Travel Lifestyle 1.0 - Live and Travel as Cheaply as Possible

My original plan was to move to Thailand and start working on my internet businesses so I could make as much money as possible from my laptop.  However, as soon as I got to Koh Tao, a laid back little island in Thailand I quickly lost motivation.  Maybe it was because I couldn't get internet in my bungalow and the coffee shop had a 1.5 hour time limit on my wifi.  Or maybe it was because everyone else I met was a cheap backpacker just trying to get by on a budget.  Whatever it was, I quickly changed my priorities from making money to living as cheaply as possible.

Fast forward 4 years, I'm now in Chiang Mai, actively going to the most competitive gym I've ever trained at, six days a week.  It was there at Cross Fit Chiang Mai that I met fellow entrepreneur and SEO expert Kurt from New Zealand. It was him that re-kindled my drive to make a passive income of $3,000US a month allowing me to have excess income to travel with.

The exact words he said that totally flipped my priorities was his answer when I asked him why he randomly decided to go to Sweden for the summer.  He simply said, "Because Summer in Europe is Amazing."  It was at that moment that I realized, as much as I love living in Thailand, I would love to have the option to travel and live in more expensive places, but I can't, not at the current amount of money I'm making anyway.

So it was then and there that I decided to actively start promoting my book, and get it to a point where I could free up time and focus on other things.  I totally revamped the website, made a new header showing all the sources that the book was featured in or recommended by and added clear "BUY NOW" buttons.  I also went out and got 2,000 likes to get the page more popular.

 My goal would be to make $600 - $1,000 a month from online book sales, and have free time to work on another book or another online business such as eCommerce.  Kurt had me write out:

"I will start earning $1,000 a month from book sales by December 25th 2013"
"I will start earning $2,000 a month from online sales, book sales and eCommerce by July 11th 2014"
"I will have six pack abs by my 33rd birthday eating a heatlhy paleo diet and exercising constantly"

Similar to a Vision Board or Dream board, by writing it out, it makes it real.  At the very least, it makes it a real, well defined goal.  I used to think it was silly and was afraid of what others would think of this spiritual positive thinking.  But now I realized, who cares what other people think. I'm doing this for me, not them.

 So Travel Lifestyle 1.0 check and complete. I successfully lived overseas in beautiful parts of Thailand, Borneo and other countries for often less than $600 a month.  Now it's time to step it up and start living a life that also allows me to travel to Europe and S. America.  Keep following this blog and I'll keep you up to date on how I plan on doing so.

Warm Regards,

Johnny F.D.
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