Day 10: Hotels vs. Hostels - Spoiling yourself one in a while just because you can.

After two days of rain on Koh Rong, I decided to move on to my next stop in Cambodia which is the little riverside town of Kampot.  I took the speed ferry back to Sihanoukville, had lunch and hopped on a 3 hour minibus to Kampot.  A girl I met on the bus recommended I stay at a river side guest house where she's at.  Normally I would enjoy being in a basic bungalow in a chilled out setting next to a river.  But after being on a remote island for the past 5 days I wanted to stay in a real room, one with locking doors, and a clean, comfortable bed.

So I had lunch by the river, looked on and booked the highest rated hotel in Kampot which was The Columns, an old French colonial house converted into a hotel.

It felt fantastic to take a hot shower in a private bathroom once again.  The rain shower in the large stone bath made it even better along with the fluffy white towels.  When you feel like a wet dog after traveling in the rain, it's nice to be able to have these amenities. 

The cost of the room was $45 a night, compared to $8 for the basic bungalow I could have had at the riverside guest house.  I wouldn't spend the money to stay at a place like this all of the time, plus I really enjoy the social atmosphere of backpacker places, but it's nice to be able to splurge once in a while and get somewhere nice.  A place like this in the U.S. would be 2-3x the amount anyways so it's really still a great value in comparision.  

That's my new outlook on life.  I try to live simply and stress free whenever possible, but it's nice to also be able to afford luxuries once in a while including nice hotel rooms and good restaurants. 

One block away is the riverfront and old bridge.  I wandered around, got a massage by a blind guy for $5 and had a really nice dinner.  I'm sure there's a lot to do in Kampot including touring caves, the pepper plantations and temples, but I'm happy just watching the sunset and enjoying a good meal.

Hope all is well wherever you might be,


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  1. If you're still in Kampot I recommend renting a bike and riding out on the dirt roads. The locals were friendly and there are lovely secluded areas where you can take advantage of what Cambodia has to offer. ;)

  2. This place is great, I like this place.


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