Why I Promote Dropshipping: Inside Look on How Much I Make from My Dropshipping Stores and My View as an Affiliate of Dropship Lifestyle

Hey everyone, I recently been getting a lot of questions on why I promote dropshipping and Anton's Course the Dropship Lifestyle so much. People ask me how much I actually earn with my dropshipping stores, if I make promoting dropshipping itself, and if dropshipping in generally actually works or not.

Even though I have my own course on content creation and affiliate income called Earnest Affiliate which I'd love for you to join, I know that starting with ecommerce is the best option for people when they first get started as it's a lot more straightforward, and faster to get started with. The beauty of dropshipping physical items is the fact that when you sell an item that you can hold your hand and that your customer can physically touch and know the value of, the transactions and scalability is much easier to comprehend and grasp for a new online business owner.

Here's the FAQ and a detailed look behind the scenes in my store's dashboard!

1. Does dropshipping actually work?
2. Do you get paid when someone signs up for Anton's course with your link?
3. Do you make more from promoting dropshipping or your actual stores?
plus more...

1. Does dropshipping actually work?

Yes. Does it still work now in 2016? Yes. Will it still work 2 years from now? Yes.

In fact, I've come to the conclusion that if you can't follow directions, and put in the work necessary to get your store up and running and make at least $1,000 a month from it, then you probably wouldn't have done very well in any other online business either. Pricing a table that you know is worth $600 for that amount is really easy to do as it's easy to grasp. Trying to sell a physical product such as an ebook is really hard to figure out if it's worth $2.99 or $2,999 as you can justify both and you've seen both scenarios. Basically, if you can't sell a table, you most likely won't be able to sell a course, ebook or downloadable program about building tables.

I used to believe the negativity of pessimists online saying that dropshipping is harder now or that all the good niches are taken, but at the same time, I meet people every week who had just started and is successful, and I just started a new niche with my girlfriend a few months ago that is doing extremely well.  So 100% honestly, if you don't think dropshipping will work, and you aren't willing to put in the work, it won't work for you.

Watch this video if you have any doubts about dropshipping or what I promote.

2. Do you get paid when someone signs up for Anton's course with your link?

Yes. I am an affiliate for the Dropship Lifestyle training course so if you're going to signup, please use my link so I can get credit for referring you.  

3. Do you make more from promoting dropshipping or your actual stores?

I make more money from my actual dropshipping stores.

However, I have no problem also making extra income from promoting products that I personally use and that genuinely work. Below is my actual 1099 tax form that I got from Shopify which is the payment processor I use for m dropshipping stores.

Edit: at the time of writing this post in 2015 I made more money running my actual dropshipping stores than my blog, podcast, books, etc but ever since I sold my main dropshipping store for a one time payout of $60,000 now my new monthly income for dropshipping is much less until I build new stores which I plan to starting November 2016.  

4. Aren't you afraid of competition?

Watch the video above on my views of why I choose to fight the scarcity mentality and try to think abundance.

5. Aren't you good friends with Anton Kraly?

Yes. Here's a photo of us in Vienna last summer. I am fortunate to be able to call Anton my friend as well as my mentor.  

I met Anton 2 years ago in Chiang Mai and signed up for his course after meeting him and seeing how genuine and successful he was. We've become good friends since, but I started as a student of Anton's Course just like everyone else.

Want the Whole Story?

Read my book Life Changes Quick for the entire story about how I was struggling trying to make ends meet, stuck in Chiang Mai, Thailand living in a crappy $109 a month room trying to convince myself that I was happy when in fact, I was almost 32 years old, single, out of shape, with no real hope for the future...just getting by and watching my life pass me by.

In the book I go into detail on how I finally set goals in a way that they would cascade into success in all aspects of my life. How I met Anton, become a digital nomad, and replaced my 9-5 salary in the U.S. by starting a dropshipping store while bootstrapping in Chiang Mai.  You can find the book on Amazon here.  it's only $4.99 so don't be cheap and risk missing out on information that can change your life.  If you only see the successful version of me today and don't think it's possible for you, trust me, I was far worse off just a few years ago.  Read the book. 

Here's what others have to say:
life changes quick

johnny fd book

Want to get Started with Dropshipping?

If you are serious about getting started I would 100% recommend that you Sign up for  Anton's Course. If you have any doubts, realize that they will hold you back from ever getting started with anything. As an earnest affiliate, I only recommend products that I personally use and would recommend to my friends and even my family. 

By using my affiliate link you will get access to the course itself at the best price possible, but also get my jump start course which I put together as a thank you for people who are nice enough to remember to go through my link when signing up. In my jump start course, I give you my best tips and strategies to help make sure you are successful. You'll also get access to me in the private member forums where I'm happy to help you with the entire process of starting to optimizing your store for even more sales and success.

I hope this video and the FAQ answered everything you wanted to know about why I promote Anton's course and Dropshipping so much.  If you haven't watched the video yet, scroll back up and watch it in full, it'll crush any doubts you've ever had about if the system works or not. 

P.S. Another reason why I promote dropshipping? It changes lives.

Asheer made $2,559 in profit this month.
Asheer made $2,559 in profit this month.

Thinking of Starting a Store on your Own?

The reason why I point people to Anton's course instead of helping them through the comment section of my blog or through messenger when they have dropshipping questions is because I know how many future questions it leads to if I start helping them with one.

In complete honesty yes you can do it completely on your own and there have been a few people I've met who has done it, like this guy but the majority of people will give up halfway as it'll most likely take them 6 months instead of 2, and they'll have a million questions that I don't have the time to answer.

We're so lucky that there is a resource that actually works and delivers results. I hope to see everyone inside Anton's Dropshipping course.

Warm Regards,


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  1. Great post Johnny, I am signing up very soon, still kicking myself that I didn't already when it was cheaper!

    1. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is today. =) Hope to see you inside the course!

  2. I am currently enthusiastically reading 12 weeks in Thailand and was under the impression you were living the dream. So far it sounds amazing.
    But in your bio for life changes quick, it doesn't sound like you were happy at all. :(

    1. Hey Lorddeano, dude it was amazing. Sorry if the bio for LCQ didn't explain it better, but scuba diving and muay thai was incredible and the move to thailand itself with no stress was the best decision I ever made. It wasn't until the 4th year until I started getting bored and realized I was stuck.

      Finish reading 12 Weeks in Thailand, make the move, enjoy the crap out of it for as long as you wake up loving it. But if you ever want to move on, realize you're not trapped, just read Life Changes Quick.

    2. Thank you. I look forward to finishing the book :)

  3. Just wondering how much you paid in taxes with all the money you made because I listened to your old podcast with the accountant and said that you don't get taxed for the first 95k but don't you still get taxed even with a llc since u are registered to a state and making money in the states?

  4. Hey I still had to pay a decent amount in taxes this year but was able to write off a lot for business and travel expenses, plus the first $95k qualified for the exemption. I wouldn't worry about taxes, just hire a good accountant and focus on making money. I pay whatever I end up owing, it's just a part of doing business. =)

    1. I didn't read all your post yet, so sorry if you already answered this questions...
      Are you doing US Dropshipping outside from US ?
      If yes, do you pay sale tax and your origin country tax, or only US federal income tax ?

    2. I'm only dropshipping inside the U.S. so just State and Fed tax.

  5. Hello Johnny,

    Have u or Anton considered using CPA (cost per action) networks for marketing you niche products and if not could u explain why they would not work?)

    Best of wishes,

  6. Hey Johnny,

    This might be a strange question but I'm wondering which program you used to record your screenshots.


    1. Hey Robbie, I'm on a mac so it's built in.

    2. Press Command (⌘)-Shift-3.


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