12 Days in Thailand: Business and Sight Seeing.

My good friend Sonic came out to visit me out in Chiang Mai, Thailand and we had the most insane 12 days.  It's almost hard to believe all of the cool things we did just in the past couple of weeks.  But what is even more insane is how productive we were as well.  We both built new businesses and websites during this trip as well as implemented ideas on how to improve our current ones.

Check out this video we filmed during the week he was here:

I also sat him down and interviewed him on my podcast, episode 09 if you want to give it a listen.  We talk about how he started a food truck back home and how he is transitioning into online businesses so he can travel more.  

Ep 09 - Player Swag & Business Moves with John Ban

Hope you enjoyed the video,

Johnny FD

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  1. You have some great advice in there, looks like Sonic really knows what he's talking about. Thanks Johnny!

  2. yeah when we had the bootcamp with johnny, andrew and sonic they were a dream team. Good to hear all of them are doing well!


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