Udemy's $10 Black Friday Sale Starts Today!

Hey what's up! It's almost black friday, and a lot of great courses are on Udemy sale for only $10 starting today. But here's a bit of a secret, Udemy raises their price by $1 everyday from now until Black Friday so it's actually the cheapest today and will only go up as we get closer to Thanksgiving and Black Friday. 

As some of you know, I'm a huge fan of reading books and devouring courses and have personally learned 1000x more from doing so than I did at 4 years of college. To me, buying a $17.99 book can teach me just as much if not more than paying $4,000 in tuition, and taking a $2,000 course has made me more money than my $40,000 degree ever did. Here are the courses that I personally use and recommend as well as a list of interesting ones that I'd love to take. 

Here are courses that I've personally taken or are made by me and I can 100% recommend:

(Here's a review and interview with the course creator David Dang Vu)

(My new Udemy Affiliate course that normally sells for over $100)

(This is a must watch for anyone who isn't socially confident enough to network comfortably)

Personal: Relationship Ready, Meet & Attract Your Perfect Life Partner
(The relationship course that I created together with Larissa)

Here are courses that have great reviews and look interesting to me:

(Looks like it would a great overview of learning how to code)

iOS Dev: The Complete iOS8 and Swift Course: Learn by Building 15 Real World Apps
(For those who want to learn how to make iPhone apps)

Biz: How I make $16,000 a month selling Gift Cards - From Home
(Another course by David Dang Vu, which has good reviews)

Biz: YOUTUBE: How I Make $2000 A Month on YouTube With No Filming
(This is Alun HIll's who makes $500k a year from Udemy's best course)

Skills: Photography Masterclass: Your Complete Guide to Photography
(For owners of DSL cameras or want to just be better at framing, lighting, etc)

Watching Now:

I've been asking on facebook and in comments which courses everyone has been signing up for and someone mentioned they bought Gary Vaynerchuk's course on Personal Branding. 

Guess what? I signed up and are going through it right now as I type, so far best $10 I've spent in a while! Definitely recommended. Big thanks to reader Logan Hess for recommending it to me.

Why I promote Udemy:

As ya'll know I'm not only an affiliate for Udemy but also a teacher on there, as well as a student. To be honest, most courses on Udemy aren't as in depth as full price courses off of the platform and instructors on there won't have the time or energy to go deep into personally helping you in the forums or through email as they would through their own course, but if you want a great overview of whatever subject you're interested in Udemy is a great place.

As an Earnest Affiliate I will always promise to only recommend products and services that I either personally use myself, or know are valuable and this is what I've tried to do with this email, even though it's clearly still selling something. 

The reason why it's such a win/win for both you my reasons and myself is I'm
able to use my personal experience to recommend only the courses that I genuinely believe in which saves you both time and money especially since I'm able to tell you about the Black Friday sale wayyy before you would have heard about it on your own. So thank you all for continuing to support, and in return I will do the same. 

To activate the starting at $10 Udemy Coupon Code for Black Friday click here.

Let me know if there are any must register for courses that I've missed and I'm happy to add them to the list.

Happy learning and let me know what you find!


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  1. I grabbed your new course for $10, cheers!

    1. That's a heck of a steal, enjoy the course!

  2. I bought two of your courses on the $10 deal. I feel a bit bad seeing as you've offered plenty of value in them, so I will make sure to leave you 5-stars and some glowing reviews!
    - Andrew

    1. Hey Andrew, no worries, glad you got in at their insane sale price. When making the courses I was honestly tempted to make them shorter or contain less value as I know Udemy does these insane sales once in awhile, but as soon as I started outlining and recording I realized it's not in my personality to put out shitty content so I made them the best I could still.

      The review will help out a ton, I appreciate that and I'm glad you enjoy the courses!

  3. Thank you for posting it. I already ordered ebay with no inventory. it has the SUBTITLES. It will be HECK HELPFUL!!!!!!!!!!! You and your blog has been changing my life. I am really appreciating it. You are the best model role for my business. KEEP IT GOING FOREVER!!!!

    1. Awesome Eric! Let me know your progress and your success!

    2. Of course, I would love to share my process and success with you, sir.


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