Video tour of my new $300 a month Hotel / Apartment here in Chiang Mai, Thailand

I get a lot of feedback from people that say they love seeing video tours of where I'm living so I've started making videos for each new place I move into.  This month I decided to move a bit closer to my office which is near the Nimmanhemin area of Chiang Mai, next to all of the cafes and coffee shops.

I took a look at all of their rooms including the 1 bedroom suites but fell in love with the whale shaped couch and the funky design of the studios.  I haven't been spending any time at all in my room aside for the four S's, sleep, showering, soap operas and shagging.  Just kidding about the last one.  So I figured this room would fit my needs fine.

Here's a video tour of my new apartment at The Pacific, Chiang Mai.

My favorite things about this apartment:

It is a 1 minute drive from the old city, and a 3 minute drive from my office.
There laundry downstairs, and a nice english tea house in the garden behind.
It's easy to find for friends to come visit
Even though I never use the pool or visit the koi pond, I like living in places with water features.
They let me put both the deposit and the monthly rent on my credit card, which gives me tons of reward points.  
I ran out of clean towels and wanted clean sheets so I emailed the front desk:

An hour later...

Enjoy the video,

Johnny FD - Keep in touch

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  1. hey johnny love the progress of johnnyfd, don't even care about the social circle secrets anymore lol. Big tip have a wireless microphone attached to your camera it will improve the sound quality by a huge margin!

  2. love it. we may be neighbors soon. really like all the green space, i didn't expect that in that location


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