How Grant Cardone is going to Make me a Millionaire.

I first heard of Grant Cardone when a friend of mine linked me to a video of his called "Are You a Baller or Pretender." (video below)

I've been listening to his audio book The 10X Rule every morning on the way to the office and it's been pumping me up and keeping me motivated to grown my business, increase my sales and create new products.  His brash style isn't for everyone, but I wish I would have had someone in my life tell me not to have the middle class mentality and not settle for average earlier in life.

It's because of Grant's motivation and 10X mindset that I've decided that I need to become a U.S. Dollar Millionaire. Keep reading for the plan. It's been updated for 2017!

grant cardone millionaire

Step 1: How I Went From $200 to $50,000

I wrote about the journey that took me from having $200 in my bank account to around $50k and honestly, I thought that was enough. Most people I know back in the U.S. don't make more than that, and they ones that did were thought to be greedy.

Making six figures was something reserved for doctors and lawyers.

But what I realized is that even they aren't protected against downturns in the economy. I happen to have two cousins who one sibling is a lawyer and the other is a doctor.  They have plenty of money to go to fancy dinners, buy nice new cars, and even splurge in Hawaii or Vegas for a weekend. But they are both super stressed at their jobs and still have mortgages and credit card bills to pay.

In Grant Cardone's book, The 10X Rule he talks about why making $50,000 to $125,000 just isn't enough, and why aiming or settling to be middle class.

Here's that first video that introduced me to Grant Cardone: Starts at 4 mins 56 seconds

Step 2: How I went From: $34,918 to $93,144

It's still insane to me how fast your income can grow once you have the ball rolling. I used to struggle to save a couple hundred dollars a month but with the combination of making more money and keeping my expenses extremely low, money just saves itself.

Here's the secret. Make a U.S. dollar wage that is scalable based on your performance and motivation and live in a place like Chiang Mai Thailand where your rent is less than $400 a month and don't touch the rest.

Short term goal: Make $10,000 a month, push off $7,500 into your savings account and don't spend it.

Step 3: Stay hungry and motivated until we hit $1,000,000

I never thought that I would even have a million in the bank as a goal, but for the first time in my life I can see it happening.  Let's do the math:

If I continue to save $7,500 a month without increasing my expenses I can be a millionaire in less than 12 years which is kind of mind blowing and pretty awesome.  But that would mean never increasing my lifestyle or having kids, so that's a no go.

But it's nice seeing it written out and knowing it's 100% possible.

So here's the actual plan:

1-3 years.  Keep bootstrapping and saving cash while growing my businesses by 100% per year.

4+ years. Buy a house, raise a family and keep doubling my business every year.

Sounds crazy? It kind of is, but honestly, I never thought I would have gotten this far as is, so anything's possible!

Resources Mentioned in this post:

I highly recommend the audiobook version of it which you can get with an mp3 download here.

Grant Cardone's 10X Rule on Amazon.

My book Life Changes Quick which goes into detail on how I went from $200 in the bank to $34,918 in less than a year and built the business I have now that has gotten me to where I am now.

Get my new book LCQ on Amazon for only $4.99 for a limited time only.

More 10X:

I hope you enjoyed this post and check out the 10X rule in audio format. I honestly want everyone reading my blog to also listen to his motivation tips. Grant is more of a sales trainer so he doesn't give any specific business advice on what type of online business to start, but i've used his motivation and strategies to grow my own stores and my own businesses and you can as well.

Here's another interview of Grant Cardone talking about the 10X rule that you'll enjoy.

2017 Update:

I'm halfway there! It's crazy looking back at my own advice and seeing that I actually took it and followed suit. I went from having $93,000 in total networth when I originally wrote this post just 3 years ago to having over half a million in net worth and zero debt by simply following the two step advice that Grant taught me.

Step 1. Work your ass off to 10X your income.

Step 2. Save your ass off and invest 75% of what you earn.

That's it. At my highest point I was making $25,000 a month and last year I made $325,785.19 in a single year! But while most people would have bought a house, a nice car, and everything that goes along with it. I decided to bootstrap 75% of that into savings, which is how I am semi-retired now after just 4 years of grinding, hustling hard, and putting in the 10X effort it takes to be successful.

I hope everyone enjoyed this post and takes action, I know I am! Lets get to the $1,000,000 in net worth club! Who's with me?

Warm Regards,


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  1. Awesome! thank you for this info Johnny! You are gonna get there, you will get to $1 million sooner than you can imagine!

    i will download the audios and listen to this Grant Cardone, he has got some real good advice! Thanks!

    i see you soon there in Chiang Mai Johnny! thanks to your podcast i found out all about drop shipping and about living the awesome life of a true enterpreneur!

    Everyone reading this: check out Johnny's podcast and read his book Life changes quick, highly recommended!

    Hans Brinkman

    1. Hey Hans, thanks for the motivation! I'm glad you've enjoyed the podcast and the book! You're going to love the 10X Rule Mp3s. A trick is to download an audio book app, on your phone which keeps your place when you listen.

      I use Mp3BookLite. Let me know how you like the book!

    2. What about android?

    3. Not sure, never used Android, but just try out any Audio Book player and see if you like it.

  2. that is great, ill be sure to use that trick, thanks Johnny!

    i am gonna check out the teachings of this Grant Cardone, i will let you know when i am done listening to the audio book. I like to listen to audio books and to the Travel like a Boss podcast episodes during daily commute to the office and at the gym.

    1. Glad you enjoy the podcast, I know you'll get a ton out of the 10X audiobook. Great routine you have.

  3. Thanks for sharing Johnny great post! I'll read that book for sure.
    hope you still remember our race to 1m, I'll crush you :P

    1. Let's do it Dvir, we'll record another podcast episode when you hit $1m. Check out the audio book version though, it's a lot more motivating.

  4. I heard of Grant Catdone before and because of this post I bought the book with my rewards points! Thanks a million for the videos! Very valuable information for entrepreneurs! "Wanna be a baller, shotcaller?"

    1. Hey awesome Dexter, hope you enjoy the book, glad you got it with your reward miles =) The videos are awesome right!

  5. Hey Johnny, I created a little Excel spreadsheet to figure out how long it will take to have a million bucks based on different growth of your monthly investment. Naturally, this is also based on the assumption that the money is being invested in whole stock market index funds, and then the assumption that will return 10% annually, which is a good assumption in the long-term, but a bit less solid in the shorter times present in the calculations, but still a good metric.

    I think it's good to note that someone putting $7500 a month into an account (starting at $0) will have a million dollars in 7.7 years. Applying the conservative 4% rule will give them $40,000 to live off per year in investment returns. Not too shabby, but of course you'll be working this whole time to expand business and increase earnings. So how does it look if your the amount you put into investments increases by X% per month?

    1% => 6.0 years
    2% => 4.9 years
    5% => 3.3 years
    10% => 2.3 years

    1. Hey Lewis thanks for the excel breakdown! It looks like if I grow my income by 10% a year I and don't increase my expenses I can be a millionaire in 2.3 years! Nice!!! I like it.

  6. I really enjoyed your expense/income breakdown. How do u stay disciplined to keep such close track and what system do u use to record all this?

    1. Hey Dr. Schafer, really glad you enjoy the expense and income breakdowns every month. I'm actually pretty bad at keeping track of everything but committing to writing the reports have kept me on track.

      For expenses most of it is estimated and I often forget about something I bought which is why I have a misc section in there.

      For income, I simply use the reporting tools or look at the actual bank transfer I receive. The only software I use is whatever is built into the dashboard for either kindle, udemy, shopify, etc. I also have a VA (Virtual Assistant) who does all of the accounting for my dropshipping stores, soI just look at the numbers from there.

      My advice, is just commit to writing your monthly income/expense reports monthly, either publically or privately, and you'll figure out the rest as you go.


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