2017 Negativity Free Challenge

Hey everyone, I hope you're having a great 2017 so far and hopefully it'll be an incredible year for all of us, but to help assure that we can do one simple thing. Lets start by cutting out all negativity in this upcoming year or at least refocusing it. By now we should all know that unnecessary negativity in our lives add to stress, anger, frustration, irritability, loss of friendships, anxiety and even depression. So why do we do it? If you were linked to this post by someone, chances are, you were being negative and in need of a reality check. Keep your mind open for just a few minutes while you read this, then decide for yourself if you were being just in your actions or your words or if there was a more positive way you could have phrased things to give more value instead of being an ass.

The negativity free challenge isn't all about pooping rainbows and assuming everything in life is perfect. We're not here to become delusional or to praise and encourge things that don't actually work. But instead, let's focus on finding the things that do work, looking for the good in every situation, and steering people into the right direction instead of bashing or hating on what we might perceive as the wrong. 2017 is going to be all about being the positive change we want to see in the world, suggestions helpful alternatives when needed, and going out and fixing the bad and replacing it with good when you can. Here's how we can all be healthier, happier and even more successful in 2017 by following the negative free challenge.

Being the Change

(Become the change you want to see in the world)

The next time you read something that you disagree with, or is just outright untrue, instead of either completely ignoring it and letting it continue to happen or bitching about it, be the change you want to see in the world by offering a concrete solution or alternative. If you don't, you are doing your part in making the world worse when you have the opportunity to be making it better.

If someone posts "Chiang Mai is the best place in the world" and you disagree with it, instead of giving ten reasons why everyone there is an idiot and why it sucks, offer a solution or an alternative. Back it up by saying you've actually been there but you've also been to XYZ city and prefer that because of the following reasons. Maybe even go as far as linking to good information about the alternate.

The same with if someone posts "dropshipping sucks" instead of replying and saying, "yeah it does suck because I read xyz somewhere else that also said it sucks," you can instead write. "Dropshipping might not be the best option for people in xyz situation, I haven't done it myself, but from my understanding learning how to write code is better because of xyz. Here's a link to an online class on how you can learn how to become a javascript developer."

Be the Teacher

(Instead of sitting back and complaining.)

If you are fortunate enough to be more successful or know more than someone else who may just be starting out instead of telling them they're stupid, offer to help guide or teach them instead. Instead of getting mad at someone who might not know what they are talking about, offer to educate them or show them the correct path instead.

If you ever wonder why there are so many "idiots" who teach things online or off, and why there are so many people who listen to them, the reason is because people are looking for that information and no one is offering it. Instead of telling people they have no idea what they're talking about, and accusing the blind leading the blind, realize that the blind need leading, and that if someone with good sight isn't offering to lead, someone else will take that role.

If you are an expert or have been successful at something, it's your responsibility to guide others who are just starting out. You can do it for free or charge what your time is worth, but either way, don't just leave others in the dark for them to find their way out on their own.

Check the Facts

(Instead of assuming everything in the world is a scam.)

The next time someone says something that sounds too good to be true, or if you have the gut feeling that they're full of shit, do a fact check before calling bullshit. The problem with saying people are full of shit without first finding out if that's actually true or not is not only are you potentially damaging someone's reputation for no reason, but you're also adding doubt to people's minds in whether or not anything works at all. I use to think that most things in the world were a scam, but after I actually became successful in business and have met people do well, I realize that even though not everything is for me, that most things in life and business genuinely work if you put the effort in.

When doing a fact check, don't just google the person's name a the word scam, as I guarantee the "scamchecker" website you find is just a hate site with an ulterior motive of their own. If you think someone's course is full of shit, don't ask people who haven't taken it themselves what their opinion is, find someone who's actually done it. If you really want to be a true fact checker, put your money where your mouth is, buy it yourself, go through it earnestly, then if it really is completely junk, ask for a refund then report your findings.

A good example of when I was pessimistic about something that came across scammy or too good to be true was when I first heard about David Vu and Ebay arbitrage.  But since I put my money where my mouth is, I purchased his course, reached out to his successful students, then with an open mind interviewed him on my podcast to find out the truth. It turns out that even though it's not a business model I personally want to do, his success is real and he's now one of my closest friends.

Understand their Needs

(Instead of assuming you know what's best.)

One of the hardest things for me to have grasped is the fact that not everyone thinks like I do, and that there's often more than one correct answer to the same problem. When I was broke and striving to earn $600 a month online so I could continue living "the good life on the cheap" a ton of people called me an idiot and struck down what I had to say.

Now that I'm making $20,000 a month, and realize how much better life is to be wealthy instead of just scraping to get by, it'd be easy for me to look down on those people and call them idiots for caring about how to save a few bucks here and there when that's not the bigger picture in life. I'm fortunate enough to have gone through being broke and living on a tight budget for years, and even writing a book about it as now I know that people aren't idiots, they're just in a different stage of their lives.  I also understand that to get to where we think they should aim to be, they may first need to get to the next baby step to start.

Even though looking back aiming to make $600 online may have been a rookie mistake when I should have set my aims much higher, but honestly I don't regret it at all as the other option may have been to have never started in the first place. So the next time you see someone make a "rookie mistake" or on what you consider the "wrong path" to be, instead of chopping them down, offer to guide them towards the right path instead.

Offer a Solution

(Instead of allowing others to continue to fail.)

The most important thing we can do to help rid the world of negativity is to start providing concrete solutions instead of vile hate. Realize that there are a lot of people who are lost in this world and need guidance. The problem is, everytime someone chops something down saying it doesn't work it makes people even more desperate as all of the sudden there is even more doubt in their minds if there is any hope at all. So next time you see something that "doesn't work" often a concrete solution instead. Instead of saying "the paleo diet is a piece of shit" say to them, "you might want to try the Whole30 solution instead as I have had friends get good results from it."

The reason why I try to ignore all "constructive criticism" especially online, is that it's hardly ever actually constructive. For whatever reason people assume that because they're behind their screens that they can be as vile and disgusting as they want without repercussions. But the truth is everything you say or repeat online affects people's lives in real life.

By committing to offer real solutions, recommending alternatives, especially with things you've actually done yourself, books you've actually read, or courses you've actually taken, it makes the world a better place and positively impacts people's lives.

DeParticipate in Hate

I think the single best thing we can do to really make a change is to stand up and not allow hate to happen. When you read something online that is completely untrue or you have reason to believe it's wrong. Go through the steps above, do your own research then offer a genuine solution. If you've had a positive experience, share it.

But even better, don't start, share, or encourge hate and negativity in the first place. It's crazy how much attention people give negative topics over positive ones. But it just goes to show how unhappy most people are in their own lives that they feel the need to drag everyone else down with them into their pits of dispair. I've never met anyone who is genuinely happy that spends any time talking down on others or discouraging people from going after their passions. 

I'm not delusional, I know the world isn't perfect, but I know that by participating in the anger it's just making the world an even harder place to be. We all have the choice to add to the anger or to declare ourselves free of negativity and look at the bright side, positivity, and the solutions instead. 

See and Be Positive

When you start looking at how good our lives really are, and how there truly is good in everything, our lives become better for us and everyone around us. Sure it's comfortable to wallow in a pit of pessimism and drag down others into it, and sure it might be annoying to see other people up in cloud 9 even if it's their ignorance that makes them blissful. But when it comes down to it, why not choose to see the positive in everything?

I honestly believe there is way more good in the world than there is bad. I avoid bad news like the plague, never watch the news, and stay far away from negativity in all forms as I know it's soul draining. Being around negative people or even just reading their comments online feels like heaviness dragging on my heart. It kills my productivity and makes me want to drag down others into my burdens and feel the same. 

So if you ever wonder why I chose not to read or reply to negativity online or off, it's not because I'm delusionally happy. It's not because I think the world is perfect, or that everything out there is amazing. It's because if I'm not able or willing to provide an alternative solution, or if I simply don't have all of the facts or the personal experience to be able to truly add to the conversation, I just ignore it and move on.

Take the Challenge

Knowing that there is no benefit to being negative, and knowing that life really is what we make it, let's vow for the rest of the year, and hopefully the rest of our lives to completely let go of negativity once and for all. Let's vow to become the change we want to see in the world and start offering solutions instead of opinions. 

Let's look for the positive in all things and start steering ourselves and others into a life that's even more amazing. If you haven't read Life Changes Quick yet, it's a great example of how a simple mindset shift helped me go from assuming the worst in the world to living life at the very best. 

Bookmark this page and share the link the next time you read something online that doesn't add value, positivity or real life solutions to the world. By us staying quiet and sitting in the sidelines, we are allowing the people with the most anger to win. Everyone in the world has issues they're fighting that we are completely unaware of, and often those that spew the most hate actually need the most love. I genuinely feel sorry for those who are quick to hate it usually comes from a deep place of insecurity or unhappiness. But the goal is to simply copy and paste this article to them then walk away. Lets not let anyone in the pits of despair drag us down with them, but let's not also walk away without first leaving them a ladder to get out.

Comment below if you vow to be part of the change and be negativity free in 2017!

Let's make this a better world together!

With Love and Gratitude,

Johnny FD

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  1. Love the positivity Johnny!

    I just watched your income reprt for December and I am blown away with how much you have achieved this year!

    You are a role model for people who are willing to work hard and achieve their goals !

    1. Hey thanks Conner! Glad to you have you on board in the journey! Keep putting in the hard work and you'll achieve all of yours as well!

  2. Feelin it! Planning out my content for 2017 and my goal is to offer as much value and connect people with information they want and need and make it as easy as possible. Lots of goals and staying positive, inspired and motivated. Thanks for writing this.

    1. Nice stuff Trevor! Hope you have an amazing 2017!

  3. yes! may everyone be connected to their hearts...Let's keep on believing in love... xxx Caroullou & Mitchel xxx

  4. Great article Johnny. Feeling so much positive :)

  5. Woohoo!! Love this post Johnny. Here's to an amazing, positive year!

  6. Hi Johnny, Hope all well :). Love all the positive thinking, Yes Thailand is a paradise and I want to go back there (I'm from BKK but stuck in UK :D) I've decided, 2017 it going to be AWESOME! I'm learning from you and will join Anton's course to setup drop ship store No.4 (3 of them not success :D) Anyway Take Care

    1. Keep it up Gena! Hope to see you in Thailand in 2017! If you ever get stuck with your DS course, ask me anything in my thread inside Anton's private member forums.

  7. Great stuff Johnny. I only started following you recently after a friend tipped me about you, but I'm loving what I've seen so far!
    Reading this post reminds me of a book I recently got, called "The Daily Stoic". It's loaded with tips about attitude and behavior that helps create a rich life. I thought I'd share it with the community :)
    Keep it up and best of luck this year! Vince

    1. Hey awesome Vincent! Tell your friend I said thanks for referring you to my stuff!

  8. They are getting desperate to earn some income in CM these days . This is one attempt .

    1. It wasn't a post about income. It was about positivity, and challenging us to better ourselves by promoting good things to others, too.

      I'll let your comment be an example of the wrong way of thinking (negativity, nothing constructive to contribute).

      The rest of us believe in a winning mindset, and will promote good things along the way. Hopefully one day you'll reach a point in your life where whatever it is that causes you to be negative will no longer hold you back.

  9. Great post, Johnny.

    Just the other weekend I had a situation where a guy (a stranger) gave me attitude and was honestly being a little bit bitchy, and it wasn't warranted. Very similar to how people behave online.

    Later rather than be hostile with him I had a talk with him and explained about how people approach each other when they're upset, and how I'd rather we leave on good terms as opposed to the negativity that would have grown otherwise.

    So looks like maybe I made a new friend, we shook hands, and he apologized for how he acted earlier.

    I've learned that sometimes it's often far better to give an initial opportunity to allow others to meet us halfway, along with passing along friendly, positive, and (neutral) mature advice and perspective rather than getting hostile.

    Negativity tends to breed negativity, and while there are often those who are toxic and simply must be put aside, we can be that person to take the first step and sometimes good things will come of it!

    It's not always easy or our first thought, but it gets easier after a while. Winners promote the best things, and want the best for others and not just themselves. They're willing to give friendly advice where an opportunity presents itself.

    Looking forward to a great 2017, and getting my DSL store rolling well I hope.


    1. Wow great job refocusing that! Keep up the good work in 2017 and I hope it's an amazing year!

    2. Thanks, Johnny. Coming from a guy (you) with definite winning mindset, I take it as a compliment.

      Mike Cernovich would be proud, lol.

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