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The best thing about having financial and location freedom is being able to hang out with friends and do awesome things wherever we want in the world while still earning income. I met David Vu in person for the first time just a few months ago in California and convinced him to come hang out with me in Thailand for a few weeks.

Since his businesses are location independent and set up to generate passive income, he said why not and ended up coming for an entire month! In this post I'm going to share what I learned from him business wise, as well as some secrets on how he works and makes money and manages his time.

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Watch This First:

David Vu's most recent income report pretty much sums up everything you need to know about his income streams, but also his trip to Thailand.

How I Met David:

If you listen to episode 82 of the podcast recorded in August of last year, you can tell that I was pretty harsh on him as I hadn't met him in person yet and was a bit skeptical of his business model as ebay arbitrage has a bad reputation in the internet marketing world.

After the interview, I was convinced that he was legit and ended up signing up for his ebay course as a paid student, watched his videos, and ended up selling a few thousand dollars worth of products in my own store. That's when I was really convinced David and his method worked and started promoting his course as an affiliate.

Over Christmas I went to visit my parents in San Francisco and when David heard I was coming back to the states, he offered to host me at one of his AirBnB rentals for free if I came down to Orange County. During that trip was the first time I met David in person, and after meeting a bunch of his students I did episode 102  who used to be part of MLM but now do their own online business instead.

david vu
Meeting David Vu for the first time in California. January 2016.

Business Secrets Learned:

The very first thing I learned from hanging out with David Vu is you don't have to be super smart to be a successful entrepreneur. He's definitely not a dumb guy or anything but he's also not a great planner. He once said, I'd rather be able to say "I is rich" than "I am intelligent."

The other thing that took me a few weeks to really soak in, is that that over hyped, super excited personality he portrays in youtube videos is actually exactly the way he is 24/7 whether it's 6:00am when we're waking up early to go fishing or 11pm after a long day of dirt biking and everyone else is exhausted. The downside however is his Type A personality which is fantastic for business often leads him to difficulty sleeping which can lead to health problems so whether you are naturally hyper or not, realize there are pros and cons to everything we're born with.

What I was most impressed with and the biggest business secret I learned from him over the 3 weeks we hung out together is how hands off he is with his businesses. Even though everything I do is semi-passive, I still have to log in and work for about an hour a day most weekdays or things blow up. To most people that sounds like the dream being able to truly live a 4-hour workweek but in reality, being able to 100% trust your systems, virtual assistants, partners and employees is real freedom.

Time Management: 

David did pretty much zero work during his 4 weeks in Thailand and still made over $22,000 in profit that month. He made most of his income through dropshipping products through ebay and his Ebay Course where he teaches students how to do the same.

The only thing I ever saw him working on at the coworking space is editing fun videos like the one above and below that shows what we did on dirt bikes through the jungle and beaches. I asked him if he was always this hands off and was surprised to learn that he used to have trust issues and tried to do everything himself. It wasn't until a few years ago that he learned to fully let go.

David Vu's Success Summarized:

If I was to guess what David Vu's secret sauce is that makes him as successful as he is, I'd say it's blind determination and not listening to what others say or think. Like a lot of successful entrepreneurs he sets his eyes on a target and works his ass off to achieve it without stopping to think about what other people say or think. 

He does things his way and invites others to follow along which is his other best success trait. He genuinely enjoys meeting and connecting with his students and even with his closest friends and even his girlfriend he has them go through his course instead of giving them special treatment and doing the work for them. He's also not afraid to mix personal friendships with business, which is something I personally struggle with myself as I always feel bad telling my close friends or family to pay for something even though I know it has the potential to make them a lot of money and by personally investing money into it they have a higher chance of sticking with it and being successful.

To wrap it all up, take a listen to Episode 110 of the podcast as we talk about everything we did in Thailand and how he has created financial and location independent freedom as well as how you can for yourself as well.

Hope you enjoyed this Entrepreneur Secrets profile of David Dang Vu. If you want to know anything else or get the inside scoop about what makes other digital nomads and online business owners successful let me know in the comments below.

Warm Regards,


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  1. David Vu is the real deal. He is genuine, dedicated to his students' success, humble, and very transparent.

    1. Hey Jonathan, I'm glad you had the same experience learning from David Vu. People like him are rare in this world which is why I'm glad I found him, and why I want to share!


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