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I started this blog three years ago when I first moved to Thailand and decided to take control of my stressful life back in Los Angeles.  I decided to live as cheaply as possible and make money taking people scuba diving which was an awesome job.  However, my real goal was to make passive income online while traveling so I could truly live the 4-hour workweek lifestyle.

Three years later, writing this blog entry from a coffee shop in the north of Thailand, a beautiful town by the name of Chiang Mai, I finally did it.  I had a bunch of small successes but it wasn't until I published "12 Weeks in Thailand: The Good Life on the Cheap" that I stated having true passive income.  

It started as an eBook that I would sell through my Muay Thai Training Camp Blog, MyFightCamp but then I realized that the majority of my readers, people that actually paid the $26 to buy the book weren't guys wanting to come to Thailand to train Muay Thai and become fighters.  The majority of my readers and customers were women, especially girls that I had met during my travels that wanted to know if the time we had drunken sex on the beach made it into the book.  It turns out that the book wasn't just a travel guide but a memoir and a how-to guide to living the good life on the cheap in Thailand.  

Available on and Kindle

I decided to re-brand the book as a travel guide to a memoir, lower the cost from a $26 niche market book that my long term blog readers happily paid for, to a $9.99 eBook on Amazon's Kindle so everyone could have access to it.  Thanks to all of my supportive friends and fans on facebook, sales have been great and there is a giant buzz around it.  But my real hope for the book is for everyone that's stuck at their boring, 8-5 go no where job will read it and be inspired to take a Mini-Vacation, a liberation from life, and take a Mini-Retirement now before they have even more responsibilities and more excuses not to come.

Definition of Success:

I still have big plans that I'm working towards achieving but so far my lifestyle experiment has been a success.  I got to travel all around Asia to Thailand, Laos, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Borneo.  I learned how to scuba dive, then mastered it to a level where I could take others and then got to a level where I was certified to teach.  Then  got into Muay Thai which got me in the best shape of my life, and I kept practicing it until I got to a level where I could compete.
I was able to do this all on almost zero savings, just working a bit here and there online and as a guide while in Thailand.  But now my plan is to finally step it up and make some real money online.  My original goal was to make just $600US a month which was even to travel and live a good cheap life.  But now I want to make $1,500 and really enjoy life and travel to more expensive countries such as Sweden, Europe, and South America.  Follow my journey, I'll be updating a lot more.

That's me and a Whale Shark in Koh Tao, Thailand
Winning my third ever pro muay thai fight in Phuket, Thailand
Warm Regards,

Johnny F.D. - Find me on Facebook.

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