Travel Backpack & Gear Review (Pacsafe Venturesafe 25L GII)

I recently had an iPhone 6 stolen out of my backpack that I had carried onto the plane. Not only did it suck because it was meant to be a gift for Larissa who's iPhone 4S was dying but it also ruined my perception that my carry on luggage would be safe when I sleep on plane during a long flight. It turned out that I wasn't the only one this has happened to and friends of mine have been taking even more serious travel precautions.

A friend named Ed mentioned he uses a cut proof net over his luggage so not only can thieves not get into your luggage, but no one can put anything in there as well. I didn't want to go as far as have a fishing net over my backpack, but luckily, I found a travel backpack with one built in. Here's my review of the Pacsafe Venturesafe travel pack as well as a peak of everything I keep it in day to day as a traveling digital nomad.


Stainless Steel Wire are concealed in the straps making it slash proof.

Stainless Steel eXoMesh is built into the front, sides and bottom of the bag keeping your valuables inside even if cut or torn.

RFID Guards although it might not be necessary it's another cool built in feature to product your passport and credit card info from being captured by a reader.

Smart Zipper Locks are handy for when you are in a crowded place or on trains and want to prevent pickpockets. It's best used with a lock but even just the built in zipper locks are a deterrent.

Video of the Pack and What's Inside:

Gear List:

The Roost Laptop Stand

Juggling Balls

Final Thoughts:

Even though spending $135 on a new backpack might have been unnecessary especially when I could have just put locks on my existing one, there have been a few situations where I was on a crowded train in Bangkok or other big cities where I felt like someone could have easily unzipped my backpack and stolen something.

I still use my 75L bag for my clothes and everything else but keep my day to day nomad gear in the Pacsafe.

Now when I go to places like Paris or South America I'll feel a bit safer knowing my laptop and other digital nomad essentials are a bit safer in my pack. Also now that I have a travel lock, whenever I sleep on the plane, I'll still keep my backpack in the overhead compartment but will make sure I keep it locked as a deterrent.

Safe Travels Everyone!


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  1. Great recommendation Johhny, will get one for sure!


  2. Hey Johnny,

    Sorry to hear bout the theft. Yeah, thanks for this post. I guess I have been a little too lax with my carry-on. Never had any problems..but it's definitely something I will be more on top of in future. Cheers.

    1. Hey no worries. I was the same but lesson learned! Moving on =)

  3. Ok Johnny thanks for your help

  4. Does someone know if it's waterresistent? Because I would use it to bike to school.

    1. And is it string enough to travel with your laptop in it? ☺️

    2. It's definitely strong enough to travel with your laptop in it but it's not waterproof. You'll have to get a separate rain cover for that.


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