The Tim Ferris Lifestyle in Chiang Mai, Thailand (Video Tour of an Entrepreneur's daily life)

I recently heard about Project: Getaway and thought it sounded amazing.  A group of internet entrepreneurs get together in Bali or Thailand for a couple of weeks, live in a big house together and help each other out with their businesses while enjoying the sun and exotic atmosphere.  It's a bit expensive starting at around $3,000US going all the way up to close to $10,000 but then someone mentioned-

"You know, we're already doing that.   Just here in Chiang Mai."

And hence, Project: Chiang Mai was born, unofficially and totally by accident.  Right now it's just a private facebook group of 7 friends who meet at Pun Space, the Co-Working office in Chiang Mai regularly during the day, do CrossFit in the afternoons to keep in shape, eat amazing Thai food and BBQ Buffets for dinner.  At least once a month, just to get away we take a weekend trip up to the mountains of Pai or down to the islands to get some sun.  

Pun Space Chiang Mai

Some of specializations our members have so far are SEO, Wordpress, Databases, Web Design, Video Editing, Photography, eCommerce, WSO launches, Kindle Publishing, Blogging, and outsourcing.  

Right now it's a private, invite only group and is limited to people we have met in person in Chiang Mai.  But if you are intreated in joining, feel free to leave a comment with some details about yourself and your online businesses either in the comment section below, or on my facebook page.  Check out the video from our 4-hour workweek lifestyle in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

If you're thinking about coming out to Thailand to work on your online business or just want to get away from your normal routine back home, make a plan and do it!  Read 12 Weeks in Thailand: The Good Life on the Cheap for inspiration, what to pack guides, and a cost of living breakdown, plus ways to save a ton of money while living and traveling in Thailand.  

Hope to see everyone here soon,

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD - Like us on facebook for more cool stuff.

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