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To help out my buddy Dave Asprey get to the top of the NY Times Bestsellers list and because I sincerely believe that everyone in the world would benefit if they read both our books I'm offering a special deal until Christmas. This is your chance to get a jump start on your New Year's Resolutions, set big goals for 2015 and have it be the year when you get in the best shape of your life, travel the world, and maybe even fall in love.

Keep reading to find out how:

Buy the Bulletproof Diet and Get Life Changes Quick for FREE.

Here's how:

Step 1. Order both Bulletproof Diet (either the hardcover or kindle) and Life Changes Quick.

Step 2. Forward both Amazon receipts to 

I'll personally thank you for ordering the books, and will refund you $7.99 which is the cost price of Life Changes Quick on Kindle.  

Enjoy both books and if you love them as much as I know you will, do leave us both a review and tell your friends! 

Here's what people are saying about both books:

Bulletproof Diet: "This book has the best advice for how to really get your brain going! Following Dave's advice, I've pretty much immediately noticed changes in my mind and body that I've been seeking for so many years in other ways and never been able to achieve. Adding in more of the healthy fats, especially in my morning coffee (ummm, butter in my coffee? yes!), has given me so much more mental clarity throughout the day, I can't believe how much of a difference it makes! Total game-changer. Thanks so much to Dave for putting this out there!"  - Brittany Merrick

Life Changes Quick: "Great book about someone turning his life upside down. I particularly enjoyed the reading as the writer tell his story with authenticity and is upfront with all the challenges he faced. Also as he clearly explains the changes he has initiated in different part of his life (mindset, relationships, fitness, dietetic..etc.), it provides the reader with some concrete and realistic steps towards success." - Thomas S.

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