Udemy's New Pricing Change - For All Courses, Forever.

Udemy just switched over pricing for ALL courses on their site. This is a huge deal for both students as well as course instructors. Instead of having $300 courses that are randomly marked down to $10 once every other month, Udemy has completely gotten rid of the flash sales and is forcing all course snow to be sold between $20-$50.

As an instructor, affiliate and student of Udemy, I've seen all three sides and here's what I think of the change, the details, as well as what I think you should do as a course creator and as a student as some courses. Common questions include what will courses be priced at, how can you get discounts on courses and is it still worth it to create new courses as a Udemy Instructor?

udemy new pricing

Official Announcement: 

Just in case you haven't read the blog post, here is the video Udemy sent out announcing the new pricing changes and their rationale behind it. 

For Students:

If you're a student of any course on Udemy or have been wanting to take a course, this update is FANTASTIC for you as now you can simply just sign up for the course you want without trying to find coupon codes, or wait for Black Friday sales.

Personally, I've bought a few courses on Udemy but never paid more than $50 for one and some I bought during crazy flash sales and never even started. If you want to take a look at the courses i've personally signed up for on Udemy, take a look at below, but you'll find that the ones that I haven't actually started at the ones I either got for $10 for for free. When you pay full price for a course you are more likely to actually go through it, and take action. 

The good news is that no more coupon codes are needed as courses are now automatically priced between $20 - $50 which means, if there's a course you want to take, you can just sign up for it without having to wait for a sale, which Udemy has promised to do less of, and with smaller discounts when they do have them. 

These are all of the courses that I've personally signed up for as a Udemy Student

Course Prices:

Because of the way Udemy suggests pricing for instructors, I have a feeling that prices are going to be set super low this first week and eventually, all of the best courses will be set at $50 with no discounts while courses that are shorter, have less students or are in niches that aren't as profitable will most likely sell between $20-$30.

When Udemy instructors log in today, they'll notice a screen pop up saying "all of your courses prices have automatically changed" and they'll get the following screen showing what Udemy recommends they sell the course at. Basically Udemy wants most courses to be sold at $20 with no discounts but I have a feeling most instructors like myself are going to manually raise their prices to $35-$50 for their really good courses, so if there's a course you've been wanting to take like David Vu's ebay course now is a good time to take it as some instructors with courses that have been selling for more than $100 on average have been looking into making their courses private and selling them on a different platform for more money.

The good news is, Udemy and the instructors should still honor students who have previously signed up, so once you're in, you're in.

Also if you just want to browse around the Udemy Marketplace you can view all Udemy courses as all of them are now on sale.

These are the courses that I personally teach on Udemy as an Instructor

For Instructors: 

What does this mean for us? Personally I think it's a good thing as instead of having a crazy successful month during every holiday sale, we'll have more consistent sales throughout the year. Also I really think that $20-$50 is a fair price for most courses that are bite sized.

You'll never see me selling my mega course Earnest Affiliate on Udemy especially with the new pricing change, but having a new set price is actually encouraging me to create more bite sized courses on specific topics. So instead of crewing a course like EA where I go through Niche Selection, Website Setup, Getting Traffic, Case Studies, Making Passive Income and Automation, I would just create separate courses on each of those topics.

As an instructor who's made over $8,714 from my courses throughout the years I'm really glad the platform is around as it makes it super easy to make courses and personally I'm happy about the new "fair/simple pricing."

Hanging out at Udemy Headquarters in San Francisco

I hope this post cleared up a few things about Udemy's new pricing model. If not here is an FAQ about the new pricing. I for one am pretty excited about this new change. I'm curious how it'll end up playing out for everyone both as students and instructors.

What do you think of it? Good/Bad? Leave a comment below to discuss.


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  1. You should really finish those courses before rating them Johnny, or at least finish 50%.

    I've grabbed a few courses lately. Just low cost ones for hobbies and such so the price change wouldn't apply, but at first glance I like the changes. The *was $1999 now $99* Udemy was known for impacted the perception of the site and courses slightly negatively I think, in my mind at least. The set prices seem more legitimate.

    1. Glad you picked up some courses that you are interested in. I agree that the new pricing model is a lot more realistic.

      As for the ratings, Udemy actually prompts you leave course feedback and a rating after you watch the first few videos, then they ask you to update it as you go through the course so it could end up being higher or lower by the end of it.

    2. Oh really? Sorry, I didn't realize! I always skip the ratings pop ups until I'm finished so I didn't know, but that makes sense. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Johnny. Another absolutely recent to the point post. I love your integrity and honesty. You inspired me a lot to work on a course that I might not be offering on Udemy but directly (Rainmaker allows me to create and offer courses relatively easy).

    Would you mind 'clarifying' bite sized (aka snackable)? Do you think it's a good approach to build a following on Udemy with bize sized courses and offer a bigger one at your own website?

    1. Hey Danny, glad you've been enjoying the posts!

      By bite sized (snackable) I mean courses that.

      1. Can be consumed (viewed from start to finish) in one long sitting or over 2-3 days max.

      2. Covers just one main topic. For example, instead of a course on "How to get more traffic to your website" which covers SEO, Guest Posting, Podcasting, Youtube, etc, you make the course called "How to get more traffic by Guest Posting"

      Then at your site if you wanted to you can offer a "Traffic Masterclass Course" if you wanted.

    2. Thanks for clarifying Johnny.

      I will experiment with bite sized offerings on mooc's (meaning offering the same content as my masterclass that is offered on my own website).

      I will let you know how it goes :)

      Have you offered pieces of your masterclass anywhere else than on 'Earnest Affiliate'? If yes, would you mind sharing if this tactic worked for you?

    3. So far I've only experimented with having a part of Earnest Affiliate as a Udemy course, ( and it's worked so I can see it working for others as well.

    4. Thanks. I will share my experiences later.


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