Book Review: The Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris

This book changed my life.  I wish I could say that I'm jet-setting around the world, but I'm not.  However, I am traveling, doing what I love and really enjoying a happy life.  If you hate your job I personally recommend you read The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris

The top four things I learned from the book:

1. Elimination - I canceled all of my unnecessary bills, and got rid of all of my material things that I did not need, such as excess clothing, furniture, and all the junk I've accumulated throughout the years.  I ended up throwing, selling, or giving away 90% of the stuff I owned and I've never been happier.

2. Automation - First I set up all of my bills on autopay.  My goal was to be able to travel for 3 months without needing to worry about mail or anything.

3. Definition - I went on a short 3 week vacation to Thailand and figured out what really makes me happy.  Turns out it wasn't the nice things I owned, it was traveling, trying new foods, adventure,  living simply, walking on the beach, and scuba diving.

4. Liberation - I took the leap. I wrote down all of the reasons why I couldn't just retire now and move to a tropical paradise.  Then I wrote down what would happen if everything went wrong and I had to go home and start over.

The title of the forum entry is: Semi-Retired at 27 - Living on and Island, Scuba Diving, and finally HAPPY (This was written over a year ago, I'm now Semi-Retired, 28, Living on a Different Island, Scuba Diving and still Happy.)

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  1. Hey!

    This blog has so much value so I decided to read it from the beginning. I'm gonna order your book some time soon becouse i'm coming to chiang mai next year after i finish high school here in slovenia. Anyways I just wanted to say hi. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hey Maks, I'm glad you've enjoyed my blog enough to read it all the way from the start! I had completely forgotten about this post but it's nice to relive it!

      The update would be, I'm now 32 and pretty much jet-setting wherever I want around the world! It finally worked and the journey has been both fun and rewarding. Best of luck to you and everyone else who is just starting out on it!

  2. Reading from the beginning as well. What an interesting journey


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