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Today was a really amazing day, my good friend Nic from London is in town visiting and he wanted to see what my daily schedule is like.  So I took him to get fresh coconuts for breakfast, followed by coffee at a new trendy shop near my house where I introduced him to Kurt, my SEO friend, aka the chosen one.  Kurt took a look at his websites and realized that he was missing out on potentially thousands of dollars by only using paid google adwords and not optimizing his website to come up on the first page of google searches.  That was followed by CrossFit and Yoga and for dinner we had really extraordinary Korean food which would have easily costed us $30-$40 each back home yet we got it for 300 baht ($10US) each.

So what was the really exciting news?

Well, this.  I randomly received $113.15 for doing almost nothing, literally just writing up a blog entry about things that I like.   

I got home after hanging out with my three great friends all day, to see that I got paid for affiliate commissions from Onnit Labs. What the hell are affiliate commissions and what in the world is Onnit you might be asking.  It's quite simple, Onnit makes really cool gear and supplements for guys, it's basically the go to place for things that guys want and need.  They sell things like Kettlebells shaped like Chimpanzees,  Supplements, Blenders, etc.  Check out some of the kick ass products they sell.

Primal Kettle Bells - The most bad ass Kettle bells on the planet.

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt - Best tasting salt in the world., and so good for you too
and is better than gatorade for  rehydradtion and fixes adrenal depletion.

Bulletproof Coffee - The best coffee in the world, mold free. and wont' cause jitters or crash.
Blendtec Blender - It'll blend anything.  - Perfect for making your Kale shakes.
All these are items that I personally either use, wish I had or plan to buy.  They are gifts that ever man would love to have and are things that will make us stronger, faster, and smarter.  So basically all I did was write up a blog post on my Muay Thai blog about what supplements you should take for Muay Thai and MMA and what are some cool things to shop around for. 

These are all items that I would recommend to friends and family anyways so why not get paid for it?  Getting an extra $113 or so a month isn't going to get you rich, but it's basically free money so why not take it.  If you have a blog or even if you just want to blast a link on your facebook you can sign up to be an affiliate here.  

While you're working on your high end online business, such as the Drop Shipping Business that I'm working on right now, which I learned how to do through my friend Anton's system,  I'm happy to receive random checks deposited into my account, especially since it only took me a few minutes to write in the first place and it'll keep giving me commissions basically forever as long as people keep reading my blog and finding that article.  

Hope all is well in your journey's,

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD

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