" and incur the wrath of the people you sell this crap too.

    2. I am sure you have listen to the LIVE weekly conference calls and ask questions at the end like all of the other people who have joined

  4. "Hey Johnny FD, my advice to you is, do thorough research before you go around slandering people... Pyramid/Ponzi, do you even know what those are?"

    That's kind of ironic - David Ashby is questioning your understanding of terms, where he's just demonstrated he is confused over the meaning of slander, which is defamation expressed orally. What he probably wanted to use was the term "libel", which is written defamation, expressed either in writing or electronically. In any case, the truth is a solid defense against charges of libel, and he's literally got no case here.

  5. after your done when you walk out the door ole jonny's real motive to write this crap will come out and you'll find out who the real scam is. The next thing jonny will do after you add your e-mail he will take your information and drop it into an auto responded that will send you messages try to get you to buy his fake crap that he got for nothing from clickbank. This is your scammer right here living the life off your hard earned money while you suffer and stress.

    1. SINCE WHEN ASIANS EVER CARED about MLK lol??? when all you do is EXPLOIT..EXPLOIT..EXPLOIT! - Like Kanye West said "YOU CAN'T TELL ME..NOTHIN' !!!". JOHNNY,"PREPARATION is KEY."get strapped and loaded for battle" before you call out on someone hustle. (BACKUP YOUR CLAIMS)
      Frankly ,i LOVE your post for bringing Awareness BUT this Program/Video marketing is nothing new..I think JOHNNYFD lost his Credibility Final Approach. Your reply was SO Poor and Phony. I was disappointed, because i was expecting some REAL HEAT. Unfortunately Johnny can't take it. Therefore in conclusion this post appeared to be A POINTLESS RANT written by someone else for Johnny to pickup the pieces.

  6. Americans Serving Americans is going to change many people's lives. Those who are open to serving others will be blessed beyond measure. What kind of world do we live in seeing people degrade others publicly. I hope for the future of my children that this world changes and with ASA finally launching, my children will have a better future now! ASA is a grass root movement and I am glad to be apart of it from day 1. David is an amazing man and if you could be 1/2 the man he is Johnny then perhaps you would change people's lives too. Why tear down others for wanting to do good? I really don't get humans at all! We are a force not to be reckoned with! Your words will not destroy what we will do for people! Education changes everything!

    1. What is Americans Serving Americans?
      No. We do not pay downline, upline, or sideline commissions. Members are not paid to recruit others and Members are not required to recruit others. Members do not build their own network or team.
      No. Cash Gifting utilizes some form of a Pay-it-Forward system, where members send money to others, who also send money to others.
      Here at ASA, members will not and can not send money to other members.
      No. In a Pyramid Scheme, members come out of their pockets to pay into a system continuously (typically on a monthly basis). This is often referred to as some type of monthly autoship purchase, or membership fee. The company or system then uses this money, instead of external product sales, to pay its members.
      Here at ASA, the only time people come out of their pockets is to purchase their tshirts, hats, body camera, etc. This is a one-time thing and this money is not used to pay members.
      No. A Ponzi Scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator or organization pays returns to its members from new capital, paid by new members, rather than from profit earned through legitimate sources. These systems require a steady inflow of new members, who are paying into the system.
      Here at ASA, members only earn compensation from legitimate Fundraising Events and other Company Business Operations (join our Live Calls to learn more). And, as stated before, members only come out of their pockets to pay for their t-shirts, etc.
      No. We love and respect our country, its leaders, its citizens, and all those who fight for our country.
      Here at ASA, we are not Democrats or Republicans. We have no political biases. And, we will never take any political sides. Our Movement is strictly about Serving others and helping Americans overcome Poverty!
      It's a Plane...It's a Bird...It's Superman!
      Well, not quite. But, here in the United States, a good example of a company that we're attempting to mirror is, the Girl Scouts. This is an organization of young ladies around the country, who raise money through selling cookies. They raise over $700,000,000 (700 million) per year. The company then shares the proceeds with their young ladies.
      There are three major differences between the Girl Scouts and our company, Americans Serving Americans. (1) We intend to have far more Fundraising Options than just selling cookies, (2) We will have many different company income streams, as discussed on our Live Calls, and (3) We will give 95% of the money back to the participants. The other 5% is to help the company expand. AND, 0% goes to the owners!
      Currently, our company is in Pre-Launch. We are Officially Launching ASA, aka "The Movement," once we reach 10,000 Members around the country. Come join us now!
      To learn more about how you can Serve and Earn with Americans Serving Americans,
      Watch our videos here:
      Also, join our Live Movement Calls on Tues & Thursday
      Starts @ 9:00pm EST...712-770-4982 PIN 756199#
      To Join The Movement, go here and click "How to Join"
      To stay connected, go to our Facebook Group:
      #itstime #asamovement #wethepeople #serve #earn

  7. Johnny, go invent a better wheel if you think you can. If you think ASA is such a bad idea, go build a better one, just keep your mouth shut while you do it chump.

    1. He already has. He's earning legitimate income online through several sources he goes into detail about.

      I should know - I'm doing some of it too myself, and I've been following him for a long time now. He's legit, and he's pretty fair about how he discusses topics here & elsewhere.

      You haven't made a single factual rebuttal but rather have just posted a hateful, weak comment attacking him personally.

      That won't work. Find a more positive way to handle your personal issues.

  8. Notice the ASA crowd can't say anything original. Notice they gloss over where the money they raise really goes? I have been following this thing for the longest. He can come here and claim "slander" all he wants - maybe he can pay back the people on those old "money bank" schemes he never paid people for. Yet with this new scheme all funds collected get sent to him he is over it all. Anyone one wanting the big checks promised has to put in hours and hours of fund raising - "girl scouts" For real a real clever plan. Yet in the end once people wake to the fact - they signed up for a JOB not some thing that will free THEM from poverty. $299 for a camera and t-shirt LOL what a joke This guy really think he is not making money left n right from all that goes on. STOP JUST STOP. He is just as fake as the videos he posted for a reason. FAKE IT ALL TILL YOU MAKE IT.

    1. I'm actually surprised they're still around. =)

    2. Hey Dummy oops I mean Johny make sure you do your research and check out ASA new video

  9. Slandering is a serious offense and I would think one would not make such an accusation without a thorough research or as close as possible. When one does a review one would get as close to the subject as usual, to see what actually goes on. One gets on those calls, one interviews members and by being involved, somehow you come up with a more objective result. Slander is mean spirited and does sometimes unreversed harm. You mentioned he used MLK's name. MLK was assasinated remember? So there were those even then, who didnt believe in what he did, his dreams and slandered his name also. My point, there will always be someone who objects to your cause no matter how well intended and those who even go to extremes. People will not always agree and for all the scamming we've seen we must be vigilant and assertive. For David to have MLK as his role model and dont follow in his path would be, sad and hopefully unlikely.

    Many people at some stage of their lives have been in MLMs. Some have learnt from it and moved on, so while there might be nothing wrong in you mentioning it, dont use it as a tool to judge a well intended effort.

    David did not say he would send anyone to write negative reviews about you. He said he could and thats in reference to what he thinks youre doing to him now. He also said its not him to tear peole down. Point, anyone can write anything even with ulterior motives, it doesnt mean it is truth. You knew exactly what he said.

    As you said, its your opinion but remember the harm you do when you write publicly and have an audience. For some reason, negativity can be powerful depending on the hearer and do more harm than the good that something positive would do.

    I have looked at the company and I am giving them a chance to expand even more. I pray they make the right decisions, that the right persons will be placed in the best positions they are capable of and that there'll be accountability. I pray for it go grow and grow and that the good intentions outlined by its leader, will stand rooted and grounded.

    I am not going to say what is fair and what is not about pricing. Those tshirts cost money. People spend a whole lot more on courses they never read or act on everyday. Yet he says they collected no money for them from members.

    I would hope that their strategies be clear and don't mislead. That persons are aware that the press conferences are one of their strategies and not intended to be misleading. In his post he said everyone knows. I am thiking he is saying its not an hidden agenda that they have. There are new people watching everyday and in everything there are going to be the unawares. That's why we do our research.

    I personally will support this company. They have outlined their plans and it is of interest and something worth moving with. I am not going to kill anyone's dream. The company is growing and I pray for them to stay on the right path with much success with their goals on helping Americans grow.

    For some reason though, I knew there would be a promotion in your foot notes.

  10. I am in ASA movement as well. I've been working with David and many many others for years as he has so brilliantly created it. It is not a scam or Paramyd scheme and I could tell you EXACTLY how it works. It is brillient and LEGAL. You will see exactly what I mean a year from now and I think even you will be impressed and want to get involved because really...we as a team WILL get to help a lot of people. The beauty of ASA is we are not INVESTING and we are not doing it FOR the money! This is thousands of American citizens with a heart to serve, period. We are going to help a lot of people. Don't take my word for it...but also don't speak before actually SEEING it for yourself! Because if your personal opinion completely lacking actual facts keeps people from being a part of are going to feel legitimately bad. I understand wanting to protect people...but you need to actually talk to people, get involved, before you unintentionally hurt other people. Blessings, Kassandra [proud member of the ASA MOVEMENT]

  11. I am a member of ASA. I know for a fact there is a lawsuit against David Ashby. To make ASA strong again, David Ashby must step down.

    1. My name is Fred Langschwager. I am head of the ASA Compliance Department. Ruel Lapiz, you are an absolute liar. You are not an ASA Member. We looked you up and you do not have an ASA ID Number. In fact, you do not even have an ASA T-shirt. You made the same allegations on our Facebook Page under a different name. It seems like you are a Kula Member who is upset that David is taking legal action against your company. Get over it...To become an ASA Member, you must pass a background check and complete a long Certification Course. You haven't done either. You're desperate and obviously have a lot of time on your hands. Just sad.

    2. I am not stupid to write my real name. I signed the Non-disclosure agreement at David's mini-banks. You don't even know whether I am a man or woman. But I do know for sure that you will sue anyone who will say David Ashby is a scammer. Well, I will say this: DAVID ASHBY IS A SCAMMER and he needs to leave ASA! He has no place in ASA whatsoever.

    3. Here's a clue. Nobody knows David Ashby more than my sister ;)

    4. This blog is pretty bang on regarding the fake press.
      Take a look and notice all the acting.

      Without David Ashby, ASA would be so much better. And most probably, me and my sister would have already made profit. It's been more than a year and we haven't made a single penny.

    5. It’s so easy to know when someone is pretending to be an ASA Member. Let me educate you so that you can get your story straight. ASA just officially launched on January 20th 2018. This means, prior to this date, you couldn’t even purchase your ASA Campaign Kit, which contains your t-shirts, hats, body camera, campaign boards, etc.

      You stated that you have been in ASA for a year and that you haven’t earned a penny. Well, that’s funny because a year ago, you couldn’t even purchase your Campaign Kit to officially join ASA. Also, you seem to not realize that ASA is a fundraising company. How many car washes, cookouts, bake sales, or sporting tournaments did you participate in?

      Are you saying that you have been actively participating in fundraising events and not getting paid? You should have at least watched our presentations before you started telling your lies. Once again, you’re not in ASA. You don’t even have a basic understanding of how it works. You have never participated in a single fundraiser. You say that you do not want to reveal yourself because you do not want to get sued. Here’s an easy solution. Take your ASA Hat and Body Camera and place it on a table. Then, take a sheet of paper and write your fake name, Ruel Lapiz. Put the sheet of paper next to your ASA Hat and Body Camera. Take a picture of these three items.

      You saw people fundraising in our videos from a year ago and then used that in your lies. Well, if you were truly on the inside, you would know that was beta fundraising going on to create training videos on how to properly organize ASA Fundraising Events. ASA just launched officially this year. You can continue to go around with your fake accounts and lies. It will not hurt us at all. But, it definitely gives us more material to present in court about your company.

      We look forward to seeing your picture. As you should know, the ASA Hat and Body Camera does not have your ID Number on it. So, take the picture and prove that you’re telling the truth.

  12. A company is only as strong as its weakest link. Having David Ashby in ASA and bringing with him his expertise in conning people, tarnishes ASA's reputation. He has scammed so many in years.

    1. I am a member of ASA - Americans Serving Americans. ASA is not a scam. Mr. David Ashby is not a scammer. ASA is not for everyone. We have millionaire celebrities that have joined ASA and lend their expertise, experience and most importantly their time to The Movement. I personally met three of said persons at the Jan. 20, 2018 official launch of ASA in Atlanta, Georgia. All of these celebrities spoke glowingly about ASA and they spoke in public at the launch in Jan. Some of our celebrity members currently can be viewed on YouTube: see what Evander Holyfield has to say about ASA. Listen to Evander share his tips for success. Check out this link also and view a live recorded interview of Forbes Riley at: Listen to Forbes Riley tell you about her passions and share her tips for success. If you really want to know the whole ASA Story check out this YouTube link: Mr. David Ashby has nothing to hide from. He has put everything out in the open so people can make educated choices about if ASA is something they want to be a part of or not. My suggestion for the haters out there. Please hold your negative comments, but continue to keep tabs on us and allow The Movement to get solidly on its feet - we should be rolling by September 2018 - and then make another unbiased assessment. One thing I can assure everyone, there is nothing any of you can do or say that will defeat ASA. I am excited and I am ready to serve, learn, earn and have fun!

  13. From an insider: There is trouble brewing within David Ashby's circle right now. More and more people are starting to believe he is not fit to run ASA. There are more credible people in his circle. I can't wait for these things to unfold. David Ashby must step down.

    1. Insider? You're the one professing to be the insider.... oh my

  14. Well well another uneducated soul who got lost in the crowd. Not to mention that you do not even reveal your own name says a lot about a person. Maybe you should just keep track of all the new entrepreneurs that are getting funded by ASA for the startup of their business. We have so many people already getting paid for their hard work and many new biz owners proud to be partnering up with us. It must really hurt to be a loser right Ruel Lapiz? If you like us to send you some amazing videos we have done recently with our Eagles then please send us your email so we can enlighten you! Jealousy is an ugly trade to have but we forgive you for that . Sounds like we have caught a KB member in the act of it . So sorry you have so much have in you while others are showing success. Wish you all the best ! Trolls be trolls hahaha

  15. Well well another uneducated soul who got lost in the crowd. Not to mention that you do not even reveal your own name says a lot about a person. Maybe you should just keep track of all the new entrepreneurs that are getting funded by ASA for the startup of their business. We have so many people already getting paid for their hard work and many new biz owners proud to be partnering up with us. It must really hurt to be a loser right Ruel Lapiz? If you like us to send you some amazing videos we have done recently with our Eagles then please send us your email so we can enlighten you! Jealousy is an ugly trade to have but we forgive you for that . Sounds like we have caught a KB member in the act of it . So sorry you have so much hate in you while others are showing success. Wish you all the best ! Trolls be trolls hahaha


    When someone do a blog on a company and that person is not even involved in that company that tells me 100 percent of that information posted is false. Johnny, it tells me you are making false accusations against Americans Serving Americans. On top of that you want to bash a company you really don't know about and then you trying to get clients to sign up for your product or services. Who the real bad guy here? I will wait for your answer!!! Make it a great day.

  17. The plot thickens, it is quite obvious you don't have a clue of what you're talking about. But in the meantime get educated. #ASA ALL THE WAY DUDE

  18. I just don't get why someone would try to ruin something that is helping so many people. I guess that is how the world is today, but know this myself and so many people know the truth and that is that there is good in the world and we are harnessing that good and spreading it all around with ASA!I wont bash or say any harsh words because I will not put myself down to that level, but I will say this ASA David Ashby and all the other great folks that I surround myself with will be around helping humanity while you go on with your hate filled blogs and we will not give you a second thought!

  19. I find it pretty laughable that these bloggers are making baseless claims against not only David Ashby but our whole ASA family who happen to be well rounded respectful people , sometimes the mouth & eyes of deceiving hateful snakes comes with an equal envious heart such as these bloggers !! I have been in mlm's before & have payed lots of money to join programs with respected leaders only to take a loss ((( believe me this ASA Movement ))) is the farthest thing from an mlm/scam but you clowns are blinded & far from the truth !! I haven't lost any money or recruited anybody to make a commission , I am in Mr Ashby's circle along with hundreds of personal friends & I think I can speak for any of them ; this man is absolutely a true , genuine & humble leader that will help many people for many years with his brilliance . God will push him , the company that he has built over any misinformed demon , believe that !! I have learned so much from David that it's not even funny , you can believe the hating blog snakes out there like this Johnny guy & this bozo claiming to be an ASA member that's flapping slanderish BS for publicity ( poor deceitful Kula person ) or you can do as me & my kids did & prosper with life long knowledge that I will pass to them for their children (( Thank you David Ashby & I mean it from the heart , God got's you & will strike these deceitful demons down ) ... ASA will bless many families for many years .

  20. Action speaks louder then words. Americans Serving Americans has already helped many entrepreneurs by funding their businesses. ASA has already started to help people see better days. ASA has already planted seeds so that peoples dreams can become a reality. ASA's vision is to help the American people.

  21. Oh man!Not another KB MEMBER! LOL If anyone is going to take you seriously you really need to be honest. You are NOT a ASA member. And you honestly have no clue what you are talking about. That's how I know you are lying. Instead of bashing something you truly know nothing about, why don't you take that time and do something more productive such as serving your community like we are doing! Americans Serving Americans is just that! We don't recruit. We don't need to. People from all over have chosen to serve their communities and fellow Americans. Your feeble attempts to discredit David Ashby and Americans Serving Americans is really going to end up showing that YOU are truly the one who earned discredit. Please take the time to educate yourself before you run your mouth. And I also think YOU need to stop lying and how about you tell everyone who you really are!! KB is going down the toilet! It's such a joke!! And so are you pal!

    1. FYI Karat Bars is not the same as ASA

    2. You know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. #ASA #ASAMOVEMENT #READYTOSERVE
      I think I will use this opportunity to promote how amazing our ASA FAMILY is and of course the incredible #DavidAshby


    3. Ruel LapizApril 5, 2018 at 11:10 PM
      FYI Karat Bars is not the same as ASA

      You are right, its not the same! ASA is real and so is David Ashby. So called businesses like karat bars is mlm. You either have to buy a lot of there product or try and get people to buy their so called product in order to make money. ASA is legit and real.

      ASA is an incredible opportunity! I am proud to be part of it and its a pleasure to work with David Ashby and my fellow members!

      Keep recruiting for your Kula brands business! You might make a $1 one day.

  22. Very disheartening. The false accusations, the uneducated "truths" being spread. Honestly, can the time not be spent on solving problems instead of bashing those trying to help, make a difference? Solid businesses take time to build properly and if you want more than an "overnight sensation" for a few months, then, you better be patient and work. David Ashby is our leader of ASA, however, there are many others that have done their homework, really checked into the validity of the ASA, and, have made the decision to align with us. They are well-educated, hard working millionaires that have blazed their own trail of success, and, are coming on board with us at ASA. Enough Said........ now, we shall wait for more educated comments, if possible.

  23. Americans Serving Americans is an amazing community of people that are dedicated to helping people. We give to the American people by serving others proudly. We are not mlm, sales or network marketing. I ask that you at least take the time to find out more about community and how it can help thousands of people just like yourself, gain control of their future. It costs nothing to learn about us. Caring is sharing. God Bless.

  24. You sheeple really don't have a clue who David Ashby is, do you? LOL
    You don't have a clue how many people he's stolen money from over the years. You will soon find out 'coz they've banded together. And with help from some inside your organization, I believe they will be able to overthrow David. He needs to be replaced by a sincere person. The way I see it, David Ashby is only good in theatrics. And no, I wouldn't wear an ASA swag with a leader like that. We will build a better ASA, 1000 times better than what it is now. Because right now, ASA is like a cult that I cannot be proud to be part of.


  25. When I saw this blog I thought here is someone that has no idea what Americans Serving Americans is. People are already earning from the work that they do and not from any down line because ASA is NOT network marketing, I myself have no down line. There is so much to ASA, and people will know in time all that it offers and what is involved. Take time to view all the new videos online and the Amazing, Successful, Hardworking Millionaires being introduced that are working in and with Americans Serving Americans. These are Successful, Talented, Hardworking Millionaires that are well known Everywhere. Americans Serving Americans has already helped many entrepreneurs by funding their businesses and these Millionaires are helping make this happen. Never have I been so Excited to be part of something so Huge. You can post all kinds of negative posts but it won't stop what is coming. Pay Attention and do some better research. Sweet days ahead for all! Americans Serving Americans!!!

  26. I am blessed and honored to be a part of the ASA movement. Our Eagles are dedicated and successful, helping entrepreneurs launch their businesses. ASA has already funded many, changing lives for the better. Thank you David Ashby for sharing your vision. God bless!

  27. What i find to be strange about this post is the person Johnny says his goal is to inform people so they can make an educated decision but the issue is his information isn't accurate and uneducated. So, how can someone make an educated decision if you provide inaccurate information. The only way to get accurate info is to ask people who actually know about the ASA movement. Don't ask people who only have an interest in putting money in his own pockets by lying about another company. By putting statement like NOT LEGIT is to say you have found legal proof of this claim then you should know that if you haven't found legal proof then legally ASA can sue you for slander so you want to choose your words carefully unless you know exactly what you are talking about and based on what you have said you have no clue what you are talking about.

  28. I have known and been involved with David Ashby for more than five years now. After medical issues and the collapse of the housing market in 2008 cost me an upper management job in the construction industry I turned once again to the internet to try and make money. Yes, I said once again, because in the past 20 years I have tried many things to make extra money on the net and in most cases wound up losing both money and time. Until I met David it was nothing but complete failure. David has a special talent few have these days. Besides being a great leader and a visionary he is also an obedient servant of God with a huge heart. A heart that cares very much for his fellow man. What was once a search for income has become a mindful way to help other Americans less fortunate than even myself. David’s vision for Americans Serving Americans is a selfless opportunity for all Americans to take part in changing the future economy in America by creating jobs and ending poverty. We do not want members who just want to make money, we want members who want to serve and help American families and businesses.

  29. Gotta love this guy too. LOL

    1. You are not a part of ASA and you should be ashamed to continuously keep slandering the legitimate company and David Ashby's name. I am a part of ASA and I am proud of what we are doing to help others. ASA is not MLM, cash gifting or anything like that. Do some real research about ASA, and stop making up lies. I'm going to say a prayer for you, take care.

    2. Oh sheeple. Don't worry. WE WILL MAKE ASA GREAT AGAIN!
      It's only a matter of time before the seasoned scam artist will be replaced. A working plot is in play. ;)

    3. LONG LIVE A.S.A.!!!
      WITHOUT DAVID ASHBY of course.

  30. ASA is great Mr David is great leader who are you

  31. ASA is far from a scam... Maybe you should do some due diligence on the company and all the LEGIT "Eagles" and investors who are extremely high profile people who are promoting and endorsing the company! You should get your information straight before you get slandered even further! Only weak and insecure people put down companies not knowing the true facts to try to get their own ratings up or to try to generate more business for themselves.

  32. What I see is that this blog has forced many to inquire, to have a voice, and to come together for what ASA stands for, the people. ASA stands for Americans Serving Americans, which means, as of right now, we are helping those living here in America and you do not live here in America nor are you an American. How can you fathom the struggles anyone in this nation has endured? You have just gave this amazing movement the publicity it needs to continue to fund entrepreneurs and to change the lives of our fellow Americans and their families by SERVING them.

    It is funny how you are trying to make false accusations on a movement you really do not know anything about. On your blog you posted, numerous times, “EVERYTHING ON MY BLOG IN MY PERSONAL OPINION”. You are truly revealing to everyone how ugly and dark many hearts are, to keep many in poverty, by trying to promote their own agenda. Instead of being a part of the solution, you and many others out there, are trying to stop a movement that can enrich people’s lives by keeping them in this sickness called poverty, causing much pain to the American families.

    As I stated before this Movement is called Americans Serving American and you do not live in America nor are not an American so your words do not hold any weight on this matter at all. I do not need to defend this Movement the positive momentum it has already generated, the Eagles and those who are successful entrepreneurs, know a wonderful opportunity or investment when they see it, why? Because they want to be a part of the solution not the problem and they are Americans.

    This Movement is about SERVING each other no matter the race,gender, or color. It is bringing people together on common ground to fight poverty. Also, it is putting a smile on the faces of families who have struggled for far too long. I know Elohim is the source, and He will position a Movement like this for the people.

    We are impacting lives by serving our families, our communities, and our country. I am extending this call to you now, because one day there will be an ASA Thailand and like the rest of us, I hope you will say “ I AM READY TO SERVE”!!

  33. I have known and been involved with David Ashby for more than five years now. After medical issues and the collapse of the housing market in 2008 cost me an upper management job in the construction industry I turned once again to the internet to try and make money. Yes, I said once again, because in the past 20 years I have tried many things to make extra money on the net and in most cases wound up losing both money and time. Until I met David it was nothing but complete failure. David has a special talent few have these days. Besides being a great leader and a visionary he is also an obedient servant of God with a huge heart. A heart that cares very much for his fellow man. What was once a search for income has become a mindful way to help other Americans less fortunate than even myself. David’s vision for Americans Serving Americans is a selfless opportunity for all Americans to take part in changing the future economy in America by creating jobs and ending poverty. We do not want members who just want to make money, we want members who want to serve and help American families and businesses.

  34. I am a proud member of Americans Serving Americans. ASA helps fund new businesses and creates better paying jobs which provides members families with financial relief.
    David Ashby has a servants heart and is of the utmost integrity. Neither David or members of ASA bash others for financial gain.

  35. So what happened to the payment that was promised to the G300 Minibanks people? It was supposed to be on Monday. Same old, same old? Just empty promises? LMAO!

    You sheeple should stop praising your god David Ashby. Once our chosen leader replaces him, I promise you there will be no more delays. That's a guarantee!!!!

  36. And if you think Evander Holyfield should be the one to replace David Ashby, definitely NOT! He is one filthy eagle too.

  37. What’s sad is all of you ASA groupies will follow for a year before you realize you aren’t getting anything except the shaft. Hoffman did exactly this launching Kula brands taking a huge salary and then leaving 5000 ish people in the lurch as he purposely ditched them to do the same exact thing with ASA to con 5000 more. Billionaires like this deserve a special punishment. They fear nothing but should.

  38. My husband is a member of this ASA outfit and has been for 2-3 years now. He does everything that he is asked to do as a member and as his wife I initially supported him as this was a way to earn extra income for our family. I have yet to see the promise of extra income and I'm tired of hearing him tell me "It's coming." Especially when he has taken food off our table to help fund this group. He gets frustrated because I deserve accountability so when I ask about the status of the group he gets angry. So I dont talk to him anout it anymore. So let me ask you all. Where are the data, empirical evidence, so-called success stories that you can present to me that challenge Johnny's opinion? I am a science teacher and I'm skeptical by nature. Show me the evidence please that this is a legit organization. Thank you.

    1. I agree with you 100%! I have not seen a dime and I too have been with ASA for nearly 3 years. They just created yet another mini bank to supposedly help members start earning. I'm not buying the lie.
      I wish you and your husband all the best but its not looking too good.

  39. I was lured into this David Ashby scam three years ago. In that time, this man has made so many promises, that never have come true. In the summer of 2016 he told us "We will be very happy by Christmas!" meaning we will start to be paid based on how many of his phony $200 positions we have bought. Well Christmas 2018 is approaching, do you think he has paid us a single cent, NO! In these three years since joining he has abused, threatened and forced us to do all kinds of things and if we don't do as instructed we will be removed from his ridiculous so called mini bank. We have endured his ridiculous mandatory conference calls where he repeats things over and over and over and have to send him these codes to prove that we are on the call or we will be removed. These calls sometime last for three hours or more. Pure torture! We aren't allowed to talk among ourselves, again the penalty is removal. We aren't allowed to be invested in similar type businesses or we will lose our money. He has on occasion offered a refund, but says he has no idea when it will be paid! Thanks a lot for that! We are forced to do certain "assignments" and send him video proof we have done them or we will be removed. One time we had to join 1000 Facebook groups as one of his assignments. This took forever and we were constantly suspended from Facebook because we were joining too many groups at once. He did not care one bit that it was happening to us! Just said we had to keep going! Again having to send him proof for each group we joined. When he has been asked questions he has threatened removal if asked when we will start to be paid. He said he should be trusted, but he doesn't trust anyone himself! We have been ignored. The project that was supposed to launch has been basically abandoned. We never hear about it anymore. But he says he can pay us IF we "volunteer" to beg with buckets on the street and send him the money! This is the final straw for me! To tell people that they will be paid from begging and to send him the money is just ridiculous! I would think that would be against the law! He needs to be turned in to some authority who can make this man stop this abuse! You have to wear one of his hats with a camera on your head! Probably have to send him proof of what you're doing by filming it all! (I don't know that part for sure, but it wouldn't surprise me!) He wants proof of everything we do! BUT BEGGING!!! He has also said we need to have bake sales and car washes and send him the money we make! Unbelievable! This man is a narcissistic abuser who has stolen and continues to steal money. He lies over and over and needs to be stopped!

  40. He recently sent us an email saying that he cannot pay us cause he is being looked at now by the authorities and paying us would bring unwanted attention. What sense does that make!? It's the other way around fool! Paying us all this money would bring attention to him and his HUGE bank accounts and payments, but he can deliver a check for $40,000, $200,000, etc. to entrepreneurs. What a joke! They're not even real checks. Show us a cashier's check David! If this wasn't all bad enough, this fool tries to start up a whole new Mini Bank in the last few months saying that if you join THIS Mini Bank, he'll all of the sudden be able to pay people...hmmmm. Why not pay people from the two previous Mini Banks David!? All of the sudden his account is ok and able send payments. The catch to this new Mini Bank is he wants you to sign a whole new NDA stating all kinds of bizarre crap like saying you'll pay for his legal fees if he's ever charged with anything. Are you cult-like followers still believing this man?? All they can say is, "ready to serve" Sad. To top it all off, he's seeking 100 people (only 100 now even though he's been seeking these for 2 months now) that will literally go on street corners and beg for money for him with a bucket and hat with a camera on it. The camera is to make sure you aren't stealing money from this man. God forbid you steal from are then to send the money to him. Lord knows where it goes. Probably to David's Ashole's rent. Who is this desperate to do this for this fraudster!? I can beg for a change on a corner all by myself! I almost forgot Levare. These are pills that this guy is pushing now along with a man named Dr.Lomax whose been in trouble with the law before (search it, it's true). He's gotten so desperate that David is using his poor mom to help push these pills through online videos. How sad! In closing, I would post this in David's ASA group, but he has a group that watch and delete posts in that group and in the chat that they consider "negative". All you're allowed to post is, "ready to serve", "Wow! Amazing David" thanks to him and his hencemen like one P.O.S. named Miguel Hills. I hope I see all these fraudsters especially David Ashby wearing that goofy red hat in prison soon. I know for a fact that the authorities have already been contacted and are aware of them (him).

    1. No more updates. Where are the updates D. Ashby?

  41. It's so good to see real, negative posts on this guy. I too joined about 3 years ago even though my wife did not want me to. I have made nothing in those 3 years. He just comes up with more crap. What wasn't mentioned was these crap videos that he makes pretending to be a big deal, acting like he has an arena audience, phoney reporters chasing him and wanting to interview him, and acting like he's in the Whitehouse. My wife watched them and wanted to barf. Now he's supposedly coming out with a tv show. Is that gonna be on pretend tv? Can you imagine this charlatan being on actual tv? What about these "celebrity" Eagles that he has that no one has ever heard of outside of the bankrupt Evander Holyfield. Who the f*** is Brock Felt!?

  42. I hate David Ashby. He has stole all my money and is nothing but a crook. I hope one day he is brought to justice. He can kiss my black ass.

    1. First of all let me state that MY NAME IS JAMES KIHIKA! I am the ONLY JAMES KIHIKA in the ASA Company! I have been involved for over 4 yrs. I would like to state that the "Comments" above are NOT MY COMMENTS nor do they correctly state my feelings or opinion of DAVID ASHBY! Someone is using my name to help boost their "agenda" against ASA and Mr. Ashby! I DO NOT AGREE with the statement and I want to let everyone who reads this blog know that it is NOT True and the "negative" statements noted in this "article" are ALL based on incorrect info and quite frankly...LIES! The fact that anyone can post something online and use MY NAME just goes to show how far people will go to advance their agenda! NO business is for EVERYONE and that is why you have the CHOICE to become involved or NOT! But to use FALSE AND MISLEADING formats to advance your own is NOT the way to go. I'm not here to try to convince anyone to join ASA or Mr. Ashby, but I am responding because MY NAME was used for their Lies! I don't go on these types of "blogs" and the only way I knew was because someone saw it and informed me. So please DO NOT USE MY NAME TO BOOST YOUR BLOG AGAIN!! ....the "REAL" JAMES KIHIKA!!!!!!

  43. "You will see exactly what I mean a year from now and I think even you will be impressed and want to get involved because really ... we as a team WILL get to help a lot of people."

    That was November 15, 2017. I profess that ASA has done NOTHING impressive and not helped anyone who had been targeted for help – i.e., people in poverty. I enrolled in a "Mini-Bank Course" coming up on 3 years ago, and not only have I not been given an opportunity to make money, there hasn't even been a "weekly" call for what is likely a year. There are NO calls. NOTHING from ASA. Even the page about the Eagles has said "4 more being announced soon" for at least 6 months. These folks have a misleading definition of "soon."


    David took in many, many THOUSANDS of dollars from folks in this "Mini-Bank." Where did our money go? My guess is that among other things like the goofy fake videos, it's our Mini-Bank's money that was used to pay members of a previous Mini-Bank. And that right there begins to wreak of Ponzi. And yeah, I know what a Ponzi scheme is. I'm a lawyer and law professor, bud. I enabled you to fool me.

    What's most amazing is that David has shown his face in public. People do know who he is. But he's so lawyered-up and had us all sign extraordinarily one-sided agreements that protect him from liability ... for now. If all this is ever deemed by a court or regulatory agency to be fraudulent, these agreements we signed will be deemed void for violating public policy. But I don't anticipate I'll ever see a dime from ASA, including even the money I put into it. That's gone. Never shell out money you can't afford to lose. I have the money to lose. But I expect that I'm one of the anomalies. Many, many others have no money to lose. In my book, you stole from them, "Mr. Ashby."

    Here's the lesson: ANYONE who claims again and again that their genius plan is going to change the world – a claim David has made again and again – is full of hubris. Such folks are all over the place with new ideas, never following through on the one's that will make others money. You, David, are NOT going to rid the world or even the country or even Atlanta of poverty. Had I heard you promising that at the time I joined, I'd have kept my money and walked away snickering at your utter ridiculousness.

    I don't give a f*** what you say. It's bull****. And you just may be too stupid to know it. You've played on people's unrealistic hopes and dreams. And many of those people are near destitute. Your heart is black, my man. You're a sham.

    1. I don't know what you've been smoking or what you did to get yourself kicked out but we have recieved weekly email updates as well as weekly(sometimes more) calls. We are all(those of us who were smart enough to stay) kept up to date in the progression of ASA. Has it taken some time? Yes. But so does every major business. People scoffed at the idea of amazon and look at that guy. Whether you like it or missed out big time. We are going places and we are going to change America. Not you, not johnny fd, not anybody will stop us. Theres too many lives that can benefit from ASA and that's just not something we are going to quietly give up. So quit your pissing party and be happy for an emerging business built to help others and put and end to poverty. Peace.

  44. Dear Johnny FD, you have poor use of the English language. Good spelling, spell-check, and good punctuation, again, spell-check. However the way you have place words in the order of many sentences are grammatically incorrect. Try to understand I mean well to you by mentioning this corrective criticism. I see conjunctions, adverbs... thats about it, which are out of place. An new paragraph should never begin with 'anyways' either. The poor use of grammar does, even if you or others do not realize it, hinder intellectual growth and understanding of the people.

    1. You have contributed nothing to the topic at hand so all your command of the English language has been in vain. Please be happy knowing that your grammar is good, but you don't use it for anything productive.

    2. I pretend I'm all for David Ashby on his FB pages because I'm forced to. The real truth is-he's nothing but I lying scammer.

    3. He's now making these poor saps post fake videos and take fake pics of those buckets stuffed with paper at the bottom of them with $100 of their own money straight from an ATM pretending they just collected from donors. So sad and sick.

  45. I know this company is not a scam I been in it for 4 years we have just launched this year we are having great success with this business plus I am not trying to bash you its just not a accurate statement.

  46. How can you call us a scam and you not even in the US ASA we are doing big things and changing lives! Stop bad mouthing something you know nothing about.

  47. Selfish evil scammer! Get out of the way!

  48. Ok, so I read your "blog" post here on ASA and I found absolutely no real information here. It was scattered thoughts and claims of a scam. You make it clear you are not a part of this organization, that you have not joined it, and have not taken the time to really learn how everything is going to work. Yet you call it a scam? Where are your facts?

    I watched the videos and if anyone, as you claim thousands and thousands will, take those as being real and legitimate video's then those people are way beyond gullible. It was quite obvious to me that he wasn't talking in front of thousands of people or having a real press conference. He was presenting information in a unique and different way than really any other business opportunity I've looked at in the past.

    Then I watched this hour or so long presentation video that went very much in to details on who Americans Serving Americans is, how you can earn money with them, and what was required. I saw nothing that screamed out scam to me. Yes you go help raise money which apparently will be used for entrepreneurs who will start up or expand their businesses. You are not limited in how you do this so you are not just standing on a street corner "begging" as some have put it. You could do many activities to raise funds, however you want. Yes you do have to meet certain goals that they set forth to earn an income but any business opportunity is going to have that. I fail to see what the problem would be as by doing this you earn an income by meeting goals, entrepreneurs get business funding. With new or expanded businesses is going to come more jobs for people.

    If anyone is scamming anyone Johnny in my opinion it would be you. You are not even from the US apparently yet you are trying to bring down someones entrepreneurial endeavor out of some petty attitude. You saw an opportunity to get thousands of people searching for more information on this company and have most likely paid to get your blog into such a high position. Then you offer your own products for sale to these people trying to present yourself as some kind of professional. You are just hoping to discourage people from joining so that they will spend their money on you, most likely getting nothing of real value in return. So who's the real scammer?

  49. I'm here to say that David Ashby is a fraud. And a sick one at that. I know for a fact that he is now making these people that signed up for his "collecting money for ASA and American entrepreneurs" take phony pics of themselves holding a supposed a full bucket of money that they have collected on streets or by doing certain good deeds for random people. What this sick fraud is making them do is stuffing paper at the bottom of these buckets, then going to ATM's and withdrawing hundreds of dollars from their own accounts and placing that money on top of the paper at the bottom of the bucket to make it look full. You also never see them actually collecting the money or if you see them supposedly doing one of their good deeds, you never see the actual people they are doing it for. Somehow they all seem to collect exactly $100 and meet their "quota". They had this one fool named Eric Jones make a video of him supposedly fixing a neighbors heat. Of course he makes sure he never shows himself actually fixing it, saying his video wouldn't work in the attic. Then he shows a check supposedly written by the homeowner, but she wants to remain anonymous. I can't believe his people believe this shit. The same guy is in a later video raking leaves for a just a random person. In fact, multiple people have posted videos of them just raking leaves for random people all around the same day. This too was forced. What takes the cake is this weird blonde named Stephanie France who seems to be up for anything to sell this David Ashby scam. In one of her videos she pretends to be going door to door selling some coupon book. Of course, the only video of this is after the fact of her and her daughter in the car AFTER. She also posted one of her supposedly going around delivering lumpia to people who are willing to donate to ASA. Of course, her phony video ends right before she "delivers". The same goes for her fake video of her supposedly picking up groceries for an elderly lady that would rather remain anonymous. Nothing tops her video of her in her son's bedroom pushing this "Crossroads" drink (that's supposedly for addicts coming off of Heroin) that she is ok with her son drinking, but he cannot have sodas nor energy drinks. I bet if David Ashby was pushing sodas they would be fine for for son. I hope these people realize that they are all part of this scam. They know what they are doing is fake and part of this fraud and this sick man's scam. These people remind me of Jim Jones's followers. I have been in this Mini Bank of Ashby's for 3 years as well and have not made a dime. I also know for a fact that he reads this blog and sends his followers here to dispute claims like mine and others. If they try to defend or contradict anything that I have posted, they are LIARS. I personally know one of the people that David made stuff the paper in one of those buckets, go to an ATM to withdraw money, and take a pic of themselves making it look like they had collected money.

  50. I'm here to say that David Ashby is nothing but a fraud. He now lowered himself even lower (if that's possible) by making people take fake pics and make fake videos of themselves with their hats and t-shirts on holding buckets which appear to be full of cash that they supposedly just collected from standing in front of stores or by doing out jobs for people. The funny thing is you never see these people ever doing that actual work. Somehow they just end up with a bucket full of cash or are given money from a neighbor (that never wants to appear on camera) for doing a supposed good dead. I know for a fact that he is making these people lie and hence they are involved in his fraud. He for a fact is making these people place stuffing at the bottom of those buckets, then go to an ATM and withdraw 100's of dollars out of their own accounts and placing it on top of the stuffing to make it look full. He then makes these people post a pic of them with their hat and t-shirt posing with this "full" bucket acting like they just collected it. Others are making phony videos for him. One fool named Eric Jones has one of him supposedly fixing a neighbor's heat. Amazingly he cannot take video of him actually fixing it, but at the end of the video ends up with a check of $200 from someone that doesn't want to appear on camera. Can't believe his cult followers are believing this shit. There's several from a weird woman named Stephanie France who pretends to be driving around helping a neighbor buy groceries or delivering some food to neighbors. Funny the video always ends before you actually see her doing any of this. She even makes a video pushing that Crossroads drink for her young son that is supposed to be for drug addicts trying to get off of Another is by a guy named Daniel Duncan that happens just happens to have $100 bill in his bucket (funny how they always end up with $100) from doing landscaping for random people. Again you never see the phantom people nor him doing the actual work just blowing straw around in his trunk from another hard job of course. The best part is when he pulls the $100 bill out of his bucket. It's stiff, straight out an ATM so he makes sure he crumbles it up. What a joke! More videos from another cult follower named Todd Wilson supposedly cleaning snow off random neighbors driveways at 2:00 in the morning. Again, never see him doing any of the actual "good deed". First, who in the hell would be out at 2 in the morning scraping snow of off neighbor's driveways. Second, my bet is he just took video of people who had already shoveled their own driveways and is taking credit for it. I hope the people that are taking these fake pics and making these fake videos for David Ashby realize you are part of the problem and part of the scam he's running. You may go down right along with him. In closing before he or one of this cult followers might come here and try to rebut my claims, let me state again that I know for a fact that he's asking these people post these false claims because I know personally know one of the people that he tried to make make of these fake videos and they refused.

  51. David Ashby is a lying piece of shit fraud.

  52. PART 1 OF 3

    My name is David Ashby and I am the founder and Vice President of Americans Serving Americans. I want to personally respond to various allegations made by the author of this blog and a few of the commenters.

    This blog is interesting for multiple reasons. For starters, the individual who has written this blog lives in Thailand. According to his own words, “when I googled, is Americans Serving Americans or David Ashby a scam, I couldn't find anything.” So I guess, he then decided to let everyone know about me and my American company. hmmmmmm. Based on what information Thailander?! This entire blog is monetized and Johnny wanted to be the first to take advantage of any traffic generated from whoever would be wondering if we’re a scam.

    Supposedly, I am a professional scammer who has been scamming thousands of people for many years, BUT, there are five “different” people on this blog who supposedly know me and have something negative to say about me. I don't control this blog. Hence, I'm not able to delete comments from it. So, if these statements about me are true, there should be at least dozens of people calling me out for being a scammer right? Ohhhhhhh, that's right! I make people sign NDA's. hmmmmm. And, these NDA's allow me to continue to scam thousands of innocent people?!

    This blog was posted February 2017. It is now December 2018. That’s almost two years ago. When you search my company name, Americans Serving Americans, this blog appears within the top 5 search results, no matter which search engine you use. So, it has been almost 2 years and there are only five different people, commenting on this blog, who have something negative to say about their experience with me and my company. YET, REMEMBER, I have been scamming thousands of people for many years. hmmmmmm. I must have some really powerful NDA's?!

    Let's break down the truth! Real ASA Members don't sign NDA's. Anyone can go join ASA right now and see for yourself if you are required to sign an NDA. You will find that there is no such thing! The people who claim to have signed NDA’s are one of my students and they are not in ASA. They don’t do fundraising whatsoever.

    Outside of ASA, I have a private community of about 1000 individuals. These people are referred to as my “students” and they are the only people who have to sign NDA's. The purpose of an NDA is to protect confidential information such as: trade secrets, strategies, concepts, ideas, intellectual property, customer lists, private communication, etc. No NDA in the world makes it possible to legally or illegally scam people.

    My students sign NDAs because they get to learn the specific details about projects that I'm launching, years before these projects are even launched to the public. For example, one of my projects is Americans Serving Americans. I started developing this project mid-2014. After multiple websites, mobile apps, and legal reviews were completed for ASA, we were able to launch it on January 2018. Now, my students are able to attain management roles in this project, as they become available.

    My students consist of teachers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, retail workers, entrepreneurs, and more. The reason why 99% of them don't come onto blogs like this and write foolishness is because they are smart enough to know that when we launch a business together, it may not become successful overnight. They are kept up to date with the progress of the business and they understand that, as one of my students, they don't get to benefit until the project is stable and generating significant profits. The more successful the business becomes, the more management roles that we can make available. This is made clear from the very beginning!

  53. PART 2 OF 3

    Additionally, I warn all of my students to not join my private community if they are just trying to make money. My community is not for people who want to make money yesterday or even tomorrow. Myself and my students have a strong relationship because, not only do they learn a lot, I have also positioned them to significantly improve their financial situation, after we work together to build each project to success. We win together and lose together.

    After reading through the handful of negative comments on this blog, just FIVE people are claiming to have been directly associated with ASA and even claiming that they have been in ASA for 3-4 years and haven't earned a dime. The sad part is, they're not even smart enough to know the difference between being in ASA and being in my private community. ASA is a fundraising company that requires its members to actually organize events in their local communities. If you go read the negative comments from these five individuals, you don't see any of them saying, I've been doing all this “fundraising” for years and haven't made a dime! See, NO ONE, who is truly a legit ASA Member, can make the statement that, they have been involved in ASA for several years. Americans Serving Americans was officially launched on January 20th 2018. We started publicly introducing ASA in 2017 for the purposes of having a successful launch in 2018. Many of my students were aware of this project since 2014, when we started building it, and were allowed to witness the entire development process, which included steps such as: selecting the name of the company, seeing the websites and mobile apps being built, and launching the project to the world. By allowing my students to be involved in the development process, they are able to learn first-hand how to build their own business ideas. This is one of the reasons why 99% of my students have an appreciation for our private community...Then, you have a few people (the five people negatively commenting on this blog) who shouldn’t have been allowed into my private community in the first place because they clearly don’t understand business. They would’ve called Facebook a scam too because it took many years to build and it took many more years for Facebook to have enough users to monetize their platform. None of the five negative people on this blog would waste their time filing litigation against me because they know that, to be allowed into my private community, they had to verbally acknowledge on a recorded line that success wouldn’t be immediate.

    The FIVE negative people on this blog represent the following: (1) Someone who has been removed from my private community for not keeping up with their fellow students and are now choosing to be manipulative with their comments, (2) Someone representing a company (KB) that I’m suing. This company was created by people who joined my private community and tried to rip off some of our ideas. (3) Someone, who just can’t get it through their heads that, as a student in my private community, riches may not come overnight.


  54. PART 3 OF 3

    For everyone else reading this blog, I’m issuing a CHALLENGE to the five negative commenters to prove that they are actually an ASA member as opposed to one of my students. Here’s how they can show proof. Simply upload a picture of your ASA Gear next to a sheet of paper that says anonymous. Then, upload that picture online, and come back to this blog to provide everyone with a link to see the picture. Also, take a picture from any footage collected by your body cameras to show yourself doing at least one fundraising event! Your body camera footage will not show us who you are, which will help to keep yourself anonymous. The purpose of this picture is to just prove that you’re an actual ASA member, who’s out organizing events and not getting paid. Here’s what I can tell everyone; NOT ONE of these disrespectful individuals will be able to show pictures at all. They are simply manipulative liars who want to score damage against me by stating that they are a part of ASA as opposed to stating that they are one of my current or ex-students.

    1.) The author of this blog, Johnny FD, labels my company as some type of MLM or Network Marketing Company. This is what happens when you start over-analyzing a company, an entire year before it actually launches. This blog was posted Feb 2017. ASA officially launched Jan 2018. ASA does not utilize the Network Marketing or MLM model. I know this because I created the company. There is no such thing as having a downline or team that you earn commissions from in ASA. NO SUCH THING! IT'S FALSE! IT'S A LIE! IT'S STUPID!

    2.) Johnny, the creator of this blog, lives in Thailand. He doesn't know me at all! Never has! He doesn't know our company either! Quite frankly, he doesn't know much of anything! Although this blog has 98% positive comments, he still lets this blog live on the internet! Johnny, this has passed the point of lack of professionalism and respect. You had an opinion which was wrong! There would be far more negative comments on this blog if your accusations were true and you know that! Just like yourself, I have students. You actually charge your students far more than I charge my students. I'm a very sophisticated professional. You can't understand what I've built from an hour of so-called research. And, you're right! Before you wrote this silly blog, you really couldn't find anything about me online. Your blog attempted to make me the so-called "scammer" because, unfortunately, people believe what they read on Google. Soooooo, the first blog that referred to me as a scammer was written by YOU, a man living in Thailand, who has never heard of me until he saw one of my creative promo videos floating around Facebook. hmmmmmmm. The irony is, Johnny knows from personal experience what it's like to have people writing blogs calling him a scammer. I've personally seen a few blogs that refer to Johnny as a scammer. No need for me to post them here because he will delete it anyway. Just type in Johnny FD scammer into Google to see for yourself.

    To everyone who may read this blog, Americans Serving Americans is not a company that's about people making money and becoming rich. It's about Serving and being a part of the solution as opposed to just complaining about the problems. Yes, it is difficult to survive in this country, no matter the color of your skin. However, instead of complaining about it, let's do our part to help our country. We just launched in 2018 and we brought together hundreds of people who were able to raise enough money to help 15 entrepreneurs start their business! That's the POWER OF SERVING!

    I apologize that this blog has caused such confusion. The internet has become something that allows people to use their opinions as weapons. But no weapon formed against our company shall prosper.

    Thank you for reading.

    P.S. We’ll be waiting to see the picture proof from the individuals lying about being a true ASA member!

  55. David Ashby is a piece of monkey dung making his "followers" post fake videos now pretending like they collected this money from people donating when in fact he's making them withdraw their own money from the ATM and place in those buckets on top of stuffing at the bottom. Facts!

  56. Jonny this is Ryan James Lee You can Stop with all the back and Forth it's time to move forward as adults come work with ASA Movement Learn more at www.ASAMOVEMENT.COM

  57. ASA sucks black dick more than Sandy Love.

  58. Ya, a friend had gotten into it like four years ago. And got me after chatting many times. Got me in during pre-launch. But of course neither of us ever got anything. I think the best thing I got out of it was getting into that thousand groups on facebook. But I got skeptical at about that time, and just waited to see what happened. Of course nothing, and didn't even break even.
    P.S. The biggest scam in my family was the US wedding scam. Getting married, and all of that BS. I didn't do it, but a family member did. Lost all four family houses a long time ago, that were already close over a million for all of them. That would have turned into millions if the court didn't mess everything up. Two of my family members went homeless, and I was almost the third. It's been rough, but I do hate the US.
    Anyway, if refunds don't start happening like fast in this shady deal. I am looking forward to seeing if the court can get anything correct. I have about five other cases I saw, and including the loss of so much money. The other five all went the wrong way too. It's nuts out there. Peace out.

  59. I hate to have to say it but you guys were right this is one big scam its a real shame people did not realize this sooner so much would have been spared.
    Admin Johnny FD Thank you for keeping this blog up as this is the only way to get the word out there to anyone who may be still thinking this is for real its most definitely not.

    This man David Ashby has been lying and deceiving people all along not one single thing this guy has said ever happened only all big talk and big empty promises and not ONE single thing accomplished in 5 LONG YEARS.
    The only thing he has accomplished is coming up with one scheming plan after another to get people to send him money .
    This kind of person is the most dangerous type of scammer as he tries to keep people strung along believing that something big is about to happen that will make them rich and all that happens is another scheme to SEND HIM MORE MONEY of course.

    This guy calls himself a genius some genius for sure this guy could not run a shoe shine stand at port authority bus terminal let alone a real business and he tells people God talks to him, funny how God only talks to scammers all the time..

    This guy stopped people from joining other good paying legitimate opportunities (unlike his pile of BS) with the threat of they would be kicked out of ASA if they joined other ventures he just WANTED PEOPLE TO BUY MORE AND MORE FAKE POSITIONS FROM HIS SCHEMING SCAM, its just pitiful the lengths this guy went to to try to make it look like he was legit with his big empty promises and not a single thing to back any of it up.
    This person was involved in many many online scams before he brought out his own scam so if anyone had done any research at all they would have easily found out this and seen his shady past.

    People this madness has to stop now, there is already one person who has committed suicide from this scam so now David Ashby has blood on his hands as this person thought he was the messiah and sent him more money than he could afford to lose thinking they were going to be rich and when they realized nothing was coming back they could not take it and committed suicide.

    I know of some people personally who were in a real bad financial situation and about to be on the street with nowhere to go and they pleaded with David Ashby just to have their OWN MONEY REFUNDED to help them out and of course not a penny was returned he completely just ignored all their requests and pleas.
    This man claims to have a heart for helping and serving other people nothing could be further from the truth THIS MAN HAS A HEART FOR HELPING HIMSELF AND ONLY HIMSELF.

    1. Dave Ashby and ASA has threatened and attacked me multiple times for leaving this blog post up, and even today there are dozens of 1 star reviews on my Amazon books because of him and his cult of ASA members.

      Luckily I care more about getting the truth out there and not having others get hurt than I do the money I make from selling books, but it still hurts me financially personally. But it's worth every penny!

  60. I remember in the early days of this scam when he would have those retarded painfully long suffering so called conference calls and people would come on there and cry tears of happiness thinking they had found a real honest opportunity that would help them live life a little better only to find out he was a wolf in sheep's clothing out to fleece them out of the little bit of savings they had,.. .MY HEART BREAKS FOR THOSE POOR PEOPLE.

    Even his own sister did not want to be a part of this scam any longer and disappeared but its too late now to disappear as we have her information and all her communication so she too is in trouble.
    Also the promoters of this scam have to be held accountable as well and one lady in particular i think we all know who she is as she most likely got paid to do this aggressive promoting whether or not she did does not matter as promoting a scam whether knowing or unknowing still makes you part of the scam.

    Now he is taking down the websites and all his online presence in an attempt to cover his tracks and destroy the evidence from the authorities but i am afraid its a little too late at this stage doing that as everything is copied and saved and available to show the investigating agencies at any time.

    People you are not going to see a penny back from this so i suggest for all to contact your local and national law enforcement agencies as well the FBI and national fraud agencies if everybody reports it with the amount of money that was scammed here the AGENCIES WILL TAKE ACTION and that is the only way this person is going to be stopped.
    Otherwise he will just keep coming up with scheme after scheme to victimize people over and over again.
    Now he is again asking the few remaining sheep who still think this is legitimate to send him more money through monthly membership subscriptions to sustain his lifestyle, why don't you get a real job the rest if us have to do, so as you see he will keep this scam going for as long as people believe his shit so now is the time to put an end to this and contact the authorities.
    At least you may get some peace of mind when you see him in handcuffs been escorted off to an 8 X 12 cell.

    David Ashby if you are reading this and i know you are you have one last final chance to do the right thing here before it is too late, and that is REFUND EVERYONE RIGHT NOW THE MONEY THEY SENT TO YOU PLUS ADDED INTEREST as you have had use of these funds since 2014/15, admit to everyone that you failed and made a terrible mistake and showed a serious error of judgement and lack of morals on your part and show some remorse for your wrong doing and that may get you out of the very serious situation you will find yourself in in the coming weeks.

    People i know this is a sad ending and not what you have hoped for but this is reality and the sooner you come to terms with that the better, be strong and take care of each other out there and please don't fall for any more of these big talking scam artists and anything that sounds too good to be true and never compromise your morals integrity and values to make some quick money as this guy has done that is the lesson i think we should take away from this mess going forward but what a costly lesson it has been.

  61. Hey Johnny, mad respect as always! I can see why you've stopped responding, lol.

    The hate, vitriol, and pro-ASA propaganda being posted here is off the charts! I'll avoid using my real name here to avoid headaches from the lynch mob but I think by now you know who I am.

    One thing I've noticed is that the biggest clue for a pyramid or whatever flavor-of-the-month MLM scheme is being pushed is that it's super hard to get a real answer to what they actually do!

    I've known people personally who fell for them and I even got dragged to 2 or 3 "pep rallies" if you will. I warned people but it's the sensationalism, hype, and appeal to emotions or some great theme that captures many common people.

    I saw the responses including the original in your post content. I did not, to the best of my recollection, see much at all regarding a legitimate business model. Their comparing themselves the Girl Scouts is clearly not legitimate.

    If an organization is legitimate they'll easily withstand the test of reasonable scrutiny without becoming incredibly defensive and angry.

    I will remind others making claims like, "Slandering is a serious offense!" you're mistaken for several reasons. That's not how it works:

    • It's not "slander" to post one's opinions or facts without malice
    • Slander is a civil issue, not criminal
    • Responding with hateful & angry diatribe, trolls, spam/negative commenting accomplishes exactly the opposite of defending your company/organization

    In fact that's one of the worst things an organization can do. I can't believe in this day and age people still don't get that. It's the Streisand Effect all over again lol.

    Thanks for your fair and detailed post about this as I'm sure you helped many others out there avoid making a bad decision I'm sure.

    Stay cool, Johnny! Thanks. :)

    PS: If your blog gets hit with negative SEO in their attempt to hide it in the SERPs, you can fight that. I believe you'll find some disavow services over at Fiverr to fight spammy backlinks.

    It happens sometimes to well-known people with an online presence.

    1. Yeah I've stopped reading this thread and responding to them long ago, but I leave it up despite ASA's attacks as I'd rather be the one getting hurt and taking the hit them having them screw over more people.

  62. I understand, and I do respect your intent behind it. I'm sure it will benefit a lot of people.


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