Day 2 in Cambodia - Angkor Wat Ruins - the Pyramids of Asia

Waking up at 4:50am this morning I rushed downstairs and joined the Sunrise tour to Angkor Wat.  I've seen enough temples to last me a lifetime, but I figured it's a must do while in Cambodia and heard the sunrise tour was the best way to do it, less crowds, beautiful glow on the reflecting ponds, etc etc.

Turns out, everyone else showed up at 5am as well so it wasn't as quiet as I'd hope it to be, but it was grander and much cooler than I originally thought.

Sunrise at Angkor Wat

This blog started and was intended to be my personal travel blog, I just got a bit sidetracked as I was super excited about online business and the enterpurner lifestyle for a while.  But this month, it's all about travel again.  My businesses are on autopilot and aside from a few emails, I don't plan on working much, just traveling and enjoying some of the hard work and long hours I put in at the office to make this dream a reality.

The nicest thing about Angkor Wat was even though there was tons of tourists, there were also tons of places like this you could sneak off into and have the place to yourselves.

I've been to hundreds of temples, but the only place in the world I've visited so far that reminds me of this place has been Tikal in Guatemala.  

As you can see, there were lots of stairs, so make sure you're wearing good shoes or sandals.  I wore my Luna Street Sandals which was perfect.

I'm also really glad that since I've been eating healthy and working out, I hardly broke a sweat or had to catch my breath going up and down all those stairs and walking around.  I still remember a trip out to Las Vegas when I was out of shape, I didn't want to leave the hotel and didn't want to explore or have fun.  The world really is too beautiful and amazing not to explore, don't let being out of shape prevent you from seeing each inch of it.

I booked my tour through my hostel the night before and signed up for the "Sunrise and Small Circuit" tour, which included the major temples and taxi.  The total cost of the taxi and day pass to the temples was $35.  If you really want a cultural experience, I listened in to a few of the official tour guides and it seemed like it would definitely have been worth it to get a tour guide for Angkor Wat.

What to bring:
  • If you're doing the sunrise tour, bring a light jacket or a scarf as it'll be cold, especially in the taxi ride there.
  • Wear sunblock and bring sunglasses as it gets hot during the day.
  • Bring your camera.  These photos were taken with a Canon S95.
  • Bring some $1 bills. Everyone takes U.S. dollars which makes it really easy.  
  • Bring 1 big bottle of water, and make sure you buy another one when it runs out.  There was a stretch of 2 hours where it was hot and there wasn't anyone selling any.
  • Don't bring food, there are tons of restaurants at the end of each temple.  I had a meal and a fresh coconut after each major site.  
  • Wear comfortable shoes, knee length shorts for men, pants or a long skirt for girls, and a t-shirt that covers your shoulders.
  • Travel light, there's a lot of walking and not much you need to actually bring.

Have fun, it was a great trip.


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  1. This is probably the one place I absolutely want to see!! Thanks for the great write up!

  2. Hey no worries Kev, I hope you get to enjoy it one day soon!


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