My Favorite Tech and Travel Deals for Digital Nomads

I started with my favorite black friday deals and tech for 2019, but even though cyber monday and black friday are over, don't worry, these are still what I would recomend. They are all things I either have personally bought and use myself, or would recomend to a friend. By the time you read this, the prices may have gone up as the sales end, but everything posted I would buy and recomend even if it's at full price. It's must have items to travel and live with, especially as a digital nomad in 2020.

My criteria is great value for money, and things that add genuine value to my life, especially as a traveling digital nomad. Everything here is worth carrying around with me world wide as I travel, as well as the cost I bought it for. Here's the entire list.

Macbook Air

These are the BEST laptops out there for 99.999% of people out there. They are super reliable, ultra lightweight, have standard USB ports for easy connections without dongles, and have FANTASTIC battery life.

I still use a 2013 Macbook Air and LOVE it. This is the laptop I would buy today if I had to replace mine, at least until Apple comes out with a 14" Macbook Air or Pro hopefully in the next 1-2 years. But even then, it'll cost 3x the price of this.

The only reason to get a $2,300 Macbook Pro is if you need to edit 4K video. The Macbook Air works for everything else without issues and can even edit 1080p videos without issues.

For $679 this laptop is a STEAL. Get it here on Amazon using my link. Price has now increased but is still a good deal.

The Macbook Air is the best laptop for digital nomads.

Get the Macbook Air Here

Get the Best Price

You can use a website or plugin like Wikibuy to scour the internet for the best prices after shipping and whatever coupons and cashback may be floating out there.

My favorite thing about them is their price history and comparisons, you can see how much it is everywhere and where the current price is at now. Plus they have things like 10% cash back on GoPro and other useful shopping tools.

Kindle Basic or Paperwhite

Reading more books should be on everyone's to do list for 2020. It helps boost our productivity, knowledge, skills, and a $10 book is usually the best investment anyone can make.

As a traveler, having a Kindle makes my life so much easier. I can download new books wherever I am, and read them offline without issues. The new Kindle Paperwhite is waterproof as well, which means you can use it floating in a pool, or at the beach without issues.

I had my kindle for 4 years before it broke, and since then, I read 90% less books than I did when I had it. At $59 for the Basic Kindle and $89 for the Waterproof Paperwhite it's time to reinvest in a Kindle.

P.S. get it with special offers. It only appears in your home screen and when it's off and isn't a bother while you're actually reading.

23 and Me DNA Test

What used to cost $10,000 or more in a lab can now be done at home with a spit tube and $99. If you haven't gotten your DNA tests done, it's fun, easy, and can give you background on your ancestry. Normally it's $199 but right now for black friday, it's 50% off and a no brainer for everyone to do.

I did mine and found out I'm 5% Korean and part Mongolian as well. Also it shows you things you might want to avoid for health reasons. Get the $99 DNA Test kit here.

Amazon Fire Stick

I don't have Amazon Prime streaming, but I still LOVE my Fire Stick. I use it for Netflix, Apple TV+, and Youtube with the built in apps. It makes it super easy to travel to different Airbnbs around the world, and plug in to instantly be able to watch movies, Youtube, Netflix and TV shows on the flat screen TV while you chill out the couch, instead of watching things from your laptop or phone. You can even watch Pornhub on your big TV using the Firefox app.

This is a must have for travel, and out of everything I've tried including the chromecast, the Amazon Fire Stick is the best. There's also a 1080p version for $5 less, but for $25, just get the 4K Firestick, you'll love it.

Purple Panda Lav Mic

It's not on black friday special, but for $29 this tiny lav mic has helped the sound for Youtube videos improve drastically and is super light and easy to travel with.

If you want the best audio possible while traveling, or record high quality podcasts, then get the Audio Technica AT2005 USB mic instead.

But for everyone else, who doesn't want to carry a heavy mic with them, the lav mic is a good, easy alternative and so small and light, it's a no brainer to carry.

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What else should we add to this list? Leave a comment below!

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Happy deal hunting!
Johnny FD

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