VIDEO: Dropshipping Secrets Revealed

I originally filmed this video and uploaded it as unlisted as it was intended only for current members of the dropshipping course I'm a part of, but I realized that it was a shame not to give the information out to everyone freely as not everyone is part of the course.

So here it is, free access to my dropshipping secrets where I give you a detailed overview of what's inside Dropship Lab, why I created it, and how you can 10X your dropshipping profits even if you're not part of the course. If you get a ton of value from this video, which I'm sure you will, consider joining the course to get step by step, detailed videos with more examples, and action items. But for now, you can start with this free preview as it gives away a ton of knowledge.

Why I'm Sharing This:

I'm a big believer that if you create something of value, good things will come from it. My goal is to share as much free knowledge as possible, without upsetting the paid members of the course. In this video, even though I go through all of the formulas, the paid members still get access to the screen shares, step by step action plans, and case study examples.

But I still wanted to help out everyone even people who aren't yet a paid member of Dropship Lab: Six Figure Formula 

Watch the Video:

Here is a special 25 minute presentation on the secrets of how to 10X your dropshipping profits. It's designed for people who already have a profitable dropshipping store, but even if you're just starting out, you can benefit from knowing what's to come and what else is possible.

If you don't have a store yet, helping you 10X your dropshipping profit doesn't do anything as ten times zero is still zero. So before you take advantage of any of the formulas below, I would suggest you go through Anton's Dropshipping Course first and make your first couple of sales.

I hope you enjoyed this presentation. If you want more detail about any of the formulas mentioned, I go through each of them in depth in the full course, which you can sign up for at

Hope to see you inside the course.

Warm Regards,


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  1. wow wtf johhny, you got me with your email message: "The secrets inside this video are going to show you some of the formulas inside Dropship Lab that have helped me get to six figure profits." The secrets you're referring to, c'mon man, they are not even secrets :-) And the formulas for six figure profits are....wait for it.....well they're really inside the course and you have to pay for it first. lol

    I still like you bro :-) and thanks for the TLAB podcast. I enjoy it so much and I learned tons from it.

    1. Hey Alex, I'm glad you've been learning a ton from the podcast! I hope you got a lot of value from the 25 minute overview of Dropship Lab as well. Obviously I can't show you everything as it'll be unfair to the course members, and it'll end up being a 2 hour youtube video, but hopefully it covered the basics.

  2. Question... I paid for the mini course and watched all the videos and modules but not understanding how I put up products in a website before I've called the suppliers? Or do you just hope nothing gets clicked and bought and that they don't mind you having it up before they give you a yes or no?

    1. Hey Marlassw, Anton goes over it in detail in one of the modules, if you're still stuck, feel free to ask inside the private member forums of ( and I'm happy to help there.


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