Dropship Partner Program 2018 is Now Open!

Great news! After the success of the last drop shipping partner program, I've decided to open it up again for 2018 and this time, it'll be open to everyone, even if you're a beginner with no experience!  A lot of people have been asking if I was going to do it again and for details on my plan to start a bunch of new of partner dropshipping stores and want to know how to apply to take part. As a lot of you know I recently sold one of my dropship stores for $60,000 and realized that the easiest path to becoming a millionaire would be to open a bunch of stores with the sole intention of selling them. But the truth is, it's a lot of work and I can't do it on my own without a team. Plus it's more fun to do it together and even though it was a lot of work, at the end of the day, it was worth the effort.

In total now, I've built and sold a store for $60,000, a second one for $57,000, a couple smaller ones in the $6,000 range, and most recently, one with one of the dropship partners Sebastian for $44,000. In total I've made over a quarter million dollars in net profit from running and selling drop ship stores and want to scale it up again this year by reopening the program.  If you're interested in creating a bunch of stores with me, keep reading to find out the details and how to apply.

Why Dropshipping?

There are a bunch of different ways to make money online but ecommerce and drop shipping in particular are by far the most straightforward. We can build and test each store for less than $500 and can earn money each and every month while we optimize them for more sales and wait for them to be real to sell for 27X monthly profits like I did when I sold my first dropshipping store for $60,000.

If you do the math, running that store for a year and a half made me around $40,000 in profit which was about $2,200 per month on average which was great. But the real benefit was being able to establish a track record showing how profitable the store is so when it was time to list for sale, the new buyer could see exactly how much money it's worth.

I call it double dipping. Not only are you making money each and every month while you are running the store, but when you sell it, you get a massive pay out. This one store that I started for less than $500 has made me over $100,000 in profit all together if you count the profit I made each month from running it along with the lump sum from selling it. By opening 10 stores using this double dipping formula it'll essentially be worth $1 million dollars. This is how you make a million dollars dropshipping.

dropshipping millionaire

The Master Plan

By October 31st, 2018 I'm going to select between 5 - 10 people to partner and start new stores with. That'll give you about a month to figure out your plans and hopefully we'll all meet in Chiang Mai, Thailand to cowork and bootstrap these new stores together. The goal is to work together from November 12th and get the store up and running and profitable within 8 weeks which I know is possible as I've done it multiple times before.

I'll be in Chiang Mai from now until February 2019 so we'll have plenty of time to get the first store profitable, optimized and automated. The goal would be to open a minimum of one store per person which the goal of opening multiple sites so we can flip them for the big pay day. The goal is to build, optimize, sell then repeat.

The reason why we're meeting in person in Chiang Mai is because it's the ultimate destination to bootstrap a new business. The costs of living are super low, there is a great nomad community we can plug into and network with and the weather there is fantastic from Nov-Feb and it's my favorite time of the year to be there. If you want to know more about the costs of living and about moving to Chiang Mai read this post. If you stay until January, you can meet 500+ digital nomads from around the world during the mega event!

Hanging out in Chiang Mai with Digital Nomad Friends

Previous Dropship Partners

I'm really happy to be able to announce that everyone who joined the last dropship partner program has gotten a lot of value and learned a ton from the program. Some of them used that info to scale up their other businesses and existing stores, while others took it to complete the program and have build stores making thousands of dollars a month. 

One of the partners who left the program early has kept in touch in our private member's group and is crushing it with his original store, with the info he got from the program. Sebastian who I interviewed on the upcoming episode of the Travel Like a Boss Podcast, ep 208. Not only made thousands of dollars a month from running the store we built together during the program, he also recently sold the store for $44,021.15 a few months ago giving each of us a nice paycheck for the summer months. 

Here's an interview with Tyler, another one of the successful dropship partners who sold our side project store for $6,000 while running his other stores full time. Lesson learned on my part, is not to only accept people who have other stores and experience already as with the knowledge and tactics they'll learn, they may get overwhelmed with sales from their original stores and not have time for our new stores. 

Partner Requirements

This isn't a drop shipping internship where we spend 8 weeks on the basics on what dropshipping is or how to resize a photo, this is a partnership where we'll spend 8 weeks creating, scaling and optimizing stores that will make us hundreds of thousands of dollars. I hate wasting time and repeating myself, but I love taking things to the next level which is why I am so thankful that we have Anton who has taken the time to create a course that teaches people who are just getting started the basics from what dropshipping is, how to find a niche and get approved by suppliers. That being said if you're a beginner you must be a member of Anton's dropshipping course. If you're experienced already, you must have built a store with a reasonable amount of sales in the past and be able to demonstrate you understand Anton's principles and methods and that's the formula that has been proven to work and what we'll be following.

Teaching the basics isn't where my time is best spent which is why I encourge you to join Anton's course above if you are just starting out. My talents are how to create new stores in different niches, optimizing each store to increase sales and profit and automating the stores to make them into semi-passive income streams and preparing them for sale. If you can demonstrate that you can follow directions and get started on your own regardless if you end up partnering with me or not, I guarantee that you'll be better off than where you are today and that you'll have the best chance of being accepted into the partner store program.

Even if you can't come to Chiang Mai or end up wanting to just do it on your own, you'll be glad you did. To help get you started, here is a downloadable PDF of everything I use to start and run my dropshipping stores with discount coupons and links.

Partnership Details

Depending on the number of qualified applicants, there will be between 5 and maximum 10 partners participating in this program. Our goal is to build multiple dropshipping stores together with the intention of running them profitably and then selling them for 27x monthly profit once matured. You can expect to earn $1,000-$5,000 a month in net profit from running the stores after we get our first sales, and the goal is to sell the store at the end of the 12 months for $44,000-$80,000. The fee for the partnership will a $1,000 deposit to start which you'll get back once the store is sold. That way if you at anytime decide to quit the partnership to focus on using what you've learned to build or scale up your own stores, at least we'll have been paid for our time.

The actual split for the partnership will be 70/30 with you keeping 70% of the business for handling the day to day and running the store. I will split the remaining 30% with Sebastian who will be coaching you and helping you 1 on 1, while I will handle the meetings and high level aspects.

Each partner will be responsible for uploading products, calling suppliers, and the day to day tasks of running the business. What I will bring to the table is my experience and guidance with making sure we get into a good niche, helping make sure we can get approved by suppliers, making sure our store gets enough traffic, having that traffic convert into sales, and then optimizing our store to be profitable and most importantly being able to be sold for a high multiple after 6-12 months. My team and I will be here to help if you ever get stuck and help guide you along the way.

If you are interested, apply below and if you're accepted, then we can work out the details later.

My goal is to use my time to help solve the high level problems and big picture tasks instead of dealing with small day to day ones which will allow me to take on on 10 partners at once. You can be sure that I'll want our store to be a success as I'll have a vested interest in making it happen. As a part of this intimate group you'll also have access to each other's help as we'll be openly helping each other with each other's stores. To apply to be one of the partners, scroll down and click the link to apply!

Click the photo to fill out the partnership application.

Info and FAQs:

This isn't going to be easy. Starting a dropshipping store is exactly the same as starting any real business whether it be a restaurant, coffee shop or retail store. The difference however is being able to bootstrap by living in cheap places like Chiang Mai with warm weather year round, low costs of living and an amazing nomad scene which you'll be plugged into.

Once you arrive you can either live on your own or live in a nomad house with the other dropshippers. Don't worry about any of the details, as I'll help you plan the trip and you'll have access to myself, the other partners, interns and our VA.

This is going to be an amazing experience where you'll get to live, work and hang out with other successful entrepreneurs and dropship store owners in beautiful Chiang Mai, Thailand which Forbes just wrote an article about mentioning why Chiang Mai is so incredible. Don't miss out and don't put off your success any longer. Get started today, leave a comment below and commit to reaching your goals and joining the dropshipping partner program with me!


Q: What about my existing stores? Do you get a cut of those?
A: Nope, I'm only getting a % of the new stores we build together.

Q: Is the $1,000 deposit refundable?
A: Yes and No. You'll get the entire sum back after we've sold the stores for a profit. But no, if you do not show up, quit early, or if the store never sells, the $1,000 will go towards training.

Q: What about future stores?
A: You'll have the option to partner with me again, or start the new stores on your own.

Q: What about confidentiality?
A: Everyone who's accepted into the program will be required to sign a nondisclosure and noncompete agreement.

Q: Will we have to setup a new or joint LLC?
A. I'm all about keeping things as simple as possible and everything will be done on the honor system with you having the leverage of ownership.

Q: What is the living situation in Chiang Mai?
A: The chosen applicants will be added to a private facebook group where we can figure out rooms, visas, travel, etc together. You'll have the option to rent your own apartment or rent one big house with the other members and cowork and live together.

Q: What about Christmas and Travel Plans?
A: It's important to be in Chiang Mai for the first 2 weeks of the partnership as that's when we'll be meeting often and getting things rolling. In December, many of us will have travel plans and will just meet when we're in town or virtually.

Q: What about everything else?
A: Don't overthink it. Apply first to see if you even get in, and we'll figure out the details together afterwards.

Ready to start? Apply for the Dropship Partnership Program here. 

Hope to see you here! Best of luck to everyone who applies! I really believe that this is a win/win partnership for everyone involved. The tips, tricks, and tactics we will share in person with partners will be invaluable, and as long as you stay committed, focus and put in the work, I am confident that financially, you'll have a huge return on your investment of time, travel, and money.

Ask any questions in the comments below.

Johnny FD

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  1. Feel free to ask any questions here in the comments!

  2. Q: Is the $1,000 deposit refundable?
    A: Yes and No. You'll get the entire sum back after we've sold the stores for a profit. But no, if you do not show up, quit early, or if the store never sells, the $1,000 will go towards training.

    Not good.

    Why not leave out the 'if the store never sells' part? They're paying you I assume, $1000, for your expertise. If your expertise isn't enough to make it work, why should they pay you $1000 for that expertise and training?

    It's only win win for you, the more I think about it actually the more horrible it seems..

    1. The $1,000 deposit is designed to be a commitment of seeing the store through and not getting too busy with something else or leaving early. If I were to train people for 8 weeks and charge a fee for it, it would be a lot more than $1,000.

    2. Exactly. That is why I don't understand the 'if the store never sells' part. Why is that there? Who's fault is it that the store doesn't sell, and why are you still getting paid either way?

      You say - "I am confident that financially, you'll have a huge return on your investment of time, travel, and money."

      If you were confident you wouldn't be taking $1000 anyway if stores don't sell. So basically, get 10 people together, charge them $1000, if they are successful you take 30%, if not you keep their initial $1000? That is not win-win for anyone but yourself. I can understand if they drop out or something, that is fair, but if the store doesn't sell? Come on playa..

    3. Just let him do it. But I have warned that its a lose-lose. If youre not business savvy enough to recognize this is a terrible deal for you as a startup, youre probably too stupid to make money in the first place. So in the end both 30 and 70% partners lose. The guy is better off offering hourly consulting services at an hourly rate plus maybe 5% ownership as an incentive

  3. Hey Johnny
    What was the success rate last time. How many of the stores sold?

    1. Hey Jared, the one with Sebastian was the biggest sale. There were no failures but a couple of partners got too busy with their own stores or other projects and left the program early. Hence the reason for the deposit this time around. More info on some of the other stores in this post:

  4. Awesome idea, Johnny! Thanks for organizing and putting this together---definitely a win-win!

  5. Super cool that you're offering this opportunity! Masterminds and learning from successful people are the way to go!

    1. Very familiar wording and grammar mistakes in these 'Unknown' comments. :D

  6. Good for you Johnny. Happy to spread the word on this with a retweet.

  7. Why would anyone give up 30% of their company and a $1000 deposit in exchange for "proprietary" advice? Better to go on upwork hire a consultant and retain 100% owndership of the company. The cost of say 40 hours of consulting would be $4000 on the high end, which would be way cheaper than giving up 30% of your lifetime profits. Unless you think your business worth less than $12,000 or so... seems like a lose-lose. Johnny, youre better off offering your services for a flat fee on upwork. Anyone silly enough to give up 30% of their company in exchange for consulting (and without you investing capital) is not a very smart business person. Do you really want to partner with that person?

  8. I would love get in on that but I don't enjoy Chiang Mai enough to go back there. Good luck with this again.

  9. With the change in announcement date extended one week; would you consider delaying the start date?

  10. Hi Johnny, This deal for your dropship partner lab is terrible and only benefits you. I'm really disappointed that you changed the program to be like this whereas the first time you did it was a win-win for participants. Terrible what you are doing.

  11. Exciting opportunity Johnny! I have a few questions:
    1. Will the team work together for the full eight weeks? Will you in Anton be available in person for the full eight weeks?
    2. What kind of capital do we need to be prepared with?
    $1,000 Partner Program
    $1,200+ Anton's course
    $_____ Marketing, drop shipping fees, initial purchases, etc.
    $_____ Cost of living if planning to join the group's living space

    1. Hi Marcy thanks for the questions.

      1. Anton won't be here in Thailand, it'll be Sebastian and I leading it.
      2. Aside from the two mentioned, I'd budget another $800 for ads/hosting/web stuff + your standard costs of living. If you live with the others it'll be split.
      3. Start date is set.

  12. Hey Johnny -

    Hope all is well. My name is Daray and I'm a Real Estate Investor and Coach. We met once in hawaii for a DSL retreat. Love what you're doing here and I have an idea from left field but, you just may like it. I have a store that is very promising but I've let fall to the waist side. Things are really taking off with my Real Estate and Coaching companies so I've let my store run passive for the past 2 plus years. Last year it grossed 15.5K and this year its at 6.5K YTD. Our top supplier has rolled out with all new products for 2018 that I haven't added to the store (this has been a major blow in business because every product from the old catalog is obsolete) and amongst other things, I just haven't had the time to put in that the store deserves. Last month, I turned off ads for this reason and have been trying to figure out what I want to do about this conundrum. Again the store has so much potential, it's crazy. After hearing your latest episode, I'd love to see if we could work something out with one of the 10 you select - I think at least 1 of your 10 would really enjoy such a starting point. If you have some time, I think we should connect and you can check out my store before your verdict. If it's something that you want to work with, we can work out the details as to whether or not I can/should stay on in some sort of capacity. Let me know.

    Talk soon!

    P.S I'm also the guy who's been using Frank and Bongo for the past 6 months on 3 of my properties and haven't had the best of experience to say the least (not sure if Mark told you about my deleted post in the Boss Lounge).

    1. Hey Daray, great to hear from you. Nice success you've been having so far. I understand how things fall between the cracks! Message me on FB or email - lets chat about it.

      I'll check the Boss Lounge again about the Bongo PM followup!

  13. Hi Johnny -
    Just applied for your Partner Program, Beyond Excited to be a part of it(hint, hint)...was wondering how I would hear back from you and when you have all your participants figured out.
    ps. It's so easy to add 1 more. Hahaa

  14. Is this contest over Johnny? I have some dropshipping experience and would like to take it to the next level.

    1. Yup, it's over! We chose everyone on Oct 31st, and they're all coming to Chiang Mai on Nov 12th.

      So unless someone is already in Chiang Mai and applies last second, that's it!

  15. Big fan of your work Johnny. You are killing it mate!
    Quick question: what about contract between attendees and you? Would it have a legal ground?

    1. Thanks I appercaite it. I'm a big believer in handshake deals and taking someone's word. They'll have the legal upperhand for the stores, but if they want to be shady and screw me out of my cut, it'll be their loss in the long run. I'm a big believer in long term win/win for everyone.

  16. Hey Johnny,
    Have you filled the spots for November 12?


    Jim Graham

    1. Hi Jim! Yup, we've chosen 6 people who are scheduled to start on Nov 12th! I know it was a bit last minute so a lot of people couldn't make it in time, but we'll go with what we got!

  17. Johnny,

    Best of luck to you and the team. Are you in anyway going to be doing this mastermind next year? I understand it's far in advance.

    Also which version of Anton's course do you recommend?

    appreciate the input

    1. Hey Zak, the plan is to do the dropship mastermind once every 1-2 years, but we'll see what happens as it's far away and i'm just focusing on this group for now. As for as Anton's course, I'd get the best one you can afford, but even the basic package has everything you need. Get it at and see you inside!


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