I Love Outdoor Gyms.

I know this sounds trival, but I promise that it sums up a lot in one little thing. One of the things I hated about living in America is how few public pull up bars there are in the country. This one seemingly little thing sums up why I hate living in the USA, and is just a host of reasons why I moved out of the country. 


The mindset of why they don't exist are as follows:

1. They are dangerous, since you can potentially hurt yourself on a pull up bar (which only idiots do), they don't want the liability, so they rather just not build it. 


2. Very few people, maybe 5% of the population in America can actually do a pull up, so lets not exclude them, and make them feel bad. Instead of building them and encouraging people to become stronger. In Ukraine, I've seen people in their 60's still doing it and taking their grand children, both girls and boys to the park to get fit. 

3. They don't want "thugs" hanging out in parks. So instead they push them to the streets our out of public view. Not realizing that when people workout together, they aren't drinking alcohol, doing drugs, or committing crimes. They may look like "thugs" but in fact are too tired and focused on their goals to do anything illegal. 

In Ukraine, these pull up bars are everywhere. In every park, in every apartment building's courtyard, and people are fit, in shape, and they don't blame society or others on how unfair their lives are. This is why I love Ukriane.

Here's a video of my favorite outdoor gym in the world, the only one that actually works, unlike the millions of wasted dollars I've seen in Thailand, Turkey, Spain, Canada, USA, and other countries in the EU where the designs are so terrible that no one ever uses them.


By the way, there's even an ice bath that's a constant 5-7C (44F) year round that helps build your immune system, gets rid of bitchassness and is great for muscle recovery. 

Where else in the world have you seen this? I've been to 50 countries and this is the only place in the world I've seen this exist, especially for free. 


Watch the video here and comment on the video.

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  1. Show to Bald Kachalka gym in Hydropark, it will be fun video -)

  2. Please show more of Kyiv, there are a lot of tourist attractions such as Lavra, Pyrohovo, microminiature museum, aviation museum, Mariinski Park, Botanical Garden, ...

  3. Hi, Johnny! We've been a fan a few months, first saw you with Bald and Baldr. We love those guys! We're going to Ukraine in October (hopefully). Can you direct me to some references on the drop shipping business?


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