Start or Monetize a Blog or Online Brand in 2018!

The best advice I can give anyone is to start, or monetize your blog or online brand this year. As they say, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now. Blogging and creating online content is so powerful that in the past two years, the income I get from my blogs, videos, email list, and social media channels have make me over $100,000 a year and simply sharing the journey has sometimes actually surpassed even my actual income from running the actual business itself. Let me rephrase that again so it's super clear. Doing something I love and truly enjoy doing, has become a full time stream of semi-passive income that has provided me over six figures a year in profit and there's no reason why you can't do the same. And no, I'm not talking about traveling blogging to get free stuff or sponsored press trips. I'm talking about making a legit income while making a true impact on others and the world.

What's crazy to me is that even knowing that, many of you haven't even started a blog, website, or online brand yet, even though you might have heard me mention it countless times since I first started sharing my income reports in 2015 and showed you that in good months when I'm writing a lot that my brand income can bring in $5,000 to $15,000 or more in additional income on top of everything else I'm working on and doing.  Some of you may already have a youtube channel or blog, but it's not making money, or you're doing a ton of work just to get a free hotel room, small sponsorship or trip somewhere. Some of you may have reasons or excuses on why blogging or branding isn't for you. Maybe you're an introvert. Maybe you're camera shy? Maybe you're not very technical. Well guess what? Not only are all of those excuses as there's always a workaround, those things are also holding you back from making the internet and the world a better place. Seriously. Don't believe me? Keep reading.

The Secret Sauce

Imagine if you had a blog documenting your journey of doing something that you know would really make a big impact on yourself, like for example, getting in shape. Even if you didn't show your face or make videos, even if you were completely behind the scenes and just showed numbers, graphs, and diagrams, imagine how much value it would provide your readers or followers if you were the one to spend your own time, energy and money figuring out what really worked. Which books or diets really made a difference, which workout plans to follow, what supplements to take, and what tools, equipment or software made the process easier. Imagine you could be the authority source that people could trust to get in the best shape of their lives, be healthier, have more energy, look better naked, and potentially even live a longer, happier life.

What would that be worth? Money wise, what would it be worth to have six pack abs, be super attractive to the opposite sex or have a ton of energy all day and sleep like a baby at night? For me, and for millions of others, it would be worth a lot of money, and for you to be able to share with us step by step what actually works and what doesn't and go through the work of figuring it all out for me, I'd happy pay you for it and I'd pay a lot. For some of you, getting in shape or having a six pack isn't a huge priority right now. Maybe it's learning a language or skill, self development, or starting a new, or growing an existing business. Whatever it is, it's easy to calculate what the end result would be worth and people would happy pay for it, especially if it's something with an easy to calculate return. But here's the thing, what if you could do all of the above, but your readers and audience not only wouldn't have to pay you anything, it also wouldn't cost them anything extra at all?

This is what people want. Help give it to them!

The Money Power

Here's the secret, instead of charging my readers and audience like a coach would, I just give it all for free, and in return, if and only if they decide to buy something that I talked about or recommended though my link, I would get a hefty affiliate commission check as a referral payment. I've now made hundreds of thousands of dollars by doing exactly what I just shared with you. But here's the thing, even though it seems pretty simple, why doesn't everyone do it?

The secret is that it took me over 10 years of writing randomly blogs, most of them which made so little money that I let them expire as it wasn't even worth me paying the $10 to renew for another year. Most people will never spend even half that amount of time to figure out what works, what doesn't, and how to really build up a brand, audience, and gain enough traffic, trust, and momentum to monetize. The good news is that I've now packaged everything I've learned and everything that I did to take my own personal brand income from making often less than $100 a month, to over $100,000 a year in profit. I show you how to grow your audience and visitors organically without paid ads, private blog networks, building or paying for backlinks or complicated SEO.

In my course, I show you step by step the secrets behind my top performing revenue streams, and exactly how much money I make from each other, which posts them come from, the traffic sources, and give you everything you need to know and do to do the same. I hold nothing back, and have commited my 2018 to helping my students grow and monetize their blogs just as I have mine. If you haven't see or heard about my course yet, here's a video that shows you everything you need to know.

Take the Course

If you're ready to take control of your 2018 and create something that you'll truly be proud of this year and for years to come, stop wasting time. Sure you can try to do it on your own, but as you already know, most people either never get started, or waste so much time doing things wrong that they eventually give up before they see any success. I created this course because it's something that I wish existed when I first started blogging and creating online content. It's something that would have not only saved me a ton of time, but it would have paid it self back 10000x. It's something that I wish every travel blogger knew about as I cringe seeing how much time and energy people waste in the wrong direction.

This course is something that is proven to work, backed by a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee, and gives you access not only to the step by step videos I've created to teach you everything you need to know, but you also get access to the private member's group where you can get personal help each step of the way. And as of 2018, I'm adding even more ways to give you the best chance at success. It's not easy, it's not a quick way to make money overnight, but if you're willing to follow directions, create real value, and follow the steps, I guarantee it'll be worth it. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Join the course here today and save 50% for a limited time. The price will definitely go up in 2018 and it'll never be this affordable ever again, so if you have any desire to change your life by starting or monetizing a brand or online audience, this is the course for you.

Join the Course today and Save 50%

More Info:

Even if don't join my course today, as much as i'd love to have you as a student so I can work with you personally, I still want to be able to help. Take this piece of advice as something that you'll wish you would have done looking back if you don't. Just as the quote I mentioned in the first line stated, the best time to start something was a long time ago, but the second best time is right now. Everyone in the world should 100% start a blog today, seriously.

There are so many benefits to registering your domain name, securing a dot com address, and putting something out there so you can start organically building up trust in search rankings. I explain it all in detail inside Income Boss, but even if you don't join, trust me, register a .com domain name today. They are not going anywhere, and just like beachfront property, they only make so much of it and it gets more and more valuable everyday. If you need help setting up a basic website, blog, or have the excuse that all good domain names are already taken and you don't know where to look, I have some good news for you. I've created a mini course that contains the first 15 foundational videos of the $497 Income Boss, for people in your situation that might not be ready yet to dive into the full course at this moment. So instead, I created the Blogging Bootcamp for just $7. It's everything you need to start your blog or online brand today and get it ready to turn on monetization for whenever you're ready. It's seriously the best deal in the online world, and you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you don't sign up for it and let this deal pass you up.

Start for Free:

Okay friends and readers as you know I'm a big believer in abundance and even though I know that you'll get the easiest to follow, most updated, step by step over my shoulder screenshots inside my courses above and that'll help you the most in your journey. I know that not all of you can afford to join a course right now, so I want to be able to help you for free by sharing everything you need to know publically without purchase.

So here's everything you need to get started with an overview, wordpress setup, traffic setup, and monetization in these 4 videos.

Video 1: The Overview 

Video 2: Wordpress

Video 3: Traffic Tools

Video 4: Monetizing

That's It!

I truly, genuinely hope everyone has an amazing 2018 and that it's full of abundance financially as well as in every other positive way. If you enjoyed the videos above, I promise that you'll love the course even more. If you can't afford to join the full course yet, just invite $7 in yourself and sign up for The Blogging Bootcamp. It's a straight to the point, step by step course that shows you everything you need start a blog, create content, get traffic, and get your site ready to monetize.

When you're ready for the full course, join Earnest Affiliate 2.0 now called Income Boss and get 50% off for a limited time! In that course you'll see all of the confidential case studies on how the real money is made, and how you can save years off of your life by doing things correctly the first time around and not guessing on what types of posts and traffic sources really bring in the cash. I hope you enjoyed this post! Share it with anyone who you think should monetize their websites.

P.S. I have two guarantees! If you're just starting you, you get a 30 day money back guarantee on Income Boss. For any reason you don't think it's for you, just reply to the confirmation email and you'll get a 100% refund! And for those with an established audience already. If you already have a blog, following, or email list, I can guarantee that you'll make at least the cost of this course the very first month of monetizing your list, and if it doesn't happen, just reply back and i'll grant you a 100% refund as well! There's really nothing to lose!

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD
Founder of

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  1. Thanks for the post Johnny, really like your vibe. I just started my blog at the start of this year and my goal is to post every single day this year. So still getting settled in! I'm considering taking your course because I would like to learn more about monetizing, traffic, etc.

    Also, I suggest everyone get on Steemit which is a new social network which I think will really explode in the future. You get paid when people like your posts or comments. Pretty awesome!

    You can find my profile here:
    Say hello if you decide to join!

    1. Hey Mark, I actually posted on Steemit a few times as a test to see how it goes. I think it's a great idea and a much better version of Medium or Linkedin Blogs, but as you'll learn in the course, owning your own platform, subscriber list, and domain is key to long term branding, profit, and success.

      Here's my Steemit post if anyone's curious:

      But ultimately, I stopped posting there at least for the meantime and focused posting on and building my own site instead of someone else's. =)

  2. Johnny you write such a good sales pitch. Are we supposed to realize it's a sale pitch? oops.

  3. great, thanks for sharing information

  4. Thanks for your post! It's been a long time since I read a good article and such a meaning! I hope you will continue to write articles like these for hobbyists!


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