100,000 Subscribers on YouTube!

If it seems like I haven't been posting much on my blog, or recording many episodes of the podcast Travel Like a Boss, it's because I've focused my time and energy exclusively on my Youtube channel. Even though it seems like diversifying into 14 streams of income with all of my various businesses was a great idea, in reality, it was my greatest failure. Doing a dozen things decently well is no where as good as doing a few things with all of your focus and intention. 

I initially did it out of both passion and curiosity, but also fear, the fear that one of the streams would dry out, and also that I would be missing out. Even today, with shiny new attention grabbers such as TikTok or even YouTube shorts trying to fight for our attention, I've stuck to my core focus and have stuck to creating 20-30 minute long videos. I personally know TikToker's with over 1 Million Subscribers that make less than $200 a month as their audience is there just for short entertainment, a quick dopamine hit, and nothing more. It's why I'm glad I'm sticking to long form, as it's the content that I personally enjoy watching myself, and as Youtube replaces cable TV and even Netflix, I think it'll continue to grow. 

12 Year Journey

It's been a longgggg journey as I started my channel back in 2008 when I first started traveling. It was mostly a place for me to upload my Scuba Diving and Muay Thai Fight videos to share with family and friends. If I had just stuck to one topic, maybe I would have been more successful sooner. But either way, it's better late than never.

Then from 2013-2019 it was there I talked mostly about digital nomad lifestyle, online business, dropshipping, investing, and building various streams of passive income. It was my passion during that time and I shared everything I was doing in my monthly income and expensive reports, as well as my year end reviews. 

The Pivot

One of the best things I did was freeing up my mental and physical time by ending that phase in my life. It was no longer my passion, and it felt like a chore. And although I've helped a lot of people along the way, it was time for me to move into what I wanted to do instead, which is travel and real estate investing. 

Making good friends along the way, and having a ton of support add fire to the foundation I've already built, I've managed to surpass 100,000 subscribers and get the Silver Play Button Award directly from Youtube. I've called my friends and fellow Youtubers to celebrate, and here's how it went!


Thanks so much for watching, subscribing and following my journey all of these years! Here's to the journey of 1 Million! 

With love from Kyiv,

Johnny FD

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  1. Congratulations Johnny, you inspired me a lot these years and specially during the lockdown when I was stuck in Oman. I would like to know (if possible): could you live out of your YouTube channel revenues these days/months? Thanks and keep going!

    1. Hi! i'm glad you got out of Oman, sorry to hear you were stuck there. As for my Youtube revenue, it has varied A LOT in the past, from as low as $300 a month to around $1,000 a month on average for a long time. These past two months has been very good, but lets hope we can keep it up!

    2. Thanks for your reply! Best of luck and I'll continue to follow your podcasts and videos

  2. Congrats Johnny. I discovered you back in 2015 when the Independant Newspaper did an article on you and I have enjoyed dipping in and out of your content over the years. May the next 10 years bring you luck and fortune

    1. That was a cool article! It's still up:

  3. Good job Johnny. You are attractive

  4. i am 24 right now and thinking to start blogging, i am great admirer of you, what advice you would give to me?


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