Coaching, Pick My Brain?

I've been getting a lot of requests to meet with me in Kyiv (Kiev) lately and have felt bad ignoring so many people's requests. The problem is that for every cool person that I would genuinely enjoy having a meal or drinks with, there are 3 or 4 people who will bombard me with questions and it becomes very one sided conversation about investing, real estate, YouTube, Bald and Bankrupt, online business, or how to get permanent residency. And to be perfectly honest, I have enough friends here in Kyiv and only enough time in the week to meet with existing friends so meeting new people isn't a priority for me now. 

So even though you may be a super cool person with lots to offer, chances are I've ignored your request to meet up and I'm sorry for that. But I also understand that for those who are serious about spending a lot of time here in Kyiv, buying property, or going through the long stay residency program, there are a ton of mistakes I can help you avoid and a lot I have learned in the process. If I had someone guide me when I first came here, I would have avoided a lot of headache, wasted time, a steep learning curve and a couple thousand dollars. That being said, instead of just ignoring everyone's request and pretending I didn't read it, I've figured out a win/win situation for everyone. Keep reading for all of the details. 

Info about Kyiv

If you just want information about how to come to Ukraine, is it safe, how not to get scammed, the costs of living, where to cowork, etc, luckily I've already written and recorded a ton of info here on my blog and on my YouTube channel for you to go through, and it's all 100% for free.

Here are links to some common asked questions with links to the info. 

Ukraine First Impressions: Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, and Chernobyl

Kyiv Guide and Info: Kiev (Kyiv) Ukraine for Digital Nomads, Expats and Long Term Travel

Deeper Info on Ukraine: Thoughts on Ukraine: Life, Economy, and Dating

Kyiv Property Guide and Info: Why I Bought Property in Kiev, Ukraine

My Lawyer in Kyiv: Contact Ukraine

Real Estate Agent in Ukraine: None can be 100% recommended at the moment unfortunately.

Meet Me in Person

If after reading and watching all of the above, you still want to either meet with me in person, or talk to me on the phone, I've made it possible. I know that even though I've put hundreds of hours of information out there on YouTube and through this blog, you may still have questions, have a unique situation, or just simply want to meet or talk to me personally anyways. 

So for those who are actually serious and respect my time, I've found a solution to make it possible. Since 2014 I've offered 1 on 1 coaching sessions which dozens of people have paid for and have benefited from. Usually those are online over Skype, zoom, or phone calls, but I sometimes extend those to in person meetings if we're in the same city and it's convenient. That being said, if you sign up for a coaching session and want to meet in person instead of online I'm happy to do that as long as you're buying lunch. 

Simply sign up through the link above for a session, then we can schedule a time and place for us to meet. Over the years I've had about a hundred people sign up for sessions and 99% of them have gotten a positive ROI, saved a ton of time, headache and money. So it's a win/win for both of us, as you'll pay for my time, earn back or save that money from the advice and experience I'll share with you, and this way I don't waste my time meeting or talking with people who aren't' serious. 

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD

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  1. I want to meet with you to flirt with handsome Johnny!

  2. -I had a meeting with Johnny FD and discussed the real estate market in Ukraine. This guy is amazing, starightforward and very knowledgeable. I got a lot of information as well as tips on life and investment in Ukrain. I look forward to meeting him again.

  3. Hy man. Are you still in Athens? Regards Lasse

  4. Hi Johnny... I'm reaching out to you hoping that I can help resolve a problem I'm having.

    I was a digital nomad for seven years and fell in love with Ukraine and lived there for 1 1/2 until October 2021, when I left and return to the USA. I didn't want to it was forced.

    The reason I'm writing: One of my friends messaged me two days ago asking me if I could help him obtain full tactical combat body armor.

    It's prohibitively expensive but I would never turn him down regarding any request after everything he has done for me. He's just that kind of friend you can absolutely depend on and I do not want to say no even though it is difficult.

    The main question I would like help with is: what is the best way to get him his body armor? I've searched online and US prices are outrageous! As always.

    And even if I purchased it how would I get it to him quickly?

    Can you help me hook him up with full protection body armor that protects more of the body area than standard issue body armor? It might be best to just pay for it for him and to have him order it on his side but I have a feeling you might know exactly what is best to do.

    Thanks in advance!


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