November 2014 Income Report: Great Being Back!

Last month was a fantastic month, here is the breakdown of the different online income streams from November. What's crazy is I keep forgetting that I spent the first 15 days of the month on a small island in Borneo without more than an hour of internet a day. Larissa got Scuba certified and I got to dive at one of the world's top 3 dive sites and swam with over 100 sharks, 50 turtles and 100,000 species of fish.

We arrived back in Chiang Mai on November 15th and started our New Store 30 Day Challenge, put our heads down, renewed our PunSpace membership and started crushing it.  Here's how we did.

Udemy Income: 

Our main source of joint income this month was from our Udemy courses. We just launched our 2nd course: Get Relationship Ready last month but we're still trying to get more reviews before the course can really take off on its own.

Our first course Small Talk is doing really well and is almost 100% passive as it's actually a really good course that people love, which means they leave great reviews without us even having to follow up with them.  Since Larissa and I split the Udemy course incomes 50/50 my share ended up being $636.91 which is fantastic considering it's a course we made months ago and now it's completely passive.

Book Sales:

I released the new book Life Changes Quick a few months ago, so this was another completely passive source of online income while we were traveling around Borneo. All of the work I had put in the last few months before coming on this trip really helped put my mind at ease knowing that we were going to be spending a ton of money while on this 3 week vacation.

What's really cool is even though I haven't been promoting or talking about my first book 12 Weeks in Thailand, people who read LCQ and liked it also ended up buying the first book. PDF sales came in at $137.85 in profit this month, and paperbacks came in around $80 this month with the biggest portion of around $400 coming from Amazon sales.

Other Income:

I also make some rainy day cash from sales of Optimize Like a Boss course, and commissions from anytime someone signs up for one of my recommended resources. One of my newest affiliate partners and podcast sponsor is from Grasshopper which is the company I use to forward my calls to a toll free number.

If you sign up, you get a free toll free number, and $100 in free credit. If you like their service and keep using it after your credit runs out (usually after 2-3 months) I get a $50 commission for referring you. It's a great way to support the blog and podcast, and it's truly a win win for everyone. Other coupons and links such as using "johnnyfd" to get 10% off on  doesn't actually pay me any comission but gives myself and listeners 10% off on products we would have ordered anyways.

Get 20% off Shopify Plans - Another Show Sponsor

Buy Life Changes Quick on Amazon using my referral link

Dropshipping Store Income:

Last month was a bit slower on sales, which is normal for October as a sales slump before the holidays anyways, but it didn't help that I was preparing for my vacation to Borneo and gone for almost two weeks of it without internet. But this month I'm really happy to report that my sales are back up to normal again, and even more exciting is that Larissa and I are starting another store together!

For those who don't know, I have my main dropshipping store that I often use as an example here on the blog, but I also have a couple other partner stores with friends as well. Here is how my main store did this month which I'm quite happy with, especially considering that I was on vacation for the first two months and working less than 4 hours a week on this store.

For those who want to follow along and start your own dropshipping store, here is Larissa and my New Store 30 Day Challenge.  

Summary for November 1st-30th 2014

Even though I spent a ton of money on my vacation to Borneo, and we didn't work that much while we were there, the passive and semi-passive income I made from my online businesses more than paid for the trip. The past two weeks since being back have been ultra productive and hopefully by the end of next month I'll have another brand new dropshipping store up and running which can potentially bring in an additional $2,000+ in profit even after splitting this one 50/50 with Larissa.

For those who are curious how I learned how to setup dropshipping stores, I would highly recommend checking out Anton's Dropshipping Course as it's what followed for my first store, and am following again for this new store.  

Resources Mentioned in this post:

Check out my guide to Borneo.
Read the first book: 12 Weeks in Thailand.
Read the NEW book: Life Changes Quick.
Join the Dropshipping Course:

Keep in touch, and download my free goal setting guide and watch the 5-Steps to Freedom Video I made just for you guys getting started.  It's free and all you have to do is subscribe to my mailing list below.

Keep in touch and thanks again to everyone who took the time to write awesome reviews on Amazon for the new book, Life Changes Quick. I really couldn't have done it without you all. Your support and encouragement have been invaluable.

Setting Big Goals:

I also want to say Happy Birthday to Kurt Mäkelä who helped keep me motivation and forced me to write down my goals when I first got started. If this post doesn't inspire you to do anything else, download the goals worksheet above and take 5 minutes to write down your goals. Life changes quick, and dreams really do come true but only if you take action.

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD - Read the book today!
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