January 2016 Income Report: Kicking off the New Year Right!

Last month I made $16,741.83 in profit from all of my online businesses but ended up spending almost half of that visiting friends and family back in the U.S. this month I'm hoping to kick off the new year correctly and hope that from January 1st-31st I was able to not only increase my income but also reduce my living expenses.

I started the new year in Austin, Texas with a glass of champagne good friends and a beautiful date who I think actually makes more money than me (or at least will very soon) and is definitely better at computers, which is kind of cool. Taking Uber's and Lyft's everywhere and eating incredible food while drinking local craft beers make me think I could easily just settle down in Austin and I think I may someday, but not right now. Keep reading to find out where I went next, where I am now and how much money I made from each income source these past 31 days.

January 1st - 31st Travel

After spending a week in Austin, and officially switching over my California driver's license and legally making the move to Texas to save on taxes, I headed over to OC/LA to hang out with my cousin Jacob and my old college friends.

I didn't get a ton of time to crush work, but as you know everything you do online takes a few months to sprout so while I was hanging out with friends having Korean BBQ in Los Angeles or having Peruvian food in Orange County the passive income from work I did months before would kick in. 

While it was awesome seeing friends and family back in San Francisco and South California, I ended up flying back to Chiang Mai on January 14th and have been here ever since. It's been super easy to get back into the flow of work, so expect big things in the upcoming months! Here's how I did these past 31 days!

On my flight from San Francisco to Chiang Mai

Revenue from Book Sales

This month's book sales were a lot higher than they've been recently, but it's so hard to tell where or why they increase sometimes, but I have a feeling that it's because I de-enrolled in KDP select and because a lot of people wanted to read Life Changes Quick to help set their 2016 goals. 

Also Business Insider re-posted the feature they wrote about me a few months back, which got a ton of people to be interested in my story and how I started this crazy journey as a digital nomad. 

business insider johnny fd

New Reviews of Life Changes Quick and 12 Weeks in Thailand:

Total Profit from Book Sales: $407.43 +/-

Revenue from Udemy Courses

Really excited that January was my best month ever as a Udemy instructor where I made almost $1,000 from course sales! It's also the month where I actually got to visit Udemy Headquarters in San Francisco to see their office and meet some of the staff first hand!

Total Profit from Udemy: $998.38

Revenue from Miscellaneous:

I was so busy in January with all of the traveling that I didn't take on any coaching clients this month but already have one guy paid for an lined up for February.  I don't count the income until I actually complete the calls so for this month it'll be $0.

From Youtube advertising I made about $46 which isn't bad as this income is completely passive now that the videos have uploaded.

Total Profit from Misc: $46.57

Revenue from Dropshipping Stores

It's been really fun being back in the U.S. time zone and seeing orders come through real time. When I'm in Thailand I'm used to waking up to sales but while I was in California they would come through while I was driving, stuck in traffic, or hanging out with friends which is a super cool feeling.

It's been over two and a half years and my dropshipping stores are still delivering consistent income even though I hardly spend anytime on them and let them run semi-passively. Anton was planning on reopening his dropshipping course mid January, but as predicted, there is so much he wants to add to the course, it's still officially closed to new members. If you're interested in starting your own drop ship store in 2016 check out Anton's Dropshipping Course and sign up for the mailing list if it's currently closed for new members.

Just remember to come back and use my link whenever you order so you can get my Jump Start course as a free bonus when you sign up and give me credit for referring you. 

Revenue from Store #1:

Total Sales: $29,460.16
Advertising Fees: $1,009.14
Phone Support: $150
Costs of Goods/Shipping/etc: ~

Total Profit: $2,341 +/-

Revenue from Store #2:

Total Sales: $12,495.00
Advertising Fees: $702.05
Phone Support: $150
Costs of Goods/Shipping/etc: ~

Total Profit: $1,464.37
*Split 50/50 with Larissa 
My half: $732.16

Total Profit from Dropshipping:  $4,073.16

Learn from the same course I took when I first started:

Revenue from Affiliate Income

It's been another crazy month as an affiliate as it's one of those really strange things where once you start doing well as an affiliate, building a big audience and earning the trust of your readers you start getting tons of people asking you to promote their stuff. It's even stranger that instead of promoting the hot new product every month, I only recommend things that I've been personally using for months or sometimes years and it's been way more than enough.

It's crazy that certain posts like the "5 Steps to Start a Profitable Blog" post still earn me affiliate commission each and every month since I wrote it. I also get credit for referring things that I've personally bought and use like the microphones I use for recording the podcast, or the travel backpack I personally use and wrote about when reviewing the Pacsafe Venturesafe

I normally keep details of exactly what products I promote and earn income from private, and only share them inside the member's area of my affiliate training course Earnest Affiliate but here are a few examples of the type of things I promote on my various blogs, websites, through email and other channels. 

affiliate income
Earnings from promoting physical products. More details inside Earnest Affiliate

Earnings from a sneakpeek source inside Earnest Affiliate

Profit from Affiliate Income: $15,967.24

Income from Earnest Affiliate Course

It's almost that time to start raising the price of my affiliate marketing course to what it's actually worth which is 3-5x what it's priced at currently. My goal for when I first launched Earnest Affiliate last year was to get the first hundred students in the course and work out all of the technical kinks that come along with any new course.

The good news is, that time is finally coming around the corner so if you're interested in learning how to create a stable, profitable affiliate income for yourself make sure you join my course Earnest Affiliate today before prices go up and I promise they will in 2016. 

Also inside the full course, for a limited time only you get free access to my mini-course Udemy Affiliate which is technically a complete course on it's own but only shows what I make promoting courses on that specific platform, how I went about getting approved as an affiliate, how I chose which courses to promote and how I get free traffic by reaching out and interviewing successful course creators. 

Income from selling my course Earnest Affiliate

Profit from My Course: $1,252.92

Total profit from location independent online income: $22,745.70

Expenses for January 2016

Almost as important as income, here are my expenses from the past 31 days. They are higher than normal as I spent the first half of the month in Austin, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, but now that I'm back in Chiang Mai, hopefully I'll be able to start bootstrapping again and putting more into savings and growth than Uber rides, gas, and eating out.

Rent: $342 a month
Utilities: $15.62 a month 
Internet/Phone: $16.85 a month 
Coworking Office: $95

Uber/Lyft: $300
Rental Car in LA: $147.00

Food/Misc: $1,000+ (California is expensive!)
Other: $1,000 +/- (Life in the U.S. is expensive!

Flight: San Francisco to Chiang Mai: $1,623.77
(business class 1-way) 

Donation to Muay Thai Isaan
Donation to Donors Choose

Total Expenses: $5,763.77

Bootstrapped into Savings: $16,981.93

Follow Along Explanation:

Watch the video above for a bit more detail and an in depth explanation of this month's income report, expenses and travel plans. 

Hope you enjoyed this month's income report. If you haven't already, I highly encourage you to read my latest book Life Changes Quick as you'll get all of the details on how I went from living on a $600 a month budget in Thailand and not even being able to afford a plane ticket home to now making a San Francisco income while living as a digital nomad in Thailand!

Best of luck to everyone in 2016!

Warm Regards,


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  1. How many affiliate sources do you have Johnny?

    You show the same three or four every month that make up 2/3k or so, and these are the well known, well paying affiliate places like Udemy, Clickbank, Bluehost/Siteground etc. but you're then earning around 13k from some other, lesser known affiliate schemes? It seems a bit of a stretch.

    1. I show all of my affiliate sources and exactly how much I make from each one inside the member's area of

      But to answer your question I currently have around 10 affiliate sources, some of which are on private networks.

    2. A private affiliate network is basically a product that used to be on Clickbank or Shareashale but is now using Ontraport or something else that has an in house affiliate program.

      A lot of successful products do this so spammy affiliates can't join the program and they can control who they approve as an affiliate.

    3. Ok. And you show all these in your course? Question: If I buy your courses, can I visit you in Punspace (I'll buy the coffee) and see in person the payments/income streams that make up the income? I don't trust online income posts because so many are made up, but if you're willing to show me the dashboards/payments in person then I can see its true for myself. I could even write a blog post about it when I start my journey. Thank you.

    4. I hope you know that's a lot to ask for $197 as most people would charge you $10,000+ for something like that but sure, I tell you what, sign up for the course, actually go through all of the videos, then schedule a 45 minute coaching session with me and i'm happy to use that time to log into my dashboards to confirm everything in the videos and all of the sources and income.

      But I'm not going to open up my laptop to you and let you poke around all you want as there are a lot of things I'm working on that I haven't shared yet. Earnest Affiliate isn't designed to show you my affiliate income sources, I only share them as a case study and example inside the course. My course is designed to show you how YOU can find your own products to promote and not simply copy mine.

      Don't sign up for Earnest Affiliate if that's your intent. This is a course to teach you how to setup a blog and brand and monetize it with affiliate offers. Just like a cooking course would teach you how to cook yourself, not come into the home of the chef to taste what he makes at home for his family. If you asked a Chef that he would be insulted. You're lucky I'm a generous and transparent guy, but even I have my limits.

    5. But you say above you show all your affiliate sources inside your course?

    6. No offense intended, I just meant the things you go over in your course and your income report, nothing secret, just the sources you already show everywhere and go over in your income reports. Not rummaging through your laptop! God no. It would be just be comforting and proof it works to see the income report things in person rather than screenshot on a blog if you know what I mean. Because many people fake that stuff. Thanks.

    7. "I show all of my affiliate sources and exactly how much I make from each one inside the member's area of"

      "Earnest Affiliate isn't designed to show you my affiliate income sources"


    8. So you're genuinely saying that people shouldn't buy your course if they want to be shown actual proof of your income? If you apparently share it all online already, what's different to showing the same to someone in a co-working space in person, unless you have something to hide? That tells anyone all they need to know.

    9. If you're serious about learning from me, I've given you a super generous offer above. Join the course, come by PunSpace and i'm happy to show you my dashboards.

    10. Actually just come by PunSpace tomorrow and i'll just show you all of the examples I openly share in my income reports anyway.

      This is an open invite too so if anyone's in Chiang Mai that's curious, just come ask nicely and don't be a dick and I'm happy to show you =)

      Same with my sales for my dropshipping store too. Happy to show my dashboards for that as well.

    11. Brilliant. I'm in CNX again next week so I'll reach out when I arrive.

    12. Awesome, message me at to make sure i'll be around.

    13. Hey, I'll take you up on this offer, just to end my nagging curiosity. I currently fall into the disbeliever/skeptic crowd so to see proof of this will definitely change the way I feel about affiliate marketers (I'm certainly not the biggest fan due to the scene being rife will fakery and bullshit). I'm mostly interested in the mysterious 13k, because I don't believe that for a second, but if you can prove it all, well, I'll eat my words and my hat! (& probably get into the affiliate marketing game myself haha!)

    14. I am waiting for you to return now that I'm in CNX, but re-reading your income posts I see you have edited all your income reports to remove or completely change the line '*ALL* my affiliate sources'. A bit disappointing, but maybe it's nothing. Are all sources shown or just a select few inside the course?

      I'd still like to take you up on this offer to show a full income report income from every source when you return though, to document it and finally set the record straight.

      Thanks Johnny.

    15. Sounds good, hope the air quality isn't too bad in CM right now. Do me a favor and message me at so I can let you know when I'm back in town.

  2. Nice job! What is your net worth now? And with this type of income, do you foresee yourself leaving CM and living elsewhere now that you can afford to do so?



    1. Hey Sam, I haven't calculated it in a while but it's around $200k now, which is quite a jump from my lowest point while writing my book 12 Weeks in Thailand when I had $200.00.

      Even though I can afford to live somewhere a bit more expensive, I'm honestly 100% happy in Chiang Mai so I'll be basing myself here most of the year.

    2. Do you speak Thai Johnny, and was that $342 rent your Thai expense or new Texas rent. thanks

    3. The $342 was for my apt in Chiang Mai that was left empty but I paid for it anyways so I'd have somewhere to come back to.

      I was lucky that my friend Amanda had an extra bedroom and lived downtown Austin so I stayed there with her for free =)

      Then David Vu let me use one of his AirBnB properties when I was in Orange Country, so it all worked out!

      Still can't speak Thai by the way, but I can be polite, and do simply things like order food.

    4. That's surprising Johnny, you've been in Thailand since 08 yes? Why don't you learn Thai?

    5. Not that you have to of course! Just wondering why you haven't learnt it, I imagine it would make life easier. If you don't mix with Thai people/culture then maybe I understand why not, also I guess it's difficult to learn being tonal!

    6. I know it's crazy right. But for 4 of those years I was living on islands like Koh Tao and Koh Lanta where everyone speaks English or Burmese so I didn't have use for it. And 2 of those years I spent mostly in the Caribbeans or Borneo. But now that i'm in Chiang Mai, I'm picking up more and more.

    7. Oh that makes sense! I bet the years just whizz past too.

    8. Yup it's crazy how it does! If you're curious to know more about the first 4 years of my journey, it's pretty crazy and I write about it candidly in 12 Weeks in Thailand: The Good Life on the Cheap

  3. Hey Johnny, I went to the DSL website and it looks like there is a sign up but is that for a different course?

    1. Hey Richard, it looks like Anton opened it back up for students if you go through my link:

      The $1,299 course is the full course. The $47 one is just a teaser to get you in the door and teach you the first step.

  4. Congrats Johnny! I am glad that you put yourself back there again.
    Women being the breadwinner in a household is actually cool too.

    I am amazed that you have built multiple streams of income over years, and still able to keep this blog constantly updated. I guess I will find out how you do that in earnest affiliate!

    1. Hey Aidan, thanks buddy. Even though I'm far from ready to move into another serious relationship, I know it's healthy for me to start dating casually again.

      The trick to managing multiple streams of income is to get them up and running, then automate them as much as possible so you can focus on something you enjoy doing, for me it's blogging =)

  5. Date in Austin? What happen to you and Larissa?

    1. Hey Logan. I didn't make a big deal out of it but mentioned it quietly a few months back but Larissa and I split up a few months ago now. She's now living back in South Africa.

  6. Awesome job as always Johnny!

    Remember to churn out more quality products like Earnest Affiliate and build up your followings. Within just a few more months, you could be hitting millions. ;-)

    1. Hey thanks Desmond. I don't plan on releasing any new courses anytime soon as I want to build up the audience of Earnest Affiliate and focus on my students in there but eventually I'm sure. =)

  7. Awesome income report. Any tips on how you're earning over $1000/mo as a Udemy affiliate?

    1. My best tips are:

      1. Only promote courses that genuinely work, and are positively reviewed.
      2. Promote courses that other people are already buying.
      3. Add unique value through an interview or review.

      If you want to know more, I go into detail inside my Udemy Affiliate course:

  8. Sigh* not sure what to focus on first, the affiliate stuff, or the drop shipping--both seem intriguing and I'm ready to jump in on a new opportunity!

    1. I would focus first on whatever skills you currently have. If you already have a blog, youtube channel, podcast, reader base, or following, then join Earnest Affiliate.

      If you are a programmer and have dev skills, go out and create a team.

      If you don't mind spending 2 months building a dropshipping store, follow Anton's course.

      If you want something as cheap as possible to just start making money as soon as possible, follow David Vu's Ebay course.

      Just get started with something!

    2. Just wondering, the two months to build a drop shipping store, is that amount of time based on if you have absolutely no computer skills at all? Thanks for the encouragement :)

    3. Two months is the average for myself and for people that I've met or mentioned their timeline on in the member forums.

      If you have ZERO computer skills it'll take you longer as you'll need to know basics like how to resize a photo.

      But for most people, 2 months is average.

  9. Congrats on the income! I had a top month with around the same income.

    With the jump in ebook sales, Jan is usually a high performing month for book sales. People are on holidays with time on their hands and big, shiny Amazon vouchers they got for Christmas.

    1. Hey Kathry, congrats on your income for the month! That's awesome! Great insight about the Amazon gift vouchers being the key to people shopping on books =)

  10. Hey Johnny,

    I'm really inspired by people who are already successful with the things that I start/ed, because if you can do it, there is no reason I can not do it.

    Don't get me wrong I acknowledge your success but I also understand that is the result of a lot of determination and hard work. :)

    I'm researching products to sell through FBA(it's tough, because of all the success barriers I have and fear of the unknown...).

    I was wondering if you have any tips on this, keep in mind that I don't have the budget to start courses, aand I only have a budget to start this Amazon FBA thing?

    1. Follow The Amazing Seller free podcasts and join groups on Facebook.

      I don't think Johnny has delved into FBA for some reason.

      Personally I think you'll have much better luck with FBA than with dropshipping (certainly) or affiliate marketing, but the latter two you can start without much up front so it might be worth doing them on the side. With FBA, typically if your product 'fails', unless you were stupid with it, you'll still break even. The hardest part is making the jump.

    2. Hey,

      Thank you very much for your suggestion, I've bookmarked the podcast that you suggested.

      Thank you very much. :)

    3. Awsome Lyubomir, let me know how you like the episode!

  11. Hey Johnny!

    I first herd about you on a podcast before xmas where you was being interviewed which led me to research drop shipping! January was a busy month as I decided to set up a Ecommerce store and booked to travel Thailand for 2months in April!

    Im finding everything is taking a long time to figure out as its my first time. Watching videos on youtube on how to do things is taking all the spare time I have, plus listening to your own podcasts which are very helpful ;). I have the work ethic to make this a success and I'm currently getting up at 6am to research, do a full days work and then back to it. Ive been looking for people who are local that have experience in this game who can give me a few tips but they all seem to be living the high life overseas.

    I would love to be able to purchase yours and Anton's course but cash is tight as saving for travels in Thailand, also would be great to speak to people like yourself who have experience when I'm out in Thailand.

    Understand that nothings for free but how do I get in the mix out there?

    And congrats on the income!!!

    1. Seriously? Build an income first then jump on a plane!

      Johnny was lucky his store worked out, for 99% of people it doesn't happen like that, and he'll tell you the same.

      If you land in Thailand with no income expecting it to be any different to working on things at home, you're crazy. You'll be broke and back home like the vast majority who buy into the high roller stuff.

      Johnny is the 1%. He got lucky and his hard work finally paid off at the ideal time, plus he's been trying to make money online for over 10 years, building up a following and experience in various niches which lends itself what he does now. 10 years dude. All you see is the results and it tricks you into thinking it can be done by anyone who jumps on a plane to Thailand in a short time,but the reality is different.

    2. Hey Jamie, I agree with the other comment, the only benefit of being in Thailand is having more free time (even though you'll be in a different time zone) and being surrounded by others who are also putting in the work.

      I highly recommend taking a course and not wasting time researching free info as it's kind of like getting partial instructions for 500 different recipies.

      If you can't afford Anton's course ( I would sign up for David Vu's course first (, as it's cheaper and quicker to make your first couple hundred bucks a month from and use that to buy Anton's full course later.

      Make it a priority and a plan to make your first sale BEFORE you come to Thailand as it'll help you when you are here. People want to network with others who are already doing something successful online, that first sale is the key!

  12. Wow if I had dreams of flying out to Thailand and becoming a over night millionaire you would have just shattered them Mr Anonymous.

    However, I think you have got the wrong end of the stick. im travelling Thailand for fun with my Girlfriend for two months and if possible whilst in CM meet people who are enthusiastic about online business.

    I am well aware that there isn't a get rich quick system out there nore do I feel that this website promotes that in anyway from what I've seen so far.

    When I return to the UK, I want a secondary income that I can reinvest into tanagable assets such as buy to let's all of which are long term investments.

    If you are looking to save me from making the mistake of drop shipping, I would be extremely interested in hearing your alternatives?

    Many thanks!

  13. You're aware theres no get rich quick schemes but you're willing to pay 1000s for a course on dropshipping? Clearly.

    Do FBA, learn to code, freelance. Get a real skill under your belt instead of blagging it with cheap tactics that won't last.

  14. I see your point! And FBA is on the list, however I'm a fully quilified investment broker and taking this year to travel and set up other streams of income, So I have to be tight with cash this year as I stated on my first post.

    So purchasing stock is a no go at this present time. The trade accounts I have opened are fairly high return and all have min RTP.

    I think if marketed correctly and enoth work is put in I can use this income streme to venture into longer lasting ventures.

    I know there's flaws in drop shipping but that's the same as all business. I have worked in industries in the past that people have said there dead but I've found that once it becomes harder to be successful the fast majority drop out and look for something else!

    However, I'm s newbie at all this let me know if I'm wrong!

    1. Hey Jamie you sound like you have a great head on your shoulders. You're absolutely right when you say there are up and downsides of all businesses including FBA, learning to code, and freelancing. |

      You're also right about businesses still working just fine even though tons of people start saying it's dead.

      There is always one guy who's never earnestly spent the 2 months it takes to build a successful store that says drop shipping is dead. But every week there's someone in the course forums who mentions their first sale or success. So for as many people saying it no longer works, there are the same amount of people if not more saying they're finding success with it.

    2. If it only take 2 months to make a successful store, why don't you keep making them? They're passive. You only have one store, your first one (Tiffany Lamps) isn't up any more. Clearly it's not that simple. If it was that easy you could make 6 a year, say 1k each (minimum), that's 6k a month in passive income. Rinse and repeat. If you hit 4k with half those 6 stores like your one now, that's 15k a month passive income within a year. Obviously it's not as simple as following a course or you'd be repeating the process.

    3. I've talked about it on the podcast a few times on why I don't start more stores as it's definitely possible to grow my income that route. First off, it's 2 months of HARD work, late night calling suppliers since i'm in the wrong time zone, stress of starting something new.

      Secondly it's not passive income, it's semi-passive even if you automate most things you still have to deal with the occasional (once a week) fire where someone gives you the wrong shipping address or is irate because an item is taking longer to arrive than scheduled.

      So yes is is as simple as following a course, putting in the time required to start the business, but I never said it was easy.

    4. Come onnnnn, what a cop out! Anyone would gladly work 2 months solid if it meant 1000 bucks continuous income, which is why there are so many takers for the course in the first place. Most (around 90% according to most sources) fail, am I to believe that 90% of people spending 1000 bucks on a course are too lazy to put 2 months of effort in, and that's why it doesn't work out for them? If a course and 2 months of hard work was all it took there'd be dropshipping millionaires everywhere.

    5. Read this post on Who Succeeds and Who Fails:

      P.S. there are a few people in the course who run multiple stores as their full time business so it definitely works. But for me personally my goal isn't to have 10 stores running, it's to have it be a nice steady stream of income that allows me to focus on other projects.

  15. You slimeball Johnny, I saw that comment. Delete anything that might show the reality and keep the naive from getting you your 250 bucks bonus right? If that was wrong you could easily have offered a reply as to why. You really are a fake and a terrible person.

    1. I don't know which comment you're referring to but my VA automatically deletes all spam comments and anything that doesn't add value to the conversation.

    2. That was my comment and you are completely right. It was not spam at all. It was advice for the fellow above outlining the details that Johnny leaves out and a common sense outlook needed when looking to invest in a course.

  16. Johnny, this month is crazy!

    Over 22k is awesome, and most of them from Affiliate streams, congratulations! I really envy your lifestyle travelling a lot =)

    Also, I've updated you in the favourite bloggers list at and you are top 7 now! You jumped 3 positions this month, well done!

    Have a happy February!!


    1. Awesome thanks Francisco! Glad you be able to share!

  17. Hey Johnny, Happy New Year!

    Big Props to you for hitting 22k and I absolutely love how you have diversified your income - It's a great example of how online business should be done.

    I only discovered your blog in December but it has fast become one that I am getting the most from.

    Thanks so much!

    1. Awesome Carl! Glad you discovered the blog! Let me know how it goes for you!


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